Below is a directory of Conscious Aging Facilitator Program graduates,
listed by country and state/province.

IONS does not endorse or recommend individual facilitators. All information in the directory, including qualifications of facilitators, is provided by the program graduates and has not been verified by IONS.



Irena Popiolek
Calheta, Alabama
00351 914394231
Through my work in alternative therapies and meditation teaching I recognise the deep connections between our state of mind and health and happines. "Mind-over-matter" intrigues me and I am convinced that we can work together to bring a more fulfilling and positive approach to the joys of our senior years.

New South Wales

Ama Kalma
Main Arm, New South Wales
+612 66845089
Byron Bay, NSW, Australia - I offer this program in various formats from Brisbane to Sydney. I love the work! - Experienced trainer in Effective Communication, Mediation & Meditation, Breath Therapy. - I participated in many workshops: Rebirthing, Satori, Family Constellation, Enneagram, Diamond Work, the Art of Dying. - Call me.
Carolyn O'Brien
Sydney, New South Wales
0403 321 785
My professional background has been as a trained facilitator in Market Research focus groups. My intention through delivery of Conscious Aging workshops is to contribute a meaningful legacy through inspiring older people to challenge their limited beliefs, change their emotional reactions, and in so doing, shift their perception of reality.


Philip F Crouch
Hobart, Tasmania
Welcome to fellow Tasmanians, and globally fellow practitioners.As a community leader and volunteer aged 67 years passionate, I'm currently facilitating two meditation/circle discussion groups on conscious aging-related topics.Background experiences include lifelong learning, spiritual growth, dream workshops, social justice, disability,men's work, positive aging, theatre/drama work. I welcome your enquiries.


Sandra Euringer
Fremantle, Victoria
I hold a MA in Sociology (University of Marburg, Germany) and I'm a trained drama therapist (DGfT). Besides this I've been practicing meditation (Zen and Vipassana) for over 25 years. I'm particularly interested in the spiritual aspects of aging and dying, those aspects of life which give meaningnnection, integrity, harmony, hope and awareness.
Dr Ann Moir-Bussy
Ballarat, Victoria
0400 474 425
Ann Moir-Bussy is an experienced counsellor, transformational life coach and counsellor educator and author, and has worked in a variety of cultural settings, including with Indigenous communities in the Northern territory both as a teacher and researcher, in Universities in Australia and at Shue Yan university in Hong Kong. Ann returned to Australia in September 2021 to take up the position of Program Coordinator and Senior Lecturer in Counselling. Now retired in 2017, Ann has set up her own Business - Embrace Life Now - ( She is Vice President of the Australian Counselling Association. Qi Qong, meditation, music laughter, gratitude and contribution to others are important aspects of conscious aging for her.
Kim Parker
Bairnsdale, Victoria
Director: Europa Centre Conscious Living & Cafe. Author: Cross Cultural Shaman. Dream Circle Facilitator. I'm a spiritual healer, enthusiastic about assisting people to harvest the wisdom obtained in their aging process and driven to foster connectedness and the wider perspectives on life that sharing experiences brings.
Rev. Wallis Pattisonn
Melbourne, Victoria
61 0498 185 639
Rev Wallis Pattisonn, Author, Speaker and Spiritual Thought Leader Rev Wallis Pattisonn is not an idealist, but she does believe we do have the tools to implement positive, peaceful, social and world change, by creating our own conscious evolution. Her belief is founded on more than four decades of learning and enquiry. Rev Wallis believes this is a time of unparalleled challenges, both environmentally, socially and personally. We have the opportunity to fulfil our highest potential, including creating abundance and joy in our lives.This is not only a deep personal belief it is echoed in ancient writings and contemporary sages, sharing the same message. The following sums up our evolutionary destination, the spectacular plan for all of humanity. To be the Grandest expression of our Greatest Dream


Blythe Bohonos
Calgary, Alberta
I am so honored to facilitate this transformative workshop. It is wonderful to witness what unfolds ­ as we bring compassion, depth and meaning to our conversations. I enjoy partnering with others, including community groups, agencies, churches, senior & wellness centers. An avid supporter of IONS, I coordinate our Calgary IONS Community group. I also host screenings (& discussions) of the film “Death Makes Life Possible” and promote creativenscious aging through the expressive arts.
Cheryl-lyn Carlson
Okotoks, Alberta
Helping people has always held a spot near and dear to my heart. I have accomplished this through my life experiences and related careers. Becoming a Usui Reiki Master has also provided me with the opportunity to share the Universes energy with others along their life's journey.
Charles Eastly
Calgary, Alberta
Phyllis Goldsmith
Calgary, Alberta
I am 77 years old and my life is full of passion, purpose and meaning. I have a rich inner life and enjoy awakening others through simple meditation practices that have kept me strong and seem to invite inspiration. I love mentoring young women and volunteering at a cancer wellness center. My life is lived from my center of consciousness - my heart. It is from here that I speak and act and welcome each moment. I am excited about Conscious Aging and have already made wonderful connections with others who are also involved.
Ruby Koevort
Claresholm, Alberta
I love people, and truly believe that we all have a story. As an Energy worker and Conscious Aging Facilitator, it is my passion to help us move forward empowered with grace and dignity. This course is for anyone looking not only to age with grace but live a more self compassionate life. "We are all older than we were yesterday and change is the only constant."
Colleen Lemire
Okotoks; Calgary area, Alberta
Learning and teaching are what I most love to do. I want to help others have important and valuable learning experiences in a classroom, a conference room, or informally, so sharing this course is now part of “my work”. I am also a certified mediator.
Howard J. Parsons
Calgary, Alberta
A former human resources executive, Howard has been a professional Life Coach for the past sixteen years. He has worked with people from all walks of life. Howard is a life-long learner, believing the best life is one lived from understanding the essential self and the possibilities it brings.
Judy Steiert
Calgary, Alberta
I have researched, created and presented workshops related to Conscious Aging since 2004 at University Continuing Education, Churches,Community Centers, Retreats and Conferences. A favorite course is ""Elder Wisdom in Movies"" where participants view and discuss videos related to the themes of Conscious Aging.
Myreene Tobin, MA, BSc
Calgary, Alberta
My education and experience is all about working with people. I seek to do meaningful work with compassion and wisdom.
Linda Wilson
Calgary, Alberta
Linda Wilson is a Conscious Aging Facilitator, a Certified Career Development Professional, and a Retire to the Life You Design© facilitator, with a Master of Adult Education degree. She enjoys designing and facilitating experiential learning on topics related to aging, retirementreer and personal transformation, in both workshops and retreats.

British Columbia

Diane MacCormack
Burnaby, British Columbia
604-420 -1037 (H) , 778-773-0167 (C)
As an experienced facilitator and Nurse Educator, I am very excited to be part of the global Conscious Aging wave . As I enter my 3rd age, I look forward leading and having conversations with others who also are/will be stepping across another threshold and encountering personal change. During the 8 week Conscious Aging workshop, there will be lively conversations about very relevant topics and quiet periods to record comments/reflections in the Conscious Aging participant workbook. As Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, ""What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within"" Are you curious to find ""what lies within"" ? Contact me to begin a conversation about bringing a Conscious Aging Workshop to your area. We could hold it at your community centre, church or on site at a place of business or other location.
Dianne Appleby BSc Physiotherapist, MA Leadership, Eldercare Consultant
Kelowna, British Columbia
Healthcare manager with experience developing and implementing employee wellness and engagement programs. Skills include analytical problem solving , team leadership, and wellness and rehabilitation program development supported by a Masters degree in leadership and training. An experienced wellness professional committed to integrity who is passionate in work with Seniors, and embraces the vision of a conscious aging process!
Priscilla Boucher, Phd, MES, BComm
Vancouver, British Columbia
I care deeply about people and the earth, and spent much of my life working for positive change. Three years ago I retired from my corporate job in search of purpose and meaning in my elder years.The transition was both daunting and exciting! I started a conscious aging circle that continues to this day, became a certified coach, and qualified to facilitate conscious aging workshops. As coach, mentor and group facilitator, I delight in supporting others to step into their elder years with mindfulness, intention, and grace. I offer both individual and group coaching.
Robin Fried, MA
Vancouver, British Columbia
I started offering courses fifteen years ago through UBC's Continuing Studies, including the Art of Aging, and the Wisdom, Worries and Wonder Aging. I am now thrilled to be a Conscious Aging facilitator and look forward to joining with others as we explore the opportunities for creating a new vision for aging. Currently I teach at Langara College in their Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Certificate program: an Awareness Dialogue course and a new course on Integrative Energy Healing and End of Life Care. For a full CV and references please contact me.
Patryce Kidd
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Facilitating the IONS Conscious Aging Workshop is a natural extension of my work as a Transformational Coach. I am passionate about human development and creative longevity, and have been keenly interested in the aging experience for many years. As part of a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication (which I undertook at age 58!), I wrote my thesis on the changing cultural paradigm of aging. Located in Vancouvernada, I partner with community and educational organizations.
Judith Martin, PhD, RCC
Cowichan Bay, British Columbia
The concept and practice of aging consciously are dear to my heart. As a registered clinical counselor, now in my 70s, I have often facilitated workshops which resonate with me on a personal level. The IONs Conscious Aging workshops offer the opportunity for people in their elder years to come together to talk and about aspects of aging which are significant but rarely discussed. Please contact me for information about workshops on Vancouver Island.
Amy A Phillips
Vancouver, British Columbia
Iris Mary Todd-Lewis, MEd, BA, RN(ret'd)
Mission, British Columbia
604-557-6704 (Canada) 507-6202-0856 (Panama)
Iris is an experienced facilitator with extensive training in counselling, teaching, and healing arts. Her passion is to empower other seniors to approach their lives with joy and anticipation and to share their wisdom, experience and collective learning with others. She loves to teach, and her dynamic style is an inspiration to young and old alike! Iris plans to offer Conscious Aging workshops in the Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver, within the coming few years. Meanwhile, she is offering weekly information and inspirational bites through her website.
Susan Wright, Ed.D., MCC
Vancouver, British Columbia
I am passionate about leadership in the final third of life. I have coached leaders for 30 years and as an elder myself, I want to continue to lead in service to the world. I believe we baby boomers can contribute substantially to evolving consciousness through our individual and collective efforts. I am dedicated to supporting meaningful transitions for leaders moving into later life stages.

Nova Scotia

Irene M. Skehen
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Irene’s focus is health and well-being. She has been offering wellness workshops, in the community, for over fifteen years. With her specialized training in addictions counseling, mental health recovery, holistic lifestyle counseling, human energy studies and her own life long journey of recovery and discovery, Irene brings a wide array of experience and training to her life’s work.


