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"Psychology of the Chakras" with Anodea Judith

"Psychology of the Chakras" with Anodea Judith

Visionary: Anodea Judith, PhD

Anodea Judith is a true pioneer in bringing the Eastern map of the chakras into dialogue and application with Western psychology. In this far-ranging interview, she explores the power of this map to understand personal and collective evolution, as well as the current challenges we face in moving from a third chakra culture based on the “love of power” to a fourth chakra culture based on the “power of love.” She takes listeners on a tour of human growth and how that has resulted in different societal structures and beliefs systems in different eras of history. She also offers practical wisdom about finding balance and integration, creating from our higher self, grounding, and working through our wound patterns. As Western culture faces a crisis of initiation, Anodea’s insights offer a powerful map to navigate the challenges ahead and open to a new stage of human unfolding.

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