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"A New Vision of Aging" with Tom Pinkson and Sue Steele

"A New Vision of Aging" with Tom Pinkson and Sue Steele

Visionaries: Tom Pinkson and Sue Steele

Join Psychologist Tom Pinkson and Psychotherapist Sue Steele as they explore how issues of conscious aging impact their lives and their work with clients.  They lay the foundation for some of the essential tasks of our later years, such as:

  • Creating a healthy relationship with our mortality that enlivens our lives rather than reducing our vitality by fear
  • Moving from ego small mind to a deeper connection with the spirituality of unitive consciousness
  • Exploring and harvesting what has been most meaningful in our lives along with the teachings therein
  • Embracing resilience, wisdom and growth opportunities in the face of change and loss
  • Discovering peace, integration, healing, purpose and a sense of completion for all aspects of our being

As these life tasks become evident they have the potential to awaken in us a broader life perspective. Aging includes loss and great changes and yet there can also be an awakening to a greater sense of wonder, meaning, creativity and "radical amazement." Our actions can come from a different place, one that is not driven by ego but from a higher transpersonal consciousness where self-esteem and self-worth come from Being-Mode instead of Doing-Mode. We explore client and personal stories of what makes life juicy for them as they age and how the qualities of love, connection, openness, receptivity, courage and focused intent can be cultivated amidst change and loss such that life has a larger frame of reference.

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Publication Date:
June 5, 2011
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