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"The Art of Original Thinking" with Jan Phillips (excerpt)

"The Art of Original Thinking" with Jan Phillips (excerpt)

Visionary: Jan Phillips

Artist and inspirational visionary Jan Phillips takes you on a pilgrimage of truth and transformation, beginning with her days in the convent, continuing to her global peace pilgrimage, and ending with humorous and transformational workshops for business leaders. To become a true “thought leader,” Jan emphasizes the power of listening to both sides of an argument, transcending our cultural programs, and taking active responsibility for creating our reality. She peppers her discussion with host Matthew Gilbert with thought-provoking quotes, amusing stories, and heartfelt advice. Jan believes that we are hard-wired for bliss and that to create change in the world, we have to inspire and entertain people as much as educate them.

Excerpted from a longer interview, to be available soon.

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