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"A Story of Enlightenment" with Deepak Chopra (sample)

"A Story of Enlightenment" with Deepak Chopra (sample)

Visionary: Deepak Chopra, MD

Voices of Vision: IONS Interviews Global Thought Leaders, Volume Two, Disc Three

Marilyn Schlitz and her guest Deepak Chopra discuss his new book, Buddha:A Story of Enlightenment. He tells of his inspiration to write the book when he went to India to bury his father.

Deepak Chopra, one of the preeminent voices of Eastern philosophy in the West, offers his remarkable insights on the inspiring life of one of the world's most important figures, the Buddha. They discuss the Buddha's story from the inside, from the depths of despair to heights of ecstasy in his quest for spiritual knowledge. This re-imagining of the Buddha's life presents a new form of teaching for Deepak Chopra, and in this teleseminar, he discusses how the iconic journey of the prince who became the Buddha has changed the world forever, and how the lessons he taught continue to influence every corner of the earth.

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