Norma Audain
Toronto, Ontario
Jane Rosalea Booth Robertson
Meaford, Ontario
I have a BA in Social Development Studies and a Certificate of Social Work. For twenty years, I have been offering programs and retreats to enhance inner peace, self empowerment through deep connection to nature, healing arts and meditation. This program provides tools for creating a vibrant and purposeful life as we reach our elder years. It gives new perspectives on aging and shifts our consciousness to living from our heart and valuing our past strengths and empowers us as in our daily lives. I am offering it to community groups, churches and senior facilities.
Lorraine Clemes Ed.D.
Toronto, Ontario
Lorraine is an experienced, engaging facilitator, certified professional consultant on aging (CPCA), author and coach. She knows the deep rewards that come from aging and living with courage, authenticity and consciousness. Lorraine works with individuals, and groups in universityganizations and the community. She feels it a privilege to engage in the conscious aging field.
Marilyn Daniels, M.A., M.Ed., CPCC
Toronto, Ontario
416 545-7848
Marilyn is passionate about the contribution that elders’ gifts and wisdom can make to the future of our world. A captivating keynote speaker and storyteller, seasoned facilitator, and certified coach, she helps emerging elders develop a new vision of aging which includes contentment, community and contribution. Please visit
Barb Dorrington BSW M.Ed ATR
London , Ontario
519 852-7433
As a social worker, trauma counsellor and art therapist of more than thirty years, I look forward to the opportunity to work with a senior population who are as excited as I am about leading a fulfilling 3rd age. More recently, my focus has been on mindfulness and wellness approaches, and I utilize art and journaling to connect and learn. Willing to work with groups or individuals.
M. E. Dunbar
Georgetown, Ontario
M. E. is an educational consultant, trainerach and the author of the book Your Rights To Be Well. Her focus is to assist those who are ready to take control of their own well-being to help them be empowered and well.
Sue Griggs
Toronto, Ontario
416 226 2902
Sue Griggs is currently exploring what aging means to her in how she lives her life right now. She is both a certified coach and psychotherapist as well as an accredited conscious aging facilitator. She is currently offering programs in Toronto and is available for speaking about issues around aging, death and dying.
Lurena Hay-Miller, DNM
Brockville, Ontario
With over 30 years of experience in holistic health, education and spiritual development, my passion has remained steadfast: to assist others in discovering their innate beauty and Oneness while maintaining balance and harmony. When we are moving pro-actively we flow more easily with the rhythms of life. With choice we have power. With power we discover we can transform tears into song and all the threads of our life into gold.
Alison Mahony, RN
Peterborough, Ontario
Alison Mahony is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of health care experience. Alison brings a sincere desire to make positive change in the world to all that she does. Alison is pleased to offer Conscious Aging workshops in the Peterborough and surrounding areas.
Carol M. Schnarr
Waterloo, Ontario
Through substantial research and personal growth I have become an enthusiastic advocate of the claim attributed to Socrates,"The unexamined life is not worth living." This becomes crucial as we enter the third act of our lives and the Conscious Aging program provides a platform to mindfully explore both the trials and tribulations of aging. I am very excited to share this introspective journey with you!
Ruth Ann Wilhelm
Windsor, Ontario
I was educated as a social worker and blessed to find the Pathwork later. My focuses on service and personal growth were paramount most recently through my husband's illnesses and death as well as my grieving process. Conscious Aging, as my encore career, builds on my passion, skills and experience. I was excited to study this program and happily anticipate sharing it with others!

Prince Edward Island

Heather Seguin, BA, BEd
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
I am an HR Consultant in Prince Edward Islandnada. Additionally, I have a Certificate in Applied Spiritual Counseling and am studying to be an Ordained Interfaith Minister. I lead workshops related to spirituality and offer Conscious Aging workshops from a spiritual perspective to seniors groups.


Patricia Cherry
Plymouth, Devon
At 70 years old and feel fully qualified to run live workshops and also an online course and coaching for people who are 50+ years old and approaching their Elder years. I have done this myself and am enjoying my Eldership helping others to learn have a successful 3rd age.


Brian Hayward
Lindford, Hampshire
Brian Hayward is a Human Potential Coachunselor and mindfulness teacher with over twenty years experience of training people in the skills and strengths of positive change. For the past five years he has been running workshops in Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life.


Helen Jelfs
Liverpool, Merseyside


Mary Jane Verniere
Tralee, Munster
353 86 338 2962
Mary Jane Verniere is an artist whose deep interest in consciousness and transformative practices has been a guiding force in directing her life's work in ways that encourage others to reach their full potential. With courage, compassion, and vitality, she supports and inspires others in their own transformation.

Tzur Yitzhak

Karen Modlin,B.Sc(O.T.)
Tzur Yitzhak, Tzur Yitzhak
972 9 7493136


Emanuela Costa
Alassio, Savona
Teacher and Trainer. BSc (Hon) Social Sciences with Psychologycal Studies and MA in Dydactics and Psyco-pedagogy for Special Needs in Education. I'm deeply committed to cultivate wisdom and willing to offer my service to share joy and wellbeing. Life is an amazing journey: let's celebrate it together!


Juan Antonio Santesteban
Cuernavaca, Moelos
(52) 777-380-0005
I work as a health professional in the field of CranioSacral Therapy (trained with the Upledger Institute). For the past thirty years, my wife María González Torres and I have traveled around the world giving talks and facilitating workshops on consciousness and everyday spirituality.

South Holland

Saki Lee, Ph.D.
Voorburg, South Holland
0031703867800 (if calling from Europe) 01131703867800 (if calling from US)
In her work as a practitioner of Traditional Oriental medicine and as an interfaith minister and spiritual guide, Saki loves supporting and awakening people to the peace, sacredness, love and beauty which are precious treasures within them and the ever-changing cycles of life.


Babbie W. Earle
Boquete, Chiriqui
Acupressure/Massage therapist 17 years, Reiki master, Touch for Health practitioner. Studied Jin Shin Jyutshu, cranial sacral therapy, and couple's therapy. Certificates for "Strategies For Conscious Living, " The Inner Quest Intensive. Co-produced of over 50 couple's retreats. Hospice volunteer 34 years. Co -founder of the first active hospice in Central America.

Los Santos

Iris Mary Todd-Lewis, MEd, BA, RN(ret'd)
Pedasi, Los Santos
604-557-6704 (Canada) 507-6202-0856 (Panama)
Iris is an experienced facilitator with extensive training in counselling, teaching, and healing arts. Her passion is to empower other seniors to approach their lives with joy and anticipation and to share their wisdom, experience and collective learning with others. She loves to teach, and her dynamic style is an inspiration to young and old alike! Iris plans to offer Conscious Aging workshops in the Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver, within the coming few years. Meanwhile, she is offering weekly information and inspirational bites through her website.


MaryCatherine (Cathy) Burgess
Edinburgh, Edinburgh
44 (0)131 558-9305
MaryCatherine Burgess, PhD, has worked professionally as a human relations consultant, licensed professional counselor, certified teacher, university multifaith chaplain and honorary fellow, shamanic practitioner, manager of medical management, director of quality integration, and trainer of psychodrama and sociometry. She balances her life and work between the UK and the USA.

The Highlands

Iona Lister
Strathcarron, The Highlands
I have worked for 20 years in the UK National Health Service, as a Speech & Language Therapist,(adults) and now I work as an online tutor, a writer, and a facilitator with diverse groups, including teleconference groups for people with sight loss and reading groups.
South Africa

Western Cape

Caroline Chaplin
Cape Town, Western Cape
I am passionate about living life consciously and strive to keep learning and growing. I have an M.Phil in Ancient Studies, a B.Com in Economics and a teaching diploma. I have been involved in education and transformation all of my adult life.
United States


Linda Bennett
Mesa, Arizona
As a senior herself, Linda serves seniors who are striving to live a more conscious life.She is certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Board Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor and a Life Coach. She has been recognized by her peers and students as an innovator in education. She was recognized for Outstanding Clinical Contributions by the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists and 2014 Educator of the Year by International Medical & Dental Hypnosis Association. In 2015 she helped to pilot a guided imagery project in a major hospital that was responsible for reducing pain and stress in patients as much as 50%
Carol Blonder, M.S.S.A.
Phoenix, Arizona
Kim Carter, MA
Mesa, Arizona
Kim uses Healing Touch and yoga to help people navigate transitions in their lives. Her background includes facilitating bereavement groups and volunteering with hospice. She seeks to empower clients to discover their own answers and find a sense of peace even in the midst of challenges.
Lorraine Festa
Peoria, Arizona
Holding a Ph.D. in Psychology, Lorraine has been a counselorach, and university professor. Incorporating her prior experiences and education, she has also developed leading-edge workshops in personal changereer development, life balance, emotional intelligence, and creativity. Recognizing the importance for attention to life-span issues, the Conscious Aging program will be a valuable asset.
Gae Chalker
Litchfield Park (Phoenix area) , Arizona
I am 63 years old, widowed in 2008 after nearly 30 years of marriage to my best friend, Jim Chalker; mother of 3 children; and a leukemia survivor. I currently share my home with two cats and my 87 year old mother. I have a Masters in Divinity and I’m a certified Spiritual Director through Haden Institute (Jungian tradition). I love working with those who desire a healthy, joy-filled life in body, mind and spirit. Meditation, dream work, healthy eating and exercise, and always asking “Where’s the beauty?”, are my daily spiritual practices.
Diana Hunt, Ph.D
Paradise Valley, Arizona
Dr. Diana Hunt is an author, educator, and facilitator of integrative healing modalities. Offering new perspectives through the Conscious Aging dialogue opens awareness to all of us living the second half of our lives. She is passionate about the opportunity to start dialoguing within the senior communities.
LeslieAnn Lucero
Scottsdale, Arizona
The IONS Conscious Aging Workshop provides me with a well documented, field tested, loving platform to share my passion to assist others in embracing their life exactly where they are and to inquire, design and allow a new vision for their lives from that place. Much of my professional experience is in healthcare and my studies in consciousness and healing led me to IONS to become a Conscious Aging Workshop Facilitator.
Diane H. Lukich, M.A.
Peoria, Arizona
I've very excited to become an IONS Conscious Aging Facilitator. I have been involved in the field of personal development and training for the past 25 years. My current profession is an instructional designer designing training programs. I am transitioning into my encore career of psychology. My educational background includes an M.A. in Instructional Design, and an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing. I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in psychology and working on my dissertation on the topic of Conscious Aging. I am very happy to find this great program and a support group for us to collaborate and support each other. There is a huge need for this work and I am quite excited about getting started. I live in the Phoenix area and am open to collaborating with others.
Diane L. Meyer, PhD
Tucson, Arizona
Dr. Diane Meyer is a transpersonal psychologist, artist, writer, and educator. Meyer holds a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Arizona, a MA in Counseling and Psychology from Prescott College, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology with a special certification in Creative Expression.
Theresa L. Ojala
Kingman, Arizona
As a member of the nursing profession I have dedicated my life to caring for people. Serving as a facilitator for the Conscious Aging program is a similar calling to nursing. I am a passionate, spiritually oriented individual who desires to reach out to others with unconditional love and support.
Mary Pike
Nogales, Arizona
Former professional development trainer working in the field of communication (interpersonal and intercultural), I currently instruct part-time at the local community college and have done extensive work with intuitive studies. I consider myself to be an active retiree who contributes to the local community as a teacher and board member.
Dr. David Sadker
Tucson, Arizona
Dr. David Sadker is an author and professor emeritus in Tucson, Arizona. As a Courage & Renewal® and IONS facilitator, David provides a place of calm for people to reflect, rejuvenate, and reignite. David brings his passion to many settings, including spiritual groups and retirement communities. Feel free to contact him for more information.
Kathy Shimpock, JD, MBA, MLL
Tempe, Arizona
I'm a life coach and a certified spiritual director who teaches spiritual studies and psychology. I'm also a SoulCollage facilitator and storyteller. I present workshops to many different groups utilizing creative expression, guided imagery, and meditation within Arizona. I'm passionate about encouraging participants to find meaning and full expression in life.
Carol Paradise Tornow, Ph.D.
Tucson, Arizona
Carol Paradise Tornow, Ph.D. is a psychologist with extensive experience leading individual, group and organizational change and providing individual coaching.
Patti Tree
Phoenix, Arizona
A native of Southern California, Patti’s career in Dental Hygiene spanned 25 years before moving to Arizona to pursue her Dental Coaching business, Practice Fulfillment, transforming individual performance and enhancing dental cultures with happiness. Patti is an accomplished graduate of Landmark Education; Curriculum For Living, Toastmasters, and The Conscious Aging Facilitator Training Program.
Laurie Whittle
Show Low, Arizona


