Hand Drummers Retreat

Conscious Living Workshop

Hand Drummers Retreat

Interconnecting with Sacred Rhythms

Friday, Sep 14, 2012, 5:00 PM –
Sunday, Sep 16, 2012, 1:30 PM (All times are local to the event.)

Jason K. Norris, PhD(c)
EarthRise at IONS
101 San Antonio Rd
Petaluma CA 94952
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Hand drummers unite! Join us in nature and sacred space as we explore what it means to embody interconnectedness through rhythm! Together, we will:

  • awaken to our external, internal, and secret rhythms
  • explore the field of rhythm psychology and the science of entrainment
  • unfold and deepen our understanding of what it means to be a hand drummer
  • develop techniques for intention, intuition, and authentic flow
  • engage with cross-cultural drumming practices
  • cultivate our own sacred rhythms
  • commune with the land, hiking trails, labyrinth, hot tub, and more

Consciousness follows rhythm; rhythm follows consciousness. For millennia, traditions around the globe have been using hand drumming as a means to interconnect with mystical, psychic, and healing dimensions. Vibration is fundamental to life and interconnects us all. In vibration and all movement, there is rhythm, which comes from a Greek term meaning “to flow.” Through rhythm, we can navigate and negotiate the world; invoke altered states of consciousness; relieve physical and mental stress, tension, and pain; release and transcend emotions; embody a deep sense of belonging and enhanced well-being; and overall directly and immediately be transformed.

Hand drummers of all levels and backgrounds are encouraged to participate in this co-creative weekend retreat. Bring your hand drums, percussion, and other instruments. Some instruments will also be provided.

Find your rhythm. Express yourself. Be heard. 


Jason approaches healing with authenticity and depth, reaching beyond our body and mind, deep into our soul. He can hold the intention for a group and create a collective field of resonance without saying a word. After an experience with him, consciousness is imbued with wonder and awe. An amazing ride. ~ Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

Jason and I seemed to be engaged in the most profound exchange of rhythmic information I'd ever experienced... ~ K. H.

Jason is an exquisitely gifted teacher and healer who is rapidly able to read the energy of a group and make it come together in unexpected, transformative ways that hum through body and soul for days afterward. His approach transcends culture, language, pain, and time. ~ Lucia Roncalli, MD

After a session with Jason, you come away with a feeling that 'all is right with the world.' ~ Nancy Flagg

Jason K. Norris, MA, is founder of Lucid Drum, where he promotes community sounding and drumming as embodied, transformative practices. He is a life-long musician, healer, and researcher of consciousness—completing his doctoral degree in East-West Psychology at CIIS. His recent articles “Sounds of Transformation: Vedic Breath, Orisha Heart” and “The Power of Sound to Heal” were published by IONS in 2011.


Registration fees include the program and 6 freshly prepared meals.

  • $295 EarlyBird Fee EXTENDED through September 10, 2012
  • $355 Late Registration Fee thereafter

Onsite lodging is $75 per person per night for a shared room or $99 per night for a single room.

Onsite camping is $35 per person per night; please contact Jan Fischer at 707-779-8202 or prior to registering.

Sign-ups within 72 hours of the workshop will be on a space-available basis, so please register early.


4:00—5:45 PM Arrival & Check in
6:00 PM Dinner
7:30—9:30 PM Session 1: Welcoming / Arriving Drum Circle
We will start the weekend with a fun and freeform drum circle to release, align, empower, and prepare ourselves for the journey ahead.

8:00 AM Breakfast
9:30 AM—12:15 PM Session 2: What is Sacred Hand Drumming?
We start the morning with a participatory dialogue around personal, ancient, and modern approaches.
12:30 PM Lunch
2:00—5:30 PM Session 3: External, Internal, and Secret Rhythms
We will enter into the afternoon and evening exploring rhythms of nature, our bodies, and the silent pulse.
6:00 PM Dinner
7:30—9:30 PM Session 4: Drumming with Darkness and the Unknown
We honor the night by gathering around a fire (weather permitting), sharing stories and rhythm wisdom on navigating challenge, chaos, fear, and mystery.

8:00 AM Breakfast
9:30 AM—12:00 PM Session 5: Drumming "Transformance"
We will close by engaging in a transformative performance that will serve as the creative, sacred, and ceremonial synthesis of the weekend.
12:00—12:15 PM Closing / Cleansing / Integration
12:15 PM Evaluation
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Departure

Arrival and Departure
Check-in and access to accommodations is on Friday from 4 - 5:45 pm. Guests are requested to be checked out of their room by lunchtime on Sunday. For more information on directions and transportation, see Plan Your Stay.

Further Information
Please email or call 707-779-8202.

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