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An Introduction to Ken Wilber’s Integral Model

Chattanooga December Meeting

Saturday, Dec 14, 2013 , 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Community Group: Chattanooga "CHIONS" Community Group

Dr. Barbara Ray
Unitarian Universalist Church
3224 Navajo Drive
Chattanooga TN 37411
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Who am I? Why do we humans act, think, believe and feel as we do? How do we change over time? Ken Wilber has spent most of his life researching and organizing much of the thought and theories about who we are—from psychological, sociological, cultural and anthropological, philosophical, and spiritual perspectives. The result is an integral model. We will see short DVD segments of Wilber himself presenting the model and then examine practices that might help us dramatically on our human journey.

Dr. Barbara Ray is known to many of us as the current facilitator of the Chattanooga IONS study group. Recently retired for her faculty position at UTC, she will be back teaching some “post-retirement” classes in January.  When Barbara read Wilber for the first time, she was over-whelmed by the complexity of his integration and questioned the practicality of it. Now, 7 or 8 years later she finds his model both useful and fascinating. She is curious about two things; whether she can present something so complicated in our allotted time, and what you will think of it if she does.

We hope to see you there. Like all our meetings, this one is open to visitors and is free of charge.

Where: Unitarian Universalist Church, 3224 Navajo Drive, Chattanooga

Directions: From Interstate 24 going from downtown toward Atlanta and Knoxville. Take the Germantown exit. Turn left on Germantown Road. Take the 2nd street to the left: this is Navajo Drive. Go about the length of 3 blocks and you will see the sign for the Church on the left.

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