Amelia (Milly) Smith
Fair Oaks, California
Michael Baroff
Santa Monica, California
I have been a human resource development consultant for 30 years, am the author of The Inner Work of Work (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2000), served as President of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (1992), and have led workshops at the Esalen Institute. l am also a visual artist --my paintings and video art have been shown in local galleries -- and I do my own personal practices of meditation, yoga, gym workouts, hiking and ecstatic dance. Please join me for a Conscious Aging workshop in the Los Angeles area.
Pat Batoosingh RN
Santa Rosa , California
I have been a registered nurse for over 32 years. I have practiced in hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, and most recently with hospice services. I have a passion for the elderly and enjoy hearing their stories. I continue to learn and enjoy helping others.
Virginia B. Berger
San Diego, California
I’m a retired college professor, now certified retirement coach, who has presented and led discussion groups on retirement at Oasis and other sites. As my clients and I reach elderhood, I am eager to facilitate this transition through Conscious Aging Workshops. Join me at Oasis in San Diego starting in February, 2016 (
Lee Brewster
Sebastopol, California
As a yoga teacher and 22 year veteran of spiritual training in the Diamond Approach, I wish to serve men and women over 50 who want to help redefine the meaning of aging in our culture and in the world. Using tools such as meditation, inquiry, yoga practice, and strength training I offer local and international workshops in Conscious Aging. I welcome inquiries from those sincerely interested in deepening awareness on the issues of both living fully and dying well--and who want to reflect together with other like-minded friends.
James Brown
Walnut Creek, California
(510) 501-0548
Mindfulness practices since adolescence. Life expanding spiritual experiences. Facilitated encounter groups for U.S. military. Volunteered as mentor for Berkeley youth. Facilitated corporate seminars for employee well being. Home caregiver for final 5 years of extraordinary mother. "No one came to stay. It's all good and impersonal, unless you have other plans or no plans at all" We each have access to unlimited innate power to create our experiences before, during and after each right of passage one thought at a time. Guided conscious practice and self disclosure is so valuable privately or in service as an elder. Contact me during normal work hours to schedule individual or group couching.
Molly Burke, Life Coach, Ordained Minister
Avila Beach (San Luis Obispo County), California
805 704 6316
Molly Burke is a certified life coach, ordained minister, hospice volunteer and owns a private counseling practice. All of this experience has prepared Molly to support the over 50-year-old population who are interested in becoming conscious about preparing for the next chapter in their lives.
Renee Cardenas, CHt
Palm Springs, California
As a resident Hypnotherapist for We Care Spa I teach classes and offer private sessions. My background in Psychology, hypnotherapy/NLP and extensive training in many other holistic modalities has been a great vehicle to facilitate transformation for many clients.
Vicki Carlson
Creston , California
Julie Christine, MBA
Novato and Claremont, California
I offer services to aging adults and their families through consulting and counseling services, resources, advocacy, and other aging assistance. With my degree in Psychology, my MBA, and 25+ years of experience, I bring my passion to the field of aging and my clients. I work with individuals and groups.
Cathy Coleman
Sonoma, California
I am a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies East-West Psychology doctoral program, and have worked at the Institute of Noetic Sciences for the past 11 years, and currently as the Global Community Network Liaison and Planned Giving Associate. I have worked with all ages of people on the spectrum of the life cycle, and am particularly interested in the health and wellness aspect of aging. In collaboration with my colleague Rose Welch, our first Conscious Aging class is offered August 28-October 16, 2014.
Rev. Cathy Cook, Interfaith Minister
Sacramento, California
(916) 396-9659
As an ordained interfaith minister and credentialed teacher, I offer classes in which you can learn and grow as you discover, choose, and engage in the wonders of your life, no matter your age. Come and explore who you wish to be for yourself and the world as you consciously age vibrantly into life's third act.
Teri Crane, Ed.D., LMFT
Santa Clarita, California
Combining belief that everyone has a story to tell, contains their own solutions, and is informed by collective wisdom, I offer consultation in writing your stories, journaling, and Conscious Aging. Available through internet classes or by phone. LMFT, MFA, doctorate in education. Contact me if I can be of help.
Jennifer Crebbin
Nevada City, California
Jennifer Crebbin is a Life Coach, educatorganizer of free community gatherings called “Preparing for the End of Life," with experience working with seniors and hospice patients. As Baby Boomers nearing our 60s and 70s and beyond, we have the opportunity to have ground-breaking impact on aging, like we did on child birth when we were bearing children. I am offering ongoing Conscious Aging groups to discover what Socrates meant when declaring, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Contact me to join the next course.
Maida Curtovic, Certified Traditional Naturopath
Long Beach, California
I was many things and none of that completely describe who and what I am. According to my diplomas and degrees I was an actress, singer, writer, lawyer, teacher, healer....and again, I was none of that..I realized that my space and my time can give support to many forms of functioning and many channels for communicating. I am living consciously and openly every single possibility, testing life and giving it the shape and sound of my inner Beingmpletely trusting that everything is always as it should be, as well I am always as I should Be.
Don Deffenbaugh LMFT#46322
Santa Rosa, California
Do you feel like you are sitting on the sidelines? Becoming involved individually and in community effectively and energetically will change your life. For over 25 years, I have coached many people on this path and witnessed a positive transformation creating lives that are rich and fulfilling. I welcome your participation.
Reverend Judy DePrete
Santa Ana, California
I am co-founder of Common Ground Spiritual Wellness Center, an inclusive spiritual community where we embrace our humanity and remember that we each are a spark of divinity. My passion is spiritual community. I believe in graceful aging and passionate purpose as a lifetime intention. I believe we are not created to retire but we are created to thrive, learn and contribute throughout our entire lifetime. I speak weekly and facilitate frequent workshops. Conscious Aging Circles are a wonderful and timely concept. I welcome your participation in this evolution of consciousness. Please contact me for more information about a workshop in your area.
Reverend Tinker Donnelly
Pismo Beach, California
Reverend Tinker Donnelly is Science Of Mind minister affiliated with Centers For Spiritual Living and Founder/Spiritual Director of HeartWorks, a community outreach ministry serving the California Central Coast. Rev. Tinker is a gifted facilitator and counselor with a passion for sharing ritual and transformational programs. Conscious Aging is among the most meaningful of her workshop topics, and one that offers powerful inspiration and information to those seeking to enrich their personal aging journey.
Betty Jean Eilerman
Santa Rosa , California
Lynda Ellis
Ventura, California
In 1996 I left the East coast and a twenty year career as a Financial Advisor and moved to San Francisco. Within a month I was introduced to Institute of Noetic Sciences. They opened my mind to a world I never had time to explore. Since then I have written two books and have held events for the purpose of helping women to make peace with their mothers and daughters. Bringing the Conscious Aging Workshops to those of us who are looking for ways to grow older with grace, wisdom and dignity is now my purpose, passion and pleasure.
Jessica Fergus
San Rafael, California
Jessica Fergus, M.Ed., CCP, is a Certified Coach Practitioner and a member of the Certified Coaches Federation. She uses Archetypal Psychology and Psychosythesis to support people as they face life's transitions. She combines her skills as a listener, problem solver and planner to help people create full and balanced lives.
Reverend Murray Flagg, PhD
Benicia, California
I have been an ordained clergy person for over 40 years as well as university instructor. I have a passion for assisting individuals and groups in gaining new insights and knowledge to enrich their life journey. My experience as a minister, community activist and educator allows me to relate to very diverse populations.
Kathleen Erickson Forder
San Rafael, California
Before retiring from IONS Staff in 2016, Kathleen had developed programs at IONS for over sixteen years. She conducted the initial IONS’ Conscious Aging Program in 2008, expanded the program over the years and in 2013 authored the IONS Conscious Aging Facilitators Guide and Companion workbook codifying insights gained. In 2014, as a Member of the IONS Education Team, she project managed the development of facilitator self study program. The program attracted nearly 700 facilitators most of whom now conduct programs in their locales around the world. Kathleen lives in San Rafael, CA and continues to work as an IONS Conscious Aging Affiliate and Facilitator and has a passion for applying the practices and tools of consciousness studies to healthy aging.
Natasha French
Portola Valley, California
As a former journalist working in Russia and a business coach, I've been always passionate about working with people, writing, speaking, but mostly listening. As I see my parents getting old, I want to help them and other seniors to make their last phase of life meaningful and peaceful. I also want to help women 55+ who emigrated to US but experience emotional difficulties of aging in a country with values different from their home.
Ginni Gordon
Huntington Beach, California
Crt. Human Services/Health Sciences Instructor
Gitane, Ph.D.
Davis, California
Mary Gordon is passionate about connecting people to who they are and helping them step into what they have only dreamed of. As a Conscious Aging facilitator, Mary brings a deep knowing that we can transform ourselves through self-compassion, mindfulness, and letting go. She supports each person's individual journey.
Mary Gordon
Petaluma, California
Mary Gordon is passionate about connecting people to who they are and helping them step into what they have only dreamed of. As a Conscious Aging facilitator, Mary brings a deep knowing that we can transform ourselves through self-compassion, mindfulness, and letting go. She supports each person's individual journey.
Michael H. Green
Woodland Hills, California
Rebecca E. Gutierrez
Temple City, California
Rebecca E Gutierrez is the owner of Metaphysically Speaking targeting the Elder/Senior community to be of service. She weaves humor into all subjects as a inspirational speaker and lecturer.
Peggy Handler, MFT
San Francisco, California
415 695-0166
I am a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in San Francisco for over 20 years, with a special interest in deep inner exploration and transformation, particularly in the second half of life.
Kundi Hess
Pacific Grove, California
(831) 884-5488
Mary L. Hollander R.N.
Crescent City, California
Rev. Dr. Danny Jack
Fresno, California
Rev. Danny Jack has been a pastor, new church planter, marriage family, and child counselor, hospital chaplain and is an endorsed pastoral counselor by the American Baptist Churches. Danny has led workshops on couples communication and parenting the ADHD child. But finds most enjoyment as a spiritual director.
Deb Jackson
Petaluma, California
808 561-1932
Conscious Aging requires courage and support. As an elder, Deb has found her way back to the work that feeds her heart - coaching with horses. Enhance your journey to cultivate wisdom, connect and celebrate your life with us in a beautiful natural setting, heart-to-heart with the herd.
Alice Jacobs Vestergaard
Roseville, California
Dr. Alice Jacobs Vestergaard is a passionate and dedicated advocate for positive aging - working with both groups and individuals. She has over 18 years of experience across a myriad of settings: Skilled Nursing, Assisted Livingntinuing Care Communities, Active Adult Communities, Park and Recreation Departments, Senior Centersuntry Clubs, and Church-related groups. She is a published author, and has done training and workshops throughout the United States as well as internationally. She has dedicated her life to promote a new model of aging.
Barbara Jewitt Byrum
Pacifica, California
I am an ordained Zen priest. I have a meditation center in Pacificalifornia, where I hold meditation retreats and facilitate non-denominational study groups on expanding awareness through mindfulness. I wish to share our common desire to live our elder years with purposempassion, and gratitude, in either small group settings or in larger residential center.
Cheryl Johnson, MA
Mckinleyville, California
Cheryl Johnson is a Life Coach helping people make holistic, fulfilling choices about work and retirement. She taught college psychology,"Love & Forgiveness" and her own "Surfing the Silver Tsunami- Thriving- Not Just Surviving."Conscious Aging Facilitator training aligns perfectly with her philosophy that difficult things get better when shared!
Sumedha Mona Khanna, M.D.
Santa Rosa, California
707 577-0676
An Ob/Gyn. and Public Health specialist, Sumedha Mona Khanna, M.D, has provided consultation services on public health to more than 60 countries with the World Health Organization. Founder and Director of Healing Well and Saraswati Foundation that focus on empowering women through education and health promotion. Member of the Advisory Council on Area Agency for Aging, Sonoma County.
Kris Kington-Barker
Paso Robles, California
(805) 471-1233
I have enjoyed a 40-year healthcare career including hospice, am an INELDA certified End of Life Doula and have been facilitating groups, workshops and trainings on health-related issues and topics for over 30 years. Aging with intention in community with others as we learn together is my greatest honor.
Rev. Pat Kleinberg
San Francisco, California
I am an Interfaith minister and a certified spiritual director. My ministry is to elders and to those at the margins of society, the sick and afraid. I serve as a volunteer chaplain for On Lok Lifeways in San Francisco, a comprehensive care center for the frail elderly. I also teach meditation and relaxation classes. My desire is to serve God by serving others with love.
Rev. Glenda Knox
Santa Ana, California
Co-Founder of Common Ground Spiritual Center and Chapel at 19211 Dodge Ave Santa Ana Ca Minister/Spiritual Counselor /Teacher/ Hospice Volunteer My Vision Be inspired by this incredible life and inspire others to be their best.
Sue Lewis, MSW, LCSW
Long Beach, California
562 533 8274
Are you looking for personal meaning in your present life journey? Are you fifty-five and older? I invite you to join me in The Conscious Aging Workshops created by IONS. My professional life has been providing transformational and consciousness raising services to individuals and groups. The qualifications I have are: Licensed therapist, (MSW LCSW); Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (RScP); Certified RIM Facilitator (Releasing the Inner Magician—; Certified Conscious Aging Facilitator (IONS). As a facilitator my goal is twofold: to help people uncover their original innate wholeness and increase consciousness and well-being. Being a senior I am very interested in working with other seniors, churches, senior centers in Long Beach, CA., and surrounding communities as well as private organizations and other practitioners.
Mina Litvak
Oakland, California
Mina Litvak is a Certified Professional Coach through the ICF and was trained specifically in Energy Leadership and the Law of Being at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is a Spiritual Counselor as an ordained reverend and is trained in Reiki and energy healing. She has been a human rights activist and immigration attorney, providing workshops and trainings on human rights issues. Her experiences give her a unique perspective on the role of community in supporting elders and a passion for supporting the eldering process. Contact Mina for individual coaching services or group workshops in your area.
Sally LoPrete
Half Moon Bay, California
650 400-6567
Pointing people to their wisdom has always been a passion of mine. Facilitating the Conscious Aging seminar is great way to continue this passion. Had the remarkable experience of caregiving for my mother and learned so much from her about living and dying. Have been facilitating groups in corporate, community and domestic violence/court mandated settings for many years. I have witnessed that when one person opens up to who they truly are, all those associated benefit. I am in awe of our capacity to love, cope and learn. You have so much to share. Contact me to find out when the next Conscious Aging Workshop experience begins!
Loretta Lowrey
Mill Valley, California
As a Zen Hospice Project volunteer, and alumnus of the Metta Institute’s End-of-Life Practitioner Program, I have been privileged to garner wisdom from hundreds of people living their final days and have been mentored by some of the nation’s most distinguished sages. With over 20 years experience in non-profit management developing and executing community education programs, and as a certified facilitator of the IONS Conscious Aging program, I offer these transformative workshops to your Bay Area organization or community.
Lorna Minewiser, PhD
West Sacramento, California
As a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences for more than 25 year, I have used many of the IONS resources. As I now approach 70 I am delighted to be able to facilitate “Conscious Aging” workshops in my community and offer its wisdom to my coaching clients.
Latifu K. Munirah
Sacramento, California
(916) 207-1449
Kathy Murphy, Ph.D.
San Luis Obispo, California
Pam Nichols
Santa Barbara, California
(805) 685-2702
As founder and president of AretŽ International I have facilitated professional and personal development for individuals and groups for over 22 years, expanding individual capacities and evolution by using experience, mindfulness and coaching. My purpose is to create a passion for life and a commitment to continual learning in everyone.
Berta Parrish, Ed.D.
Morro Bay, California
Berta Parrish, Ed.D., retired college professor and Jungian-oriented writer, is the author of Wise Woman’s Way: A Guide to Growing Older with Purpose and Passion which offers the initiatory experience that our culture needs, yet lacks. She offers workshops to spiritual communities and senior organizations on the California Central Coast.
Dr. Anne S. Perrah
Cypress, California
Susan A. Purnell
Yorba Linda, California
714 293-7917
Stephanie Rainbow Lightning Elk, MA
Sonoma, California
I was born, raised and nurtured by the sensuous waters of the Northern Florida Panhandle. I was educated, nurtured and matured by the eclectic ways of Northern California. I have taught Spiritual Sexuality workshops. I co-created the 13 Healing Moons of the Great Turtle Mystery School. I offer my wisdom as a Counselor, Teacher, Warrior, Magician, Lover of Mother Earth.
Janis Richman
Oakland, California
Joanne Rikli
San Rafael, California
As a Counselor and Educator, Joanne has extensive hospice experience and training in Transpersonal psychology and spirituality. Joanne's mission is to make a difference in the lives of people by lessening the fear of death and affirming the beauty and sacredness of Life.
Rev. Rita M. Rogers, RScP
Concord, California
925-680-0967, 925-818-6030
Rita Rogers is a lady who wears many hats. She is a mother, a business owner, and an Ordained Religious Science and Interfaith Minister. She is also a retreat facilitator, speaker, Police Chaplain, and a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner. Rita loves to teach workshops so that she can support and inspire people on their spiritual path. She has developed and taught classes in visioning, spiritual growth, and healing abuse. Rita’s quest to know herself and her life purpose has directed her to study many modalities and disciplines. Her studies have culminated in an inclusive, wholeness to her services and teachings. As a certified IONS’ Conscious Aging facilitator she works with seniors ready to embrace this phase of life. This program offers a way to grow older with grace, wisdom, and dignity. It is an opportunity to create a new vision of aging. When she isn’t teaching spiritual growth she is a free spirit running around the county in her vintage motorhome.
Sanna Rose, M.A.
Santa Rosa, California
Sanna Rose is founder of the Full Circle: Conversations About Death & Dying group at the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa, and has taught Meditation, and Creativity/Sensory Stimulation classes for elders through the Santa Rosa Junior College. Please contact her through the email address for workshop information.
Sue Sandilands RN
Sebastopol, California
I have practiced as an RN for 35 years and have a deep appreciation for the journey we humans are invited to take, at all stages of our life. Integrative healing arts have supported my own transformations and are part of my nursing practice. Working with our aging community is my interest and passion. Yoga, strength training, and nutrition will be parts of what I offer, as will art, collage, and poetry. I work with a fellow Conscious aging facilitator in Sonoma County and we offer international locations for longer retreats. They will include yoga, highly nourishing meals and integrative healing arts resources. The course is offered both for women only and for men and women. Course participants have the opportunity to be nourished and reflect deeply on aging and living life fully now.
Rev. Patricia A. Seeley
Santa Rosa, California
Patricia is a licensed minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living. She has a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies and a Masters Degree in Leadership & Management. She works with individuals interested in personal growth and spirituality. Her areas of expertise include successful single parenting, mid-life transitions, and conscious aging.
Roslyn Ann Strohl, LMFT
San Luis Obispo, California
805 544 2266
Roslyn Ann Strohl LMFT is currently working part time under the auspices of Hospice of San Luis Obispo County, This course will become one of the multiple group offerings, free to the community. Refer to the website or call.
Roberta Teller
Sebastopol, California
Roberta Teller is a retired educator and skilled workshop facilitator. Through her highly successful Wise Woman Storytime events and Circles for Aging and Saging Women, she gives 55+ women voice, visibility and vision for a fulfilling, rich and meaningful third life stage.
Kayla Waxman, MA, MFT #37869
Aliso Viejo, California
As an MFT with over 20 years experience including facilitating a bereavement group, I witnessed the power of the group to move participants out of their grief to a new self-reliance. Through IONS’ Conscious Aging workshops we can transform the way we go through the aging process. If you’re someone who’s ready to age consciously and graciously an agency, senior center, retirement community other group who wants to help your members/residents reduce isolation and improve their well-beingntact me to schedule a Conscious Aging workshop.
Rose Silvera Welch
Big Sur, California
I am excited to bring “life” and passion to the Conscious Aging Program. An IONS Staff Member for 25 years (many of those as the IONS Community Group Coordinator) while simultaneously working/interning in a retirement facility to complete my Masters in Gerontology, I have both a lifelong interest in the anthropological passages of aging as well as the practical life challenges as I go into my own retirement years. I have grounded my outlook on life with irreverence and humor. I know that my aging process will be much different than my parents and I want to help others engage and embrace our Elderhood with gusto in a safe community of learning.
Flora Wiegers
Glendale and El Segundo, California
Flora Wiegers is a life Coach who is passionate about supporting her clients‚ personal, professional, and spiritual development. She uses assessments and practices that enhance mindfulness, self-awareness, and joyful living. Ms. Wiegers received two graduate degrees in International Education and in Counseling Psychology and is a speaker and workshop facilitator.
Celeinne I. Ysunza Ph.D Transpersonal/Spiritual Counseling Ordained Minister & Metaphysical Practitioner
La Quinta, California
831 262-8821
Researcher, writer and facilitator of consciousness through the integrated lens of spirituality of ancient wisdom, Eastern thought, Western mystery schools, mysticism, religion and modern quantum science. Practices include focused prayer/meditation, therapy- writing, sacred geometry theory and exercises including collage and mandala workshops.


