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Great Shift Dialogue: Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman (excerpt)

Great Shift Dialogue: Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman (excerpt)

Visionary: Howard Martin

HeartMath has pioneered a path the merges high technology and heart-intelligence. In this dialogue, Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman share the latest frontiers of this work and how it can contribute to a global shift in consciousness. In one of the most interesting segments, they discuss the Global Coherence Project, an attempt to harness heart-focused intention on a large scale, grounded by empirically measuring the geomagnetic field. They also explore the importance of healing our emotions, cultivating heart intelligence, creating perceptual shifts, and finding forgiveness. Ultimately, they believe that after centuries of a mind revolution, a heart revolution is required to create lasting collective change.

Excerpted from a longer dialgoue, to be available soon.

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