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"Synergistic Democracy" with Barbara Marx Hubbard

"Synergistic Democracy" with Barbara Marx Hubbard

Visionary: Barbara Marx Hubbard

On the cusp of a new political era, IONS invited visionary futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard into deep conversation about "Synergistic Democracy." One of Barbara's many claims to fame is that she was on the Vice-Presidential nomination ticket at the Democratic Convention in 1984 as a result of her idea to create a Peace Room in the White House to identify, connect, and amplify what is working in the society. Barbara has developed an innovative wheel of evolution, based on the work of Buckminster Fuller, which has been used to create Synergistic Convergence events through her Foundation for Conscious Evolution. A pioneer in human potential for many years, Barbara has a revolutionary vision for reformulating democracy from the grassroots up so that it is more solution-oriented, collaborative and effective. Join host Stephen Dinan for a fascinating discussion with an inspiring evolutionary.

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