Joshua Balzer
Fort Collins, Colorado
Joshua Balzer is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, and healing practitioner at Live Beyond Limit Yoga and Wellness Studio in Fort Collins, CO. He regularly hosts workshops on self-care and energy cultivation at local festivals, and is very active in the community.
Suzanne A. Bolton RN, HN-BC
Durango, Colorado
Home - 970-259-3226 Cell - 970-759-3226
I am a Registered Nurse, Board Certified in Holistic Nursing. I am excited about moving consciously into my elder years cultivating love and wisdom for myself and others. It is my intention to inspire and be inspired by others in my workshops to create an optimistic model for aging.
Catherine Dockery, MA
Denver, Colorado
Catherine Dockery, MA is a professional facilitator and energy work practitioner. She has over 30 years of experience in personal growth exploration. She is Executive Director of the Center for Conscious Aging and a member of the City and County of Denver's Commission on Aging. She is passionate about creating community among the boomer generation. Services include workshops as well as facilitated individual and family communication.
Rodney Harrill
Castle Rock, Colorado
I am a retired Engineer/Business person with extensive experience in Human Resources and leading groups and organizations. I have taught courses on self-development and relationships. I spend much of my time on artistic endeavors and with my family.
Suzanne E. Harrill
Castle Rock, Colorado
Suzanne E. Harrill, M.Ed., LPC, is an Intuitive Teacher, Coach, Author, and Artist. She enjoys mentoring others' growth and healing. Suzanne is mostly retired from being a therapist. Her teaching and writing reflect her rich inner life of reflection, inner work, and experiencing continual change and transformation. She and her husband of 50 years are putting into practice the many ideas in the Conscious Aging course. They facilitate classes together.
Pam Herriott
Lafayette (near Boulder/Denver), Colorado
MA in Human Resources with over 25 years experience including global executive responsibilities. Facilitated various training sessions on change, skill assessment, and talent development. The most rewarding aspect throughout this time was providing group and individual coaching for people to reach their potential. The Conscious Aging Workshop is an extension of this to help people live each day consciously, with compassion and in celebration of life.
Cynthia Johnson, LPC
Estes Park , Colorado
I have a life long deep desire to know and understand our human and spiritual capacities and enjoy the journey of discovering our true selves. This desire deepens and becomes more important as I age, and I would like to share that journey with others. As Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Spiritual Director I blend psychology and spirituality together as part of my approach to teaching Conscious Aging. I look forward to exploring together!
Pam Kircher
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
As a 70-year-old retired family doctor, hospice physician, and clinical hypnotherapist, I'm addressing issues of meaning and growth in my own life. In my reading on aging, I discovered Conscious Aging and chose to become a facilitator to enhance my own life and to share questions and discussions with other people in my age group who live in southwest Colorado.
Debra MacKillop, MA, LPC
Denver, Colorado
As a licensed professional counselor in Colorado with 7 years experience working with older adults, I am passionate about helping seniors view aging as an adventure and opportunity. Working with the Center on Conscious Aging and People House in the Denver area, I bring skills in coaching, facilitation and mindfulness to our 8 session workshops. We also sponsor a monthly community gathering. I volunteer on the Denver Commission on Aging to advocate on a broader level for a paradigm shift around valuing our elders and increasing choices in aging in community. I also lead older adult walks for Walk2Connect in Denver. I will receive an Advanced Certification in Gerontology from CU Denver in May 2016. Please contact me, by phone or email, whether you are an interested participant or practitioner.
Susan Ullman
Mancos, Colorado
Susan Ullman is a Physical Therapist currently directing an outpatient rehabilitation clinic with Infinity rehab in partnership with Vista mesa Assisted Living residence in Cortezlorado. She is an IONS certified Conscious Aging facilitator who offers new vision, brings transformative healing practices and meaningful personal growth experiences to elders, family and community.


