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"Healing Rage" with Ruth King (excerpt)

"Healing Rage" with Ruth King (excerpt)

Making Inner Peace Possible

Visionary: Ruth King

A respected voice on women and rage and president of Bridges, Branches & Braids—an organization that "works with negative energies in positive ways"—Ruth King joins host Belvie Rooks to discuss Ruth's book "Healing Rage: Making Inner Peace Possible." Ruth addresses the different disguises of rage and how we all exhibit some of them:

  • Dominance—You control to avoid being controlled. You distance from others and abuse power to manage your terror of tenderness.
  • Defiance—You use anger to divert your need to be loved, often by your perceived enemy.
  • Distraction—You avoid intolerable feelings of emptiness by filling yourself and your time with self-defeating diversions.
  • Devotion—You take perfect care of others, sacrificing your own well being to avoid knowing and receiving what you deeply need.
  • Dependence—You stay financially insecure and emotionally young. You deny your personal power out of your fear of losing love.
  • Depression—You become heavy, numb, lifeless or indifferent to shut down overwhelming feelings of grief and rage.

Excerpted from a longer interview, to be available soon.

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