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Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion

Alexandria VA Meeting

Saturday, Nov 16, 2013 , 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Community Group: Alexandria Community Group

Michael Jawer

MICHAEL JAWER is an emotion researcher and author who has been investigating the mind-body basis of personality and health for 15 years. 

Jawer’s articles, papers, and interviews have appeared in Psychology Today, Spirituality & Health, Explore: The Journal of Journal of Science and Healing, Noetic Now, Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, and Science & Consciousness Review; he also blogs for Jawer has spoken before groups as diverse as the American Psychological Association and the Jung Society.  With Marc Micozzi, MD, PhD, he wrote The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion (Park Street Press, 2009) and Your Emotional Type: Key to the Therapies that Will Work for You (Healing Arts Press, 2011).  Further information about their work is at  

Most startlingly, he and his coauthor, Marc Micozzzi, MD, PhD, argue that paranormal perception -- apparitions, telepathy, poltergeist disturbances, and ‘out of body’ experience -- also arises from distortions in the way individuals process feeling. “Although they have long resisted explanation, each of these phenomena involves a discernable pattern and is amenable to scientific inquiry.”

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Please consider not wearing heavily-scented products.


1) Refreshments: Feel free to bring a vegan snack to share.

2) Used Books Exchange Table: Feel free to bring your used books/cd/dvd related to consciousness, meditation, metaphysics, spirituality etc.

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