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West Virginia Noetic Sciences

March Meeting

Saturday, Mar 17, 2012 , 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Community Group: Charleston WV_IONS "I Have No Idea" Community Group

Beth Kerns
South Charleston Public Library
312 4th Ave.
South Charleston WV 25303
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Don't wait for an invitation from a leprechaun, just get up on Saturday and join us for information and discussion.

This month Beth Kerns will be presenting information on her paranormal experiences, including a slide show of digital photos taken during ghosting investigations. We can pursue questions of what it means about life now and after passing from this dimension. We look forward to a lively interaction!

In the near future we will be showing again the film “Thrive” which is a great look at how our world is working these day. The film especially looks at economic challenges we are facing. We will also be presenting excellent films that explore information about GMO foods and other health concerns. You are no doubt aware of the continued revelations about our food source and have a growing need to know the facts. With awareness of the issues and the science behind them, we can explore alternative approaches.

Beth is a minister at the Universalist Spiritualist Church located in South Charleston where she performs marriages and other ministerial services. Additionally she is involved in many projects which include West Side Farmers Market, East End Senior Project, and other community supporting and developing efforts. Beth works with healing modalities including candling, Ko-Laim-Ni, and Reiki.

IONS COMMUNITY GROUP OF WEST VIRGINIA invites you to join us as we learn and grow. Being informed is our best defense in challenging times.

Bring a bag lunch and stay or drop in when you can. Snacks, coffee, and tea continue to be available. (Our thanks to Joan!)

For more information:
Contact: Bob Hunter, Director
Phone: 304-437-1544

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