Transformative Education


Transformative Education

Our Education department is dedicated to translating our scientific discoveries into applications that people can use in their daily lives. Learn more about Executive Director of Education, Katia Petersen.

Mindful Motherhood

For pregnant women, new moms, and professionals
Developed by Cassandra Vieten, PhD, this program draws on decades of research on the health and well-being benefits of mindfulness and meditation, and tailors it to the specific needs of pregnant women, mothers, and their babies. Available to individual as well as professionals, It is directed toward reducing stress, improving mood, and enhancing the connection between moms and their infants.

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Worldview Explorations

For youth educators
Worldview Explorations is a research-based experiential program for middle-school, high-school, and college students. The lessons include self-reflective practices and project-based group activities that can be integrated into existing classroom subject areas. This program is designed for use by classroom teachers and experienced leaders of extra-curricular groups of young people.

Worldview Explorations Program

7 Tools to Help Your Child Deal with Conflict

For parents and those who work with children
We live in challenging times. Throughout the world the viewpoints of different groups and cultures often clash with one another. Now, more than ever, it is crucial we learn how to be more aware of the natural biases of our own perspective, as well as attempt to comprehend and respect the perspectives of others. In this new freeIONS ebook we use our research to help parents and children explore facets of multiple perspectives, giving practical tools to help create a world that functions in greater collaboration and harmony.

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Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life

For personal exploration of consciousness transformation
Ten years of scientific research resulted in this book, DVD, and experiential workshops which explore how people make significant shifts in the way they view the world and themselves. Using the power of human consciousness, these tools help to create personal and planetary transformation.

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Conscious Aging Facilitator Training Program

For social service professionals and those working with aging populations
The Conscious Aging Facilitator Training Program provides facilitators with all the resources they need to market, set up and conduct an 8-session Conscious Aging workshop series in their local community.

Facilitator Training Program

Spiritual & Religious Competencies in Clinical Practice: Guidelines for Psychotherapists & Mental Health Professionals

For mental health professionals
Spirituality lies at the heart of many clients' core values, and helps shape their perception of themselves and the world around them. In this book, two clinical psychologists provide a much-needed, research-based road map to help professionals appropriately address their clients’ spiritual or religious beliefs in treatment sessions.


Consciousness and Healing: Integral Approaches to Mind-Body Medicine

For the general public and health care professionals
A collection of 47 essays on integral medicine, consciousness, and healing that integrates mainstream medical knowledge with recent developments in the emerging areas of frontier sciences and insights from alternative healing perspectives. It promotes a model of healing in which personal relationships, emotions, meaning, and belief systems are viewed as fundamental points of connection between body, mind, spirit, society, and nature. Several online courses of related materials were also developed.

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At Home Within: A Personal Growth Program for Homeless Adults

For social service agencies
The At Home Within project for the homeless is an example of how Noetic Sciences can help people who are facing the greatest challenges of their lives get back on their feet and learn tools that can help them thrive and reach their highest potential.

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Death Makes Life Possible

For those interested living more fully
A film (recently broadcast on the Oprah Winfrey Network) and companion book focusing on death—something that most people fear and don’t want to think about. But as this work shows, it is possible that facing our mortality can inspire us to live our lives more fully.

DVD & Book

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