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"Limitless Mind and the End of Suffering" with Russell Targ (excerpt)

"Limitless Mind and the End of Suffering" with Russell Targ (excerpt)

Visionary: Russell Targ

IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin interviews Russell Targ, one of the physicists responsible for top-secret, government-funded explorations of remote viewing at the Stanford Research Institute in the 1970's and 80's. In the intervening decades, the United States government has declassified much of the work and Russell has gone on to author five books that explore the evidence and the implications for these psychic abilities. What began as intellectual curiosity has deepened into spiritual insight and wisdom. You’ll hear stories of CIA remote viewing “miracles," discussions of the suffering that comes from overidentification with jobs or fame, and philosophical inquiry into the nature of time and causality. Where else can you listen to a former CIA researcher discuss Patanjali’s sutras, Buddhist philosophy, Cold-War diplomacy, Marilyn Monroe, psychic stock picking, and spiritual healing in a single hour?

Excerpted from a longer interview, to be available soon.

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