Jeanne Lebens
Burlington, Connecticut
At the age of 51, Jeanne left a rewarding career in the financial services industry to start her own business as a leadership and executive coach, fueled by her passion for "helping successful people lead extraordinary lives." She is excited to help clients make their post-retirement years extraordinary through Conscious Aging!
Barbara O'Neil LMT, RM/T
Seymour, Connecticut
Barbara is founder/director of Anam-Care Initiative whose mission to rekindle and establish the presence of the ancient Anamcara healing tradition within local palliative care settings, makes accessible its associated compassionate healing practices addressing the spiritual components of pain in patient, family and caregiver alike.
Susan Spaniol, EdD
West Hartford, Connecticut
I earned a doctorate in Developmental Studies from Boston University in 1993 at the age of 50. I became an Associate Professor at Lesley University the following year, earned a Masters in Fine Arts at age 68, and currently teach at Springfield College. Inspired by participating in a Conscious Aging Group for over two years, I currently facilitate a Conscious Aging Small Group Ministry at the Unitarian Society of Hartford. I am also an exhibiting artist.
Peter J Ulisse
Trumbull, Connecticut
Peter J Ulisse was on the english faculty at a community college for 40 years with 20 of those as Humanities Chair and 2 years as Acting Academic Dean. Recently retired. He is former President of CT Poetry Society with over 100 poems published. He has meditated and been an IONS member for decades and will now use all these abilities to facilitate Conscious Aging Workshops.


Andrea T. Mason
St. Petersburg, Florida
Rev. Dona Alexander
Fort Pierce, Florida
As an inter-faith minister I work with individuals of all faiths as well as those with no faith identification. My purpose is to ease and enhance the aging process by providing the tools to age consciously. The second half of life is a time of profound realizations and challenging changes for all of us. Through my writings, group facilitation, and companioning of individuals, I hope to engage the generation now over 50 in embracing and advocating for a more deeply balanced and aware approach to aging.
Roger Cochran, PhD.
Jacksonville, Florida
My PhD in medical sociology and gerontology came following remission from Stage IV colon cancer 25 years ago. My consciousness training includes 30 years of experience with Zen meditation and as a Zen lay practice leader. My commitment to aging issues includes board service with an Area Agency on Aging along with research on health in aging. I believe we help others best when we have self-understanding and self-compassion- things that are integral to Conscious Aging. I have a special interest in providing Conscious Aging training as a part of wellness programs for organizations.
Peg Evans, MS
Miami, Florida
Peg is an RYT Yoga Instructor and Stress Management Specialist.
Maurice M. Fuller
Hialeah, Florida
I am an ordained Inter-spiritual Minister and also a certified Inter-spiritual Director and Mindfulness Teacher. My passion as a Mindfulness Coach is providing encouragement for persons on a spiritual Journey or something More. I offer spiritual direction and transformation coaching to support personal visions. leadership, workplace spirituality and mentoring are values which inform my ministry practice. I provide consulting services to everyone from teens to seniors and I am available via skype, telephone or in person for workshops and retreats.
Gail S. Greenfield
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Gail S. Greenfield, RN, BSN, Certified Holistic Nurse, Retired hospice nurse, Reiki Master, and facilitator of meditation group. I am interested as a senior myself to help others "age consciously" and look forward to facilitating interested groups in my area.
Michael J. Kline
Sarasota , Florida
603 986-8541,
As the 13th of 14 children born on a junkyard, my journey of resilience, acceptance, and love made me a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer, Master RIM Practitioner and six-time-successful Entrepreneur. My passion now is helping others flourish through individual coaching and teaching Conscious Aging, Success Principles, RIM and Circle Process.
Lori Marshall
Sarasota, Florida
I am a Professional Medium, Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Educator and lover of life. My passion is to support you in finding possibilities and understanding to your most important questions and matters of the heart through awareness and expansive thinking. I work with authenticity and positive intention.
Rev. Betty Martin-Lewis
Sun City Center, Florida
Betty Martin-Lewis is a Unity minister in Sun City Center, Florida. She loves helping people discover and use their hidden potential. She served as a corporate trainer in leadership skills and has a Ph.D. in human development. She is available to facilitate Conscious Aging workshops and conducts spiritual counseling.
Deborah Nation
Fernandina Beach, Florida
I am committed to living an increasingly conscious, purposeful, and mindful life as I move through my 60s. My degree is in social work and I am also a life coach. I have been a professional intuitive for many years and I view the Conscious Aging program as an invaluable asset in our youth-oriented culture. I also teach meditation and incorporate it into Conscious Aging as it fits with the participants. Whatever we call it and however we think of it, getting older with helpful and healthy intent can only make us stronger and better.
Peter J. Rizzo
Lake Worth, Florida
Conscious Aging Facilitator located in south Florida Senior Management Consultant and former CEO of a nonprofit organization B.A. degree in Psychology from George Washington University.
Pamela S. Saladino
Sarasota, Florida
Pamela Saladino's lifelong educational background includes acquiring four academic degrees related to human understanding combined with a rigorous experiential program designed by four daughters and a few husbands. A lover of Nature, she continues to maintain a capacious curiosity and dynamic interest in spiritualitynsciousness, and presence.
Margo Steinfeld, LCSW, MA, Certified group psychotherapist
Boynton Beach (January-March), Florida
Are you a senior yearning to age more consciously through self-reflection, engaging in conversation circles, and connecting in a community with like-minded souls? I invite you to join me in this exploration in an 8-week workshop series in Conscious Aging created by IONS. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private practice in Brooklyn, NY and Boynton Beach, Florida. I have a psycho-spiritual approach to healing and growth and specialize in all relationship issues, working with individuals, couples, & facilitating groups as a Certified Group Psychotherapist. Please explore my website at and call me at 718-783-5066 or email me at for more information. Let the doors open to your own exciting journey as an elder!
Denise Whalin, M.A.
Sarasota, Florida
Rise to the Challenge Consulting, LLC. As an IONS certified "Conscious Aging" facilitator, I enjoy assisting elders become self-aware and age with grace. The program structure encourages sharing thoughts and experiences, increasing the group's collective wisdom. With 19 years of experience in the aging field; I find this program enriching, providing significant impact for workshop participants.
Marjorie R.Witt RNMA
Ponte Vedra, Florida
I am a retired nursing administrator with advanced degrees in psychology and counseling. I initiated and facilitated the bereavement support program for a local hospice as a volunteer. My experience in leading multidisciplinary groups has been life long. Aging well is my passion, and meant to be shared!


Donna J. Melcher
Roswell, Georgia
I guess I have been consciously aging since I was about 30! To me it is realizing that each moment is an opportunity to awaken and be with what is happening. Through my career in corporate America and with my studies to be a minister, I realize how much a mystery it all is! I would love to hear from those looking for a transformational learning experience that this course offers for themselves and for their organization.
Marjorie Anne Pomper, PhD
Marietta, Georgia
Most likely, yours is not your grandmother\'s aging experience! I would like to support you in choosing your aging path consciously. Please contact me for individual coaching or group programs. My Background: PhD in Education, Masters work in Counseling, BS Dance Education, Transpersonal Life Coach, Advanced Heart-centered Hypnotherapist, and long-time meditator.
Lyneve (Eve) Willson
Woodstock, Georgia
Lyneve (Eve) Willson has 30+ years experience as a masters level social worker. Retired from a career in public sector social services, she now works as a consultant and life coach and continues to follow her passion to support others in living meaningful and satisfying lives.


Dr. Donald A. Child, Ph.D.
Honolulu, Hawaii
I am a doctor of Natural Health, offering health and life coaching, as well as a professional writer and consultant for various publications ranging from technical to literary. I am also a longtime IONS Community Group leader.


Marc S. Blesoff, JD, Mediator
Oak Park, Illinois
For over 50 years Marc has been a political activist, a peoples' lawyer, a caring mediator, a husband, father and grandfather. He continues to be a part of the generation that has re-written rules at every step of the way. Marc relishes the excitement and passions of conscious aging and anticipates the mutual learning in his second half of life.
Karenelise Clay, M.S., L.C.S.W.
Downers Grove, Illinois
630 985-7414
I am director of Creative Learning Associates, founded in l988, and dedicated to helping people move gracefully through transitions with conscious awareness. I hold advanced degrees in Adult and Continuing Education and Social Work as well as having trained with metaphysical and shamanic practitioners world wide. I have led Vision Quests, weekend retreats and seminars, as well as working individually with clients. Life is full of transitions which can be painful and working with me can help harvest the hidden blessings and recreate a sense of adventure, play and joy.
Robin G. Eisen, M.S., P.T.
Chicago, Illinois
As a Physical Therapist, Feldenkrais Method Practitioner, and CranioSacral Therapist I am consciously aware of aging, how my beliefs affect outcomes and the connection between body and mind. I hope to assist others in finding balance, grace and wisdom to age consciously and have the best years even after 50!
Martin J. Hebda, D.Min.
Darien, Illinois
I have been an ordained Catholic clergyman for 48 years. I possess advnced degrees in Psychology (M.A.), Theology (S.T.L.), and Pastoral Care and Counseling (D.Min.). I am a certified Marriage and Family Therapist (AAMFT) and a certified chaplain and C.P.E. Supervisor (NACC). I recently retired from a hospital where I was the Vice­President for Spirituality and Mission. My expertise includes Ethics and End of Life Issues. My professional interests have always been focused on helping others journey through any period of their lives with awareness, intentionality and a commitment to action. As I age in what I hope is wisdom and grace, assisting others in consciously aging seems to be a logical next step in my ministerial practice.
Susan Lucci
Chicago, Illinois
Susan Lucci is passionate about facilitating juicy conversations. She loves creating safe spaces for conscious souls to awaken and activate. A lifelong learner, Susan developed her own circle model, infusing it with transformational topics such as consciously aging, mindfulness, and purposeful living. Tapping group wisdom, we live richer fuller lives!
Judith L. Perlman, LCSW
Highland Park and Skokie, Illinois
Judith Perlman currently maintains a private practice in Highland Park and Skokie, where she specializes in integral psychotherapy with individuals, couples, families and groups. She provides clinical supervision for professionals and currently offers group therapy focusing on spirituality and integral healing.
Chuck Ruth
Elmhurst, Illinois
Newly certified by IONS, not currently seeking classes outside of groups I am affiliated with. Successful 35-year career in business (still working full-time). Experienced in facilitating "deep sharing" groups outside of work. 40-year meditator. Reiki practitioner. Unique combination of practical experience and depth in consciousness and spirituality.
Rebecca Serpe
Elmwood Park, Illinois
Gail Zugerman
Chicago, Illinois
I have been passionate about helping older people for years. This stems from working with older people for 25+ years in my qualitative marketing research consultancy where I moderated focus groups and conducted in-depth interview nationally. Currently, I have a blog entitled, "Growing Older With Gusto" and am working on an EBook with vignettes from those 75-102 whom I interviewed to glean nuggets on how they grew older in a positive way. This interest prompted my taking the IONS Conscious Aging Workshop last summer and becoming a certified facilitation in this area. Please call my office in Chicago if you are interested in exploring ways I can help your organization.


