Embrace Your Earthbody

Embrace Your Earthbody

Retreat and Somatic Ecotherapy Workshop

Saturday, Sep 13, 2014 , 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Ariana Candell, MFT, R-DMT, Andrea Livingston, MA, Alexis Lyon, MFT, Niralli D’Costa, MFT
EarthRise at IONS
101 San Antonio Road
Petaluma CA 94952
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Calling all courageous therapists, healers and visionaries: Are you ready to take the next step to enrich your client work, by including the healing powers of the Earth?

In Embrace Your EarthBody retreat you will learn how to:

  • Explore and overcome what keeps you from connecting to the Earth and its nourishment
  • Feel rejuvenated, uplifted and more ease in your work
  • Discover your authentic wisdom in the natural world
  • Experience yourself supported and inspired by an Earth-loving community

What to expect:
Spend a retreat day with us in a statuesque cathedral of oaks.
Experience ecstatic, sensory connection with Nature.
Quest for answers to your longings on a sacred Earthwalk.
Experience 5 easy Somatic Ecotherapy techniques to integrate into your practice
Hear about the upcoming Clinical Ecotherapy Training and Certificate Program

Agenda for the Day:

9:30 Arriving, sign in, tea & organic snacks
10:00 Welcome, Invocation, Introductions, Exploring Somatic Nature Connection
11:15 Break out workshops with last year’s Ecotherapy program graduates (information below)
12:30 Enjoy a scrumptious lunch, enriched by a community of Earth-lovers
1:30 Five Somatic Ecotherapy Techniques you can use inside or out (for clinicians), or Labyrinth walk
2:45 Authentic Movement in Nature
4:00 Highlights of Upcoming Clinical Ecotherapy Certificate program, 2014‘s participant sharing
4:30 Ceremonial closing, Gifts, & Program sign up

Workshop Breakout Details and Presenter’s Information:

Authentic Movement in Nature
Explore the unfolding adventure of your body. Experience your essential Self by following your impulses, sensations, images, and feelings. Feel held by the attentive witnessing of human partners as well as the gentle presence of the trees, creatures, and land around you. 

Somatic Ecotherapy Techniques
A multitude of evidence-based studies have proven the benefits of connecting with Nature to help with depression, stress, mental fatigue, emotional trauma, and eating disorder symptoms, to name a few.(Chalquist & Buzzell, 2009, Ecotherapy) Supporting people to reconnect to Nature has far-reaching benefits not only for our clients and their loved ones, but shifting consciousness towards greater care of our planet. Join Ariana to learn 5 easy ways to integrate Somatic Earth-based techniques in your practice. 

Ariana Candell, MFT, R-DMT is a pioneer in the field of Somatic Ecotherapy since 2006. She is an adjunct professor at John F. Kennedy University and CIIS, teaching courses in Ecotherapy and Somatics. Ariana created and founded the Clinical Ecotherapy Training and Certificate Program in 2013. She practices psychotherapy with individuals and couples in and out of the office in Berkeley. Her main influences include: Hakomi Psychotherapy, Somatic Ecotherapy and Dance/Movement Therapy.

Guided Journey with Deer
Deer embodies the balance between the innocence of new life and the wisdom that comes with experience. Embark on a guided journey with deer using visualization, movement, and writing prompts to reflect on your life through the eyes of this gentle helper. Feel what it's like to move past fears with ease and grace.

Niralli D’Costa, MFT, is a Holistic Psychotherapist and co-founder of the Oakland Holistic Psychotherapy Center where she works with individual adults and couples around grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, career, and relationship issues. Niralli teaches people to access the wisdom inherent in their bodies and in 2013 launched the experiential workshop series “Moving Through the Chakras”.

Journeying With Water
"Love is like water, it flows, so naturally filling spaces that lack, it is never not". Let's take a journey together into the healing grace of water, meditating and moving with this loving element. I will invite you to celebrate your own natural flow and the resourcing potential from the depths of your own inner spring.

Alexis Lyon, MFT, is a former competitive swimmer turned yogini who loves the nature within and without us. She works as a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with foster care youth in Oakland where she is challenged and inspired daily to connect to the healing potential of Nature's love.

Visioning with the Earth
Are you feeling a call to more fully embody your potential? Join Andrea to explore what your next steps are toward living your purpose. We will explore what passions, inspirations, and callings are emerging in your life right now. This will include a solo Medicine Walk to call in and gather insights from the land. 

Andrea Livingston has a Masters in Consciousness and Transformative Studies and a graduate certificate in Ecotherapy from JFK University. Andrea is a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and nature lover to her core. She has a deep passion for helping individuals find peace, happiness, and purpose by reconnecting to the sacredness of the Earth.


“I had a lot of questions about how to bring my clients into the Ecotherapy process, and after working with Ariana, I felt well equipped both personally and professionally to bring clients outside. Ariana really embodies her love for Ecotherapy through her teaching and she sensitively holds the space for learning... I highly recommend working with Ariana.” Aimee T., Somatic LMFT

"Ariana has been an extraordinary mentor and guide for me during my year long internship in her Ecotherapy Program. She has inspired me to deepen my connection with nature and has fully supported me in discovering my own unique voice as an Ecotherapist. During my time working with her I received the skills, resources, and support that I needed to emerge confidently into the field of Ecotherapy." Andrea Livingston, M.A.


Only $19 for the day (which includes a scrupmtious organic lunch).

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