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"Frontiers of the Heart" with Mitchell Krucoff (excerpt)

"Frontiers of the Heart" with Mitchell Krucoff (excerpt)

Visionary: Mitchell W. Krucoff, MD

IONS President Marilyn Schlitz and Mitchell Krucoff, MD, engage in a thought-provoking discussion of noetic health care. After Mitch's visit to a hospital in India, he was inspired to research the intangible: Why were the pediatric cardiology patients in India smiling? When children with severe heart problems didn't cry, he and his team wanted to know why. They created a year-long feasibility study in which they explored whether prayer, healing touch, spiritual therapy, or some other influence affected patient treatments, eventually expanding their study to 700 people. Some of their findings were expected ... and some were surprising!

This is an excerpt; listen to the full teleseminar with Dr. Mitchell Krucoff.

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