Elaine Voci, Ph.D.
Carmel, Indiana
I am a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant and life coach in private practice. I enjoy teaching, public speaking and writing. Since 2014 I have facilitated Carmel Death Cafes. I am excited about facilitating Conscious Aging because the content reflects my personal values and professional interests. To connect on future projects, I would welcome your email and to discuss possibilities.


Jim Baker
Des Moines, Iowa
As an aging male, my experience of aging is that it is a habit born of the expectations of others. We respond to stereotypes, marginalization and perceived irrelevance. This habit can be broken by consciously developing new responses to triggers. I conduct Conscious Aging Workshops, classes and retreats for individuals, businesses, churcheslleges and others.


Cherri M. Jestmore
Overland Park, Kansas


Richard Stuecker
Louisville, Kentucky
502 681 8704
Ric Stuecker is founder of the Vibrant Emeritus Center in Louisville, KY and author of Vibrant Emeritus: The Elder in the Twenty First Century. The center offers workshops and trainings on conscious aging, the annual Vibrant Emeritus Weekend, and an annual conference for men and women over 50. Website: Phone: 502-681-8704.


Patricia D. Sidman, CPCC  
Lafayette, Louisiana
I am a certified professional co-active life coach, an ordained Gnostic priest, and an author offering both individual and group coaching. My coaching focuses on spirituality of all traditions, personal growth, and health. I now offer Conscious Aging workshops privately and through senior organizations. Send me a message to be notified of the next workshop being formed.


Barbara Murray
Portland, Maine
Barbara Murray has an extensive background in Counseling Psychology, with lifelong studies of the works of C.G. Jung. As a highly developed intuitive, I practice in many individual sessions and in group settings to bring the unconscious to consciousness, using myth, art, nature, sound, mindfulness, and consciousness altering techniques to enable folks to access and cross thresholds which are barriers to their own transformative wisdom. As a Conscious Elder myself, I have practiced these sessions first with myself and then with others and have found them to be filled with compassion, wisdom and remarkable sound research. I continue to evolve these sessions based on my own internal responses and feedback from participants. It is my wish to continue this journey in many settings in the greater Portland, Maine area.
William J. Kolodnicki
Princeton, Maine
After over 30 years as a federal manager training employees to excel in their work, my own life, spiritual work and my academic and clinical work in mental health , I feel excited with the opportunity to share my thoughts and fears with others.


N. Franklin Adkinson, Jr. MD
Baltimore, Maryland
N. Franklin Adkinson is an academic physician with experience leading small groups in spiritual direction and contemplative awareness at Well for the Journey, an interfaith wellness center in Baltimore, MD. He received his inspiration and training from the Shalem Institute in Washington DC.
Mabeth Hudson
Towson, Maryland
Co-founder of Well for the Journey, a spiritual wellness center in Maryland; leader of programs and retreats. Helps people discover their inner wisdom so they can live more meaningful, intentional, connected lives. Education: MA in Spiritual Care from Loyola University Maryland; JD from Emory University School of Law.
Tammy Vitale
Lusby, Maryland
I am a certified IONs Conscious Aging practitioner with 20 years of community-based work holding a space for leaders to emerge. I have an MA in Story and Social Change. I work with women 55+ who want a safe place to explore themselves in relation to others and the world around them - you do not have to walk through the dark forest alone!


Nancy Heaton Lonstein, Ed.M
Westborough, Massachusetts
As an Executiveach, and Consultant, Nancy has a strong expertise in leadership and organizational development. She is excited about introducing over 50 clients to the wisdom and growth opportunities of Conscious Aging, as individuals begin to be mindful of what it means to "live a life worth living."
Jason Nelson
Ayer, Massachusetts
Lyn Small Walfish
Lynnfield, Massachusetts
I am a clinical social worker with experience dealing with people throughout the life cycle. I am also a trained clinical hypnotist, Prepare For Surgery workshop facilitator, a Reiki Master Teacher, and an Angel Messenger Practitioner. I have training in a variety of energy healing modalities.
Debra A. Thompson
Newbury, Massachusetts
I was drawn to the Conscious Aging program since I am aging! I have a master's degree in transpersonal psychology with a strong background in loss and grief. My work experience includes hospice and social service work. My goal: support, and grow with, my peers and myself as we age together.


Constance Baab PhD, LMSW
Traverse City, Michigan
Constance Baab PhD, LMSW is a licensed Clinical and Macro Social Worker providing consulting services to seniors and those who serve them.
Gaylyn SL Kaufman
Madison Heights, Michigan
Greetings! An Elder-In-Training, I'm passionate about sharing the amazing process of IONS' Conscious Aging Workshops.I'm a Personal Trainer, Senior Specialty, teaching positive approaches to aging. Contact me today, together we can create a new vision of celebrating the second half of the Circle of Life!
Marcia Schrotenboer
Holland, Michigan
Marcia facilitates Conscious Aging workshops to those seeking to cultivate wisdom and celebrate life entering their third chapter of life. She has served seniors in western Michigan for 16 years as of Director of Volunteer Services at a non-profit and as Director of Resident Programming at a retirement community serving 500+ seniors, creating/teaching/imagining programs which enrich and enhance lives of those seniors including wellness and spirituality. She is a teacher of Qigong and Tai Chi certified by the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi who gently guides her students to use body, breath and mind as a means to find their own “Healer Within.” Instagram: westmiqigong. Facebook: westmiqigong.
Jean Thiele
Midland, Michigan
I am a currently practicing as a geriatric nurse practitioner and spiritual director. I have been called to work with the elderly population and love their wisdom and their authentic beings. I have learned how to live my life to the fullest by listening to their sacred stories. I have a great sense of humor and I am able to facilitate small groups with acceptance and courage to meet individuals where they are in their life and faith. I would like to present the conscious aging workshop in a senior center or church in the near future. I have extensive experience leading retreats for women, couples and youth.


Lynn Baskfield, MA, PCC
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lynn Baskfield, MA, PCC, has been guiding clients through rites of passage since 1997. One most compelling passage is that of aging. As a woman in her 60's, Lynn is passionate about what this work makes possible for those who are getting older. Call for a free sample coaching session.
Elizabeth Berardo
Minneapolis/St Paul Area, Minnesota
Rita J Erickson
Scandia, Minnesota
I believe that the shift from an ego to a soul perspective is the essence of human development and vital aging. I am happy to serve in this process for both individuals and groups as a Conscious Aging Facilitator (IONS-certificate) and an Integrative Health Guide (certified nurse-coach). A PhD (cultural anthropology) and RN, I draw on experience as college teacher, hospital/hospice nurse, and medical market researcher. I have interest and training in holistic health, transpersonal nurse coaching, meditation and imagery, and Reiki.
Delmarie Gibney, FSPA, D.Min
St. Paul, Minnesota
My Crone years have ignited a deep passion to study the gift of aging. Reflecting on life experiences has been a great teacher. I facilitate workshops on awakening consciousness, spirituality, meditation, and awakening to the gift of aging. Integration of our outer and inner worlds is the key to becoming an Elder in the 21st Century.
Brian L Johnson
Tower, Minnesota
218 590 6910
Lucia Leck
Plymouth, Minnesota
I have been involved in the practice of conscious aging both personally and professionally since 2005. I am eager to help others discover the power of conscious aging to transform their lives as they age. Call or e-mail for various venues around the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.
Kirin Loomis
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I have been a counselor for over 15 years, and was a teacher before that. I particularly enjoy helping people reflect on their lives, make deep internal changes and become happier, no matter what the circumstances. I facilitate Conscious Aging groups in the Twin Cities and I do individual counseling.
Phillip B. Lund
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Phillip Lund has over 20 years experience serving individuals and congregations in the areas of faith formation and spiritual growth. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago and a certificate in InterSpiritual Counseling from One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York.


Tanya Lelo, ELI-MP
Branson, Missouri
A workshop facilitator, educator, and ICF-accredited, certified professional life coach, Tanya has passionately conducted over 600 workshops for many varied audiences. Now a certified facilitator for the Conscious Aging program, she looks to reach out to our elder wisdom keepers who have a desire for more personal growth and consciousness development, from a spiritual aspect. Tanya is currently working on completing her Masters degree in Metaphysical Science and doctorate of philosophy.


Maribeth Goodman
Bozeman, Montana
Trained mediatornflict skills trainer, and community facilitator. International Association of Public Participation, Heartland Institute‚ The Art of Convening, Deep Listening Deep Questioning with Michael and Justine Toms, and National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation. Hospice volunteer. Shared Crossing Project on end of life and veil between physical and nonphysical.


Jamie Streett-Baker
Papillion, Nebraska
I am excited to offer Conscious Aging workshops where I work as a Social Services Coordinator at Trinity Courtyard. I am passionate about sharing joy with others and providing an opportunity for each person's healing as they progress through the course. In the future, I hope to offer workshops to other senior communities in the Omaha area.

New Jersey

Margaret Brown
Morristown , New Jersey
Nancy L. Wahl
Collingswood, New Jersey
Being a senior myself and knowing how easy it is to isolate in our adult communities, lovely as they are, I feel the importance of bringing people together who are on like journeys, sharing our accumulated wisdom in a warm, friendly, and relaxed way. I have been a 500RYT Kripalu Yoga Teacher since 2003, and I am an Ayurveda Consultant and Yoga Specialist.

New Mexico

Berje A. Barrow-Kaiser, PhD
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Berje Barrow-Kaiser, PhD is seasoned teacher, speaker, trainer and motivator with a professional background in clinical psychology. Her initial exposure to the concept of conscious living and dying began with hospice work in the late 80's. She is currently running an Alternative Integrative health care clinic in New Mexico.
Kayleen Dowell
Placitas, New Mexico
Walter M. Drew
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Mediator and facilitator Walter Drew, 73 and his wife, Barbara, 67, are deeply involved in daily spiritual practices. Both are certified IONS Conscious Aging facilitators They studied with Angeles Arrien and now work with Jean Houston. They both feel deeply called to this work for their own personal development and to assist others in this wonderful arena of the second half of life.
Barbara Doern Drew
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Barbara Doern Drew has worked deeply with the consciousness ideas of such teachers as G.I. Gurdjieff, Angeles Arrien, Ernest Holmes, and, currently, Jean Houston. She is a certified IONS ""Conscious Aging"" facilitator and edits books on, writes and teaches about, and engages in consciousness/spiritual practices in daily living. She and her husband, Walter, are cocreators of their program “Creative Aging: Embracing Life with Passion, Purpose, and Possibility.”TM

