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"Consciousness in Film" with Stephen Simon

"Consciousness in Film" with Stephen Simon

Visionary: Stephen Simon

There are many films that look at the dark, ugly, negative, violent, greedy sides of humanity, and there is no question that these dark elements seem to be part of human nature. But there are fewer films that shed light on the beautiful side of our nature—the side that consciously evolves, forgives, and loves. Spiritual films allow us to look at our humanity when we operate at our best, and Stephen Simon has made it his mission to make more of these types of films available. He promotes films in which the characters experience difficult challenges, but at the end of the day, there is always transcendence, a powerful transformation and a pathway through whatever the darkness may be.  He discusses how he got interested in spiritual films and the path he’s taken to provide uplifting films that allow us to feel better about being human.

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