Events: IONS in the World


Events: IONS in the World

IONS researchers and educators are scheduled to participate in the following events. Please join us!

See also events hosted at our EarthRise Transformative Learning Center.


Sunday, Oct 23 2016 to Friday, Oct 28 2016
Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation
Esalen - Big Sur, CA

Join IONS President/CEO Cassandra Vieten and Michael Sapiro, psychologist, meditation teacher, and former Buddhist monk to explore the terrain of consciousness transformation.

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Friday, Oct 28 2016 to Sunday, Oct 30 2016
The Science and Practice of the Extraordinary: In the Name of Love
EarthRise Transformative Learning Center

IONS scientists Dean Radin and Julia Mossbridge, will join Esalen founder Michael Murphy, Esalen Center for Theory and Research scholar Loriliai Biernacki, and Integral Transformative Practice Mastery teachers for an exploration into the further reaches of human evolution at this 3-day conference.

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Friday, Nov 4 2016
CHI Summit: The Healing (R)evolution - from Science to Social Impact
San Diego, CA

Dean Radin will present: Non-local Mind: Implications for Consciousness & Healing

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Past Events

Thursday, Oct 20 2016 to Monday, Oct 24 2016
SAND16 US: The State of the Art in the Noetic Sciences
San Jose, CA

In a pre-conference workshop, IONS' scientists Dean Radin, Julia Mossbridge, Arnaud Delorme, Cassandra Vieten, and Helané Wahbeh will review some of the topics they have studied recently, the results of those studies, and give a peak into what they are currently investigating. Additionally Dean Radin and Julia Mossbridge will each give a plenary talk during the conference.

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Saturday, Oct 1 2016
Science as Spiritual Practice at Unity in Marin
Marin County, CA
Julia Mossbridge will present her ground-breaking research on the power of viewing science from a spiritual perspective at Unity in Marin County, California.
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Sunday, Sep 18 2016
Conscious Elders Network 2016 National Gathering
Burlingame, CA
Katia Peterson, IONS Director of Education, will be speaking on Conscious Aging.
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Friday, Sep 16 2016 to Sunday, Sep 18 2016
Stanford Medicine X
Palo Alto, CA
Cassandra Vieten joins Eric Nelson, Michael Cantwell, MD, Bruce Feldstein, MD, and Marilyn McEntyre, PhD in a panel discussion entitled "The Successful Integration of Spiritual Competencies within the University Level Medical Education Environment."
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Wednesday, Sep 7 2016
Lifting the Veil: The Convergence of Science, Spirituality, and Technology
San Francisco, California

What inspires our biggest innovations and transformations? Could these AH-HA! moments have anything to do with the science of psychic phenomena? Join IONS President/CEO Cassandra Vieten at this Consciousness Hacking event in San Francisco as she dives deeply into research on humankind’s most extraordinary experiences, breakthroughs, and capacities.

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Tuesday, Aug 2 2016
Everyday Peace Summit

Presented on Tuesdays from June 28 to September 6, on August 2nd our own Katia Petersen will share how her childhood experience of war helped her embody peace in this free online series with the world’s leading peacebuilders.

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Wednesday, Jul 20 2016 to Friday, Jul 22 2016
Nexus Global Youth Summit
New York City, New York

IONS President/CEO Cassandra Vieten will present at the 6th annual Nexus Global Youth Summit on Innovative Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship in New York City.

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Sunday, Jun 19 2016 to Friday, Jun 24 2016
Annual Conventions of the Parapsychological Association & the Society for Scientific Exploration
Boulder, Colorado

Including IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin, PhD

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Thursday, Jun 16 2016
Demystifying Energy Healing, An Inside Look
Petaluma, CA

The IONS Petaluma and Sebastopols Community Groups present IONS Scientist Dr. Helane Wahbeh, sharing an inside look at three Energy Healers (Lesley Sullivan, Quiana Grace Frost, and Colette McMullen) and how they came about their individual and unique approach to working with energy.
530 "C" Street, Petaluma, CA
6:30pm - 9:00
$10 at the door

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Monday, Jun 13 2016 to Thursday, Jun 16 2016
Applied Precognition Project 2016 Conference
Las Vegas, NV

Chief Scientist Dean Radin will Skype into the conference to present, "Consciousness and the Quantum Measurement Problem"

More information on the APP 2016 Conference

Friday, May 20 2016 to Sunday, May 22 2016
Conscious Aging Workshop: Group Exploration and Reflections on Conscious Aging
EarthRise Transformative Learning Center, Petaluma, CA

Led by Conscious Aging Facilitator Cathy Coleman, PhD

More information on the the Conscious Aging Workshop

Sunday, May 1 2016
Care-Giving with Grace
Petaluma, California

Including a presentation on meditation for caregiving by IONS scientist Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR

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Monday, Apr 25 2016 to Saturday, Apr 30 2016
The Science of Consciousness
Tucson, Arizona

Including IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin, PhD

More information on the Science of Consciousness conference

Sunday, Apr 17 2016 to Thursday, Apr 21 2016
The Nature of Consciousness: A Science & Spirituality Symposium
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas

Including IONS President/CEO Cassandra Vieten, PhD

More information on the Nature of Consciousness symposium

Wednesday, Apr 13 2016
IONS Community Group
San Rafael, CA

IONS scientist Garret Yount will be presenting "Mind – Cell Communication: Nonlocal Mental Interactions with Stem Cells."

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Wednesday, Apr 6 2016
The Great Transition
San Rafael, California

Explore how the human potential movement can now reach the general public, encouraging a critical mass of humanity to engage in the personal development and social leadership necessary to produce the great transition. Duane Elgin, Cassandra Vieten and Terry Patten discuss the new narratives for the once and future great shift. Moderated by Emanuel Kuntzelman.

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