New York

Ed Hallenbeck
Rensselaer, New York
Christobal Jacques, MSW
Brooklyn, New York
I am a Graduate of the Hunter College School of Social Work. I worked at the New York City Department of Health in the HIV/AIDS Prevention Program from 1986 to 2012 and played an important role in efforts to expand syringe exchange to areas of the city in highest need.
Ken Kristal
White Plains, New York
516 650-0924
I'm a great listener; compassionate; patient and genuinely eager to help guide myself and others on our path of conscious aging.I've been a meditator and spiritual seeker for over 40 years and want to spend my elder years working with seasoned citizens towards a better understanding of aging and dying.
Linda A McKenney
Gansevoort, New York
In retirement, I became a Life Coach, with a goal of helping others create a Life of Design, not default. As a Conscious Aging Facilitator, I will partner with participants on our never-ending journey of self-discover, and serve as a guide for their spiritual, emotional and psychological growth.
Fran Medina RN, Board Certified Health and Wellness Nurse Coach
Warwick, New York
Lin Murphy
Saratoga Springs, New York
Lin Murphy, MA is passionate about aging gracefully and well. She is 64 years young and says she's getting "lighter" as she ages. She holds a Masters degree in Psychology, is a Minister with Unity Church, a Life Coach, and a Yoga teacher. She has facilitated may discussion circles on various topics such as Conscious Evolution, Becoming your Essential Self, and Radical Self Care. Calling all those 50+ years to participate in a Conscious Aging discussion group. We will talk about the things there seems is no place to talk about: how we feel about our aging mind, body and spirit, how can we age successfully and joyfully and how can we prepare for our own death?
Deborah Serani, Psy.D.
Smithtown, New York
As a trained psychoanalyst, I have spent my life's work helping others build meaningful lives. Adding to this foundation is the path of learning how to age well - with insight, openness and acceptance. Conscious aging is a transformative experience that am privileged to offer as part of my treatment services.
Madalene M. Stafford, MS LMHC Certified Spiritual Dirctor
Buffalo, New York
(716) 949-4449
I recently retired as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and have since qualified to facilitate the Conscious Aging Program. I began my professional career as a High School teacher; segued into working with minority and underserved teens and families, and ultimately into the field of mental health, working in both agency and private practice for a total of 25 years. In January of 2010 I graduated from the Haden Institute as a Certified Spiritual Director and, in addition to seeing people individually for spiritual direction, I have given workshops and weekend retreats on various spiritual topics. I became interested in the Conscious Aging Program because I see it as a new frontier in our quest for self-understanding and self-fulfillment. I believe the program can assist us to identify, claim and translate the giftedness and skills developed earlier in life into new personal initiatives. As medical advances prolong the life-span, the need to re-imagine aging in life-enhancing ways becomes more imperative. It will be my pleasure, as a Conscious Aging Facilitator, to open doors to a more positive anticipation of the third stage of life for those who participate in the program.
Susan Starr, M.A., CHHC
Hauppauge, New York
Margo Steinfeld, LCSW, MA, Certified group psychotherapist
Brooklyn, New York
Are you a senior yearning to age more consciously through self-reflection, engaging in conversation circles, and connecting in a community with like-minded souls? I invite you to join me in this exploration in an 8-week workshop series in Conscious Aging created by IONS. I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private practice in Brooklyn, NY and Boynton Beach, Florida. I have a psycho-spiritual approach to healing and growth and specialize in all relationship issues, working with individuals, couples, & facilitating groups as a Certified Group Psychotherapist. Please explore my website at and call me at 718-783-5066 or email me at for more information. Let the doors open to your own exciting journey as an elder!
Ruby Tsang
Brooklyn, New York
Counselor/Lecturer Hunter College/City University of New York 1973 to 2009 (retired) M.Ed Multicultural Education Consultant ESL Instruction Certified BA/MA As a life-long Educator by profession and training, I am excited to have discovered the work of Conscious Aging Workshops as a powerful tool for helping my peers with meeting the challenges of the next critical stage of life. As an experienced human relations facilitator, I hope to help elders in the workshops find meaning to their own journey as they move from self-reflection to joining others with shared experiences as the foundation for building the community of collective elderhood. I also see the work in the Conscious Aging Workshops as preparatory for an Inter-generational Consciousness on Aging.
Stephanie Ward, osf
Fayetteville, New York
I am a Franciscan Sister with Degrees in History, Religious Education and Spirituality. My experiences in ministry have include classrooms, parishes and retreat centers. I am passionate about helping others become all they are called to be.
Cynthia J. Wood, LCSW, MS
Baldwinsville, New York
As I age, I find myself not only trying to make meaning about the changes I go through, but also how I now fit into our culture and society. Sometimes it's frustrating, often enlightening, but always thought provoking! I look forward to facilitating a collaborative group conversation about how we might envision a soulful and purposeful life for ourselves using IONS's Conscious Aging Study Guide. I am a former licensed clinical social worker and have had extensive experience leading and teaching groups on a wide range of topics including life transitions, grief and loss, stress reduction and addiction. Personally, I practice meditation, energy work, walks in nature, spiritual contemplation, and a good dose of humor to help me find balance in mind, body and spirit.

North Carolina

Catherine Anderson
Charlotte, North Carolina
As a SoulCollage Facilitator and Trainer I have found that the urge to live a meaningful life in a conscious way is something we are drawn to exploring. I combine creativity and the labyrinth in my conscious aging workshops.
Beth Bluth
Asheville, North Carolina
In every community that I have lived, I have always yearned for the wisdom of the elders in my community. I enjoy empowering elders to share what they have experienced in their lives and to validate what they have learned. I enjoy creating sacred space so that others can move through stuck patterns and more holistically re contextualize some of ""their stories"" to move with ease and grace to this ashram like chapter in their lives. I am a proponent of celebrating life and assisting others to connect with their inner guidance and feeling supported by others. ""It takes a village" is not only about raising children but holds true for being human and expressing our fullest potential.
James R. Dykes, MD
Durham, North Carolina
919-286-7754 (Office), 336-364-2972 (Home & Farm)
James R. Dykes, MD, is a retired physician. He received his MD from Duke in 1980, and became board certified in family practice. After twenty one years of solo practice @ Integrative Health Care, PLLC, he retired to pursue a life-long passion to farm. In 2010 he became a certified integrative health coach through Duke Integrative Medicine. He now farms and coaches.
Evalina Everidge
Asheville, North Carolina
For over 35 years I have assisted others in navigating life transitions. Much of that time I worked as a board certified psychiatric nurse in a variety of settings. My path subsequently led me to hospice, sharing the end of life journey with individuals and their family and friends. This has been a profound and humbling experience, one that provided valuable lessons guiding me now, as I choose to live a fulfilling, creative and spontaneous third act in my own life! I look forward to having this conversation with many others through sharing the rich exploration of the Conscious Aging course and workshops! I bring my life experience, professional knowledge and tools for body, mind and spirit I have accrued as a facilitator, guide, teacher and always, to the end, student.
Graham Gell MA
Charlotte, North Carolina
I'm excited to offer conscious aging workshops to those who are seeking health and well-being in the 3rd stage of life. I have a Masters degree in Psychology and have worked with adults in a clinical setting for many years. As I enter my elder years, I realize how important it is to age with grace and ease. I hope to bring my years of yoga and meditation to my own aging process and share the wonderful tools and practices of the conscious aging workshops with others.
Diane O'Keefe, MA, LPC
Wilmington, North Carolina
Diane is both a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Health Coach. Her experience spans healthcare, employee wellness, and helping people through transitions. She's especially effective in partnering with individuals, institutions, and groups to help move conscious aging forward. People can benefit by learning how to live intentionally as they age with meaning and purpose. Diane offers consultations and programs specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals and institutions. Please contact her for further information about benefits and partnering with you.
Maggie Purnell
Asheville, North Carolina
The last 13 years of my nursing career have been working in Hospice. I have received many great life lessons from my patients during their dying process. The Conscious Aging course has elaborated on many of these lessons and more. My next passion in life is to share this wisdom with others.
Kenneth C. Turner
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
678 524 1584
I began serious consciousness work in 1968, some 6 years after earning a PhD in physics. Since then I have explored many areas, from the Western mystery tradition to Jungian psychology. Once I realized I had retired too early, I returned to school at age 70 to earn a MA in Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology and spent the next ten years as a psychotherapist. I have led many groups, including some targeting the challenges of retirement and aging. Beside leading IONS workshops on Conscious Aging, I am available for individual consultation in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.


Rev. Bob Meyer, D.Min
Wooster, Ohio
I have been a pastor for over 30 years, walking with people through all the stages of life. I am also a certified spiritual director through the Ignatian Spirituality Program, Cleveland Ohio. The image of the "fair witness" guides me in spiritual direction as one looks at oneself with a sense of wisdom and detachment. The overall spirit is to "keep the witness, throw out the judge."


Paula Sharp RN, WHE
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
I am a health and education professional with certificates in Whole Health Education and Conscious Aging Facilitation as well as a meditation instructor. As a nurse for over 35 years and experiencing my own aging process, my goal is to facilitate individuals in developing an increased sense of hope and awareness in their personal aging journey.
Lisa Wynn, MA, BS
Edmond, Oklahoma
An oncology nurse by profession, Lisa spent over 30 years in healthcare before retiring. Now in the Encore phase of life, she is a hospice chaplain, licensed minister, and spiritual director. All of these experiences help to enrich her Conscious Aging workshops. She is passionate about helping others realize a more full and authentic life.


Cheryl Adcox BSN
Bend, Oregon
Barbara Cowan
Salem, Oregon
I am a retired teacher with 30 years of experience and am now facilitating Conscious Aging workshops for anyone interested in providing a thoughtful and positive program on eldering and aging in today's society. Churchesmmunity groups, and senior centers, please contact me for more information.
Dean A. Derek
Portland, Oregon
Dean Derek is an engineering professional with experience leading groups in new technology development for over 35 years. He has multiple degrees in science and humanities. He has always held a belief we are all energetically connected to the universe.
Karen Howell, MA, BCC
Eugene, Oregon
(541) 914-5930
I had recognized that in our culture, the developmental tasks involving childhood, family, and early and mid-adulthood years are fairly laid out for us. But the developmental tasks of our 50 and later years are rarely addressed. While thinking about what we begin to face from age 50 onward, I sought information on how to reorient myself from an outward life focus to an inward life focus, seeking authenticity, peace, creativity, wisdom, and ""radically simple sanity"". I have been a therapist for over three decades and am a Board Certified Coach.I have facilitated groups throughout my career. If you would like to join me in the process of awakening as you grow older, I would love to talk with you. I also welcome inquiries from groups and organizations interested in programs for living and aging consciously.
Marjorie Iburg
Pendleton Hood River Lincoln City, Oregon
With an education in Clinical Psychology and work experience as a massage therapist, teacher, and, caretaker, I bring training in leadership and facilitation to the presentation of Conscious Aging workshops in rural Oregon. With the bulging demographic of baby boomers entering the last third of life, it seems crucial to prepare as many as possible for the optimum experience in eldering, so they can serve their communities with strength and resilience of consciousness as models in living. I am passionate about calmly and supportively creating the opportunity for people to explore new lessons in self-discovery with depth, transparency, and expanded trust.
Dr. John Kalb, MS, DC
Ashland, Oregon
John M. Kalb, MS DC is an educator, scientist, Chiropractor for over 30 years, and author of Winning at Aging. His passion is translating the latest scientific discoveries and psychological insights to inspire his patients, readers, and students. He is an adjunct faculty member at Southern Oregon University and a wellness coach for individuals and business.
Alexis McKenna, PhD
Talent, Oregon
With a PhD in Communication, and an MA in Counseling, Alexis has been a counselor, transpersonal coach, and university professor. Her skill in helping clients identify unique gifts and talents expands their sense of what is possible for them; this expanded sense of possibilities enables them to make more proactive choices and decisions about personal well-being, aging, and vitality.
John C. "Jake" McMichael
Wilsonville, Oregon
503-694-2127 H, 503-312-9596 C
I am retired from careers in the military and technical arenas. As I move into elderhood I am now favoring more right brain activities. Extensive prior facilitating experience in engineering project management/team start-ups is now being redirected toward assisting and aiding others on their life's path.
Marlene Mish
Medford, Oregon
Marlene Mish has been a teacherunselor and high school principal for over 35 years. She is a retired Executive Director of a Children's Advocacy Center. In her over 40 years of public service, she has facilitated thousands of workshops for youth, adults and now is actively working with elders. Conscious Aging and Writing as Legacy are her passions as she enters her own third act.
Emily Rice
Eugene, Oregon
Nancy Sawtelle
Fall Creek, Oregon
I live in beautiful Oregon where nature provides me with a rich metaphor for aging. I am trained as a Life Coach as well as recently certified as a Women's Retreat Leader. I am excited to offer IONS Conscious Aging Workshops where transformation emerges out of conversation circles!
Barbara E. Solomon, RN (retired)
Portland, Oregon
Barbara Solomon is an acupuncturist and retired RN who has worked in health care since the 1970s in private practice, ICU and other settings doing patient care, research, and teaching. Dealing with aging issues herself, and currently enrolled in a holistic coaching program, she wants to help others explore how to approach aging with love, dignity and an open heart.
Micki Turner, MSW, Ph.D.
Bend, Oregon
With over 10 years of experience designing and facilitating personal/spiritual growth classes and workshops and 35 years as a private practice social worker, I look forward to facilitating the workshop Conscious Aging. The challenges and losses of my life have sent me deep into the Truth of my Being including as a student of Consciousness. I feel honored, as a certified facilitator, to be able to assist others in their growth and expansiveness beyond their limiting beliefs and concepts that keep them from being the source of healing we need at this critical time in our history.
Alex Weiss, LPC, NCC
Bend, Oregon
The beautiful high desert in central Oregon has been home for twenty-five years. As a poet, therapist, and carpenter the curious interplay in relationship with people, nature, dreams, reading, writing, and music informs a slow wisdom in my life. May we all age well, have some fun along the way!
Pamela Brown Wilkinson
Hillsboro and Beaverton, Oregon
I help people who are retirement age. Many of my clients are ready to re-invent themselves in their later years, but have come up against some barriers that are preventing them from manifesting their ideal life. My role is to help them remove whatever barriers are preventing them from reaching their goal.
Yolanda Wysocki, MA PCC
Lake Oswego, Oregon
This work has shown me how I resist thinking of myself as an elder; but pursuing the exercises has been deeply revealing, healing, and a very worthwhile experience. Having worked all my professional life, helping people make new choices, make transitions, offering support and learning from their experience this feels like a very positive next step.


