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The Evolution of Money

Chattanooga August Meeting

Saturday, Aug 10, 2013 , 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Community Group: Chattanooga "CHIONS" Community Group

Wade Swicord
Unitarian Universalist Church
3224 Navajo Drive
Chattanooga TN 37411
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Money is the vehicle by which we communicate commerce and the affairs of everyday life. It is also the major instrument of control; someone or something tends to keep a tight hold on the purse strings that define the value of money which then reflects our value of self. Society did not always use money and there are contemporary movements afoot to change, reduce, or eliminate what we now think of as indispensable.

In our culture, money becomes completely intermeshed with capitalism. We will take a quick look at the origins of commerce and the formative period of capitalism in the seventeen and eighteenth centuries. Then we will speak to the idea of alternatives currencies and industry structures, and describe a banking process that could begin a corrective measure. Along the way we will spice up the talk with speaking of the sex of money which actually can generate societal attitudes.

After a four year stint in the Coast Guard, Wade Swicord attended the University of Florida where he majored in English, Psychology and Art. He began a successful business as an Architectural Photographer. Dealing constantly with architects and builders, he developed a strong interest in building and experimented with the building process. Later he started two businesses of an ecological nature. At random times, Wade wondered what actually caused the crash of '29 and then the Great Depression. Reflecting on a course in stocks he took at Harvard, he realized that the answer had little to do with stocks. Through considerable reading in the last few years he began to see that the economy moved on a belief system based on the perception of money and how very little we know about what money is and how it controls our culture.

We hope to see you there. Like all our meetings, this one is open to visitors and is free of charge.

Where: Unitarian Universalist Church, 3224 Navajo Drive, Chattanooga

Directions: From Interstate 24 going from downtown toward Atlanta and Knoxville. Take the Germantown exit. Turn left on Germantown Road. Take the 2nd street to the left: this is Navajo Drive. Go about the length of 3 blocks and you will see the sign for the Church on the left.

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