Worldview Explorations

Acknowledgements and Gratitude

The Worldview Explorations Project would not be possible without the generous support of our donors and sponsors.
We wish to thank the following people and foundations for their support:

  • Thomas and Gini Clayton, Calvert Social Investment Foundation
  • Christina Grote and Jim Grote
  • Elsie Holden Fun of the Marin Community Foundation
  • Kriens Family Foundation
  • Scott and Joanie Kriens
  • Sandra S. Wright
  • The Baumann Foundation
  • The BSW Foundation
  • The Ray Benton Fund of the Marin Community Foundation
  • Richard Meyer, Desert Community Foundation
  • Claire Russell
  • Pamela Valinet
  • The Watson Family Foundation
  • Sol Weingarten
  • Claudia A. Welss
  • Charles Brush Memorial Fund

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