Eileen M. Casaccio, Psy.D.
Rosemont, Pennsylvania
As a psychologist with over 35 years experience, my current intention is to facilitate Conscious Aging workshops to help elders in their search for deep meaning and purpose as valuable and unique contributors in this evolving world. I would be honored to offer this rich experience to facilities such as senior centers, churches, and retirement communities.
Diane Catrambone
Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Diane Catrambone, lifelong learner, spiritual warrior and coach by trade brings her experience in the health and wellness industry and passion for searching to the third phase of life. She is interested in working with baby boomers/elders who are open to learning new ways to be in this vastly changing culture. Her intention is to conduct Conscious Aging workshops virtually, so no matter where you live,get in touch! Live long with love!
Carolyn Heil, Ph.D.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I have enjoyed working with people across all agesreers, and interest areas. Throughout my career, I have found that the most satisfying experiences are those which promote personal growth and transformation. I am presently involved with groups of people who enjoy life and who continue to inspire me to enjoy mine and who encourage me to share the Conscious Aging workshop with elders in our area. I welcome inquiries from those who are or wish to become vital and purposeful as elders and influencers in their communities. Together, we can make a difference!
Nancy O'Toole
Media, Pennsylvania
Founder of Live At Home Seniors, Nancy is a certified trainer with 25 years of Human Resources experience. She is resourceful and passionate about providing the aging and their families with choices to improve quality of life. Contact Nancy for information on scheduling a Conscious Aging workshop for your group.
Lian Sawires
Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Lian Sawires, Teaching Artist, Conscious Aging Facilitator, Aging Well AdvocateCreator of, Excited About Aging and Creativity Toolbox for Seniors, all free sites that enhance the aging experience. I am passionate about providing the tools and holding a space to enable people come to terms with aging and create satisfying lives. Aging is the last frontier, where a strong ship, a good compass and an accurate self-made map make all the difference. Classes, Conscious Aging groups and workshops, Art Classes for Alzheimers and seniors.
Susan Lebby Spector, M.A.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Have you heard the phrase, “growing older ain’t for sissies”? Do you believe that? Would you like to develop the inner strength and resilience to cope with the knocks, challenges and losses that inevitably come with having a body? Are you interested in creating your own vision of aging, with an open mind, compassionate heart and soaring spirit? If you suspect there’s something more for you and would like to make the rest of life, the best of life, I’d love to hear from you. For 40 years, as a psychotherapist, life coach and teacher, I’ve worked with individuals (in person or by phone), couples, families and groups to help them dramatically improve the experience of their lives. I have an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, am a graduate of CoachU, The Family Institute of Philadelphia and The School for Enlightenment and Healing. Most recently, I became a Certified Facilitator of the IONS Conscious Aging workshop. I know it’s never too late to make meaningful positive change and never too early to start. I also welcome inquiries from groups and organizations interested in programs for living and aging consciously. Please contact me through my website or by phone.

South Carolina

Simone Guenette MSN, RN
Fort Mill, South Carolina
I have held a variety of clinical and teaching positions that included group facilitation and supervision. I have had a considerable number of years in psychiatric nursing including hospice experience. My personal spiritual quest led me to a school of healing that focused on the study of human energy consciousness and personal transformation. My personal and professional transformations have been closely interwoven. As I evolved I have sought to shepherd others to challenge their limited beliefs and images. Facilitating conscious aging just seems to be my natural next step in a long journey of exploring consciousness. it is what led me to IONS many years ago and continues to hold my passion. My recent relocation to an active adult community presents a perfect setting where I can begin to offer this important work.
Judith A. Owen
Bluffton , South Carolina
(920) 540-6852
Judy Owen has a passion for journeying with individuals toward wholeness in body, mind and spirit. One client said, "Judy creates a comfortable atmosphere. In her presence you feel safe and supported. Her teaching continues to positively affect my thinking, therefore improve my life." Judy holds a Master of Science degree, professional certifications in Spiritual Direction, Mindfulness & Conscious Aging. Judy works with individuals, groups and leads workshops. She facilitates workshops in senior centers, retirement communities and churches. Her desire is to create an environment where individuals will discover a flow of life that inspires acceptance of self and others; encourages emotional awareness and responsibility; and appreciates the joy, harmony and fullness of life.


Rosemary B. Davis, CPC
Oakland, Tennessee
Terry M. Puckett
Collierville, Tennessee


Bob Harbuck
Lufkin, Texas
Anna Donihoo, MFA, MSW, LCSW
Nacogdoches, Texas
(936) 622-0993
Anna Donihoo, MFA, MSW, LCSW is a social worker in the Nacogdoches, TX area. While she is a licensed clinical social worker, Anna also has a background in fine arts which she often draws on when working with clients. She has several years experience working in both the nursing home and hospice settings. Through her work with terminally ill individuals and their families Anna has developed a special interest in the aging population. She is looking forward to helping clients develop useful tools to navigate this challenging chapter in life, as well as learning from them. The Conscious Aging Group will be offered through Dogwood Mental Health and Wellness located in Nacogdoches, TX.
Britt J. Ellis
Dallas, Texas
Britt J. Ellis is an award-winning journalist; Wellness, Spirituality, & Vitality coach; experienced group & workshop facilitator; public speaker; "Easy Does It!" yoga & meditation instructor. My mission as an IONS Conscious Aging "Guide on the Side," is to provide a safe and welcoming environment that encourages seniors to explore with fresh eyes the challenges, as well as the opportunities of aging, in ways that invite a shift in their consciousness, plus increase their awareness of practices that nurture the best in us as we deal with the natural stresses of aging.
Beverly Featherston, LCSW
Houston , Texas
Beverly Featherston, graduated from the MSW program at San Diego State in 1989. Currently reside in Houston, Texas. She assessed a need for seniors to have a safe place to discuss aging from a spiritual and psychological perspective and offer each other a shared wisdom. Conscious Aging workshops/discussion groups can meet that need.
Rev. Katherine Godby, Ph.D.
Arlington, Texas
I'm a pastoral counselor, hospice chaplain, spiritual director, and seeker of meaning, authenticity, and "awakening to the mystery of being here"! I've always loved the quote: "You are perfect as you are, and you could use a little work." The Conscious Aging workshops help us live within the creative tension of that paradox in a profound way. It can take some courage, but in a true community (which I love building together with you in these workshops) courage is contagious.
Rodney Harrill
Houston, Texas
I am a retired Engineer/Business person with extensive experience in Human Resources and leading groups and organizations. I have taught courses on self-development and relationships. I spend much of my time on artistic endeavors and with my family.
Suzanne E. Harrill
Houston , Texas
Suzanne E. Harrill, M.Ed., LPC, is an Intuitive Teacher, Coach, Author, and Artist. She enjoys mentoring others' growth and healing. Suzanne is mostly retired from being a therapist. Her teaching and writing reflect her rich inner life of reflection, inner work, and experiencing continual change and transformation. She and her husband of 50 years are putting into practice the many ideas in the Conscious Aging course. They facilitate classes together.
Susan B. Mishal
San Antonio, Texas
Susan brings years of self-study and spiritual practice to her work as a Conscious Aging facilitator. She has experience working with older adults, including people in nursing homes and hospice. These experiences inform her transition, and her support of the transition of others, as we take this life journey together.
Mary Anne Reed, PhD, LMFT-S
Dallas, Texas


Marilyn Patterson Toone
Pleasant View, Utah


Hayat Donna Bain, MSN, RN
Richmond metro area, Virginia
I am a holistic nurse, interfaith minister, transformational musician, teacher and healer in private practice, with degrees in nursing, psychology, and music, and with 35 years of experience teaching, managing being a team leader. I feel called to support and uplift individuals, families and groups as they move through transitions and challenges. I invite individuals, groups and organizations interested in programs for living and aging consciously to contact me.
Robin L. Hills, DNP, NP-C
Richmond, Virginia
It's never too late to consider Mary Oliver's question:"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" With 20 years of nurse practitioner and nurse educator experience, Dr. Hills will create a safe and caring space for individuals anticipating in their third act of life, to explore this course. A teaching and nursing career focused on health and wellness qualifies her to serve as a Conscious Aging facilitator. She looks forward to joining with others in creating a new vision for aging.


Denise Long, MEd
Vancouver , Washington
Now that she's retired from public school teaching, Denise shares her joy for conscious living in various ways and with a wide age-range of people. She is the author/illustrator of the Art of Heart Awakening Contemplation Deck and Daily Meditation Book. Denise also teaches area elders how to write legacy letters so they may share their stories with their descendants. She welcomes opportunities to share Conscious Aging with church groups, community college Mature Learning classes, organizations, hospice centers and retirement homes.
Kurt Nicholson
Seattle, Washington
Marjorie Anne Pomper, PhD
Everett, Washington
Most likely, yours is not your grandmother\'s aging experience! I would like to support you in choosing your aging path consciously. Please contact me for individual coaching or group programs. My Background: PhD in Education, Masters work in Counseling, BS Dance Education, Transpersonal Life Coach, Advanced Heart-centered Hypnotherapist, and long-time meditator.
Diane Toland
Vancouver, Washington
360 953 0399
Diane Toland has a passion for working with older adults. For 16 years as a Tai Chi/Fitness Instructor and Senior Department Director at an athletic club, Diane has guided Seniors toward greater healing, vitality, and awareness. An inspiring instructor/facilitator, Diane teaches classes in conscious aging, women's spirituality, and meditation.

West Virginia

Robert M Hunter
Cottageville, West Virginia


Sue Carpenter
Middleton, Wisconsin
Rev. Sheila Graves
Big Bend, Wisconsin
Rev. Sheila Graves has been a minister and spiritual teacher since 1991, offering hundreds of classes and Sunday messages, addressing such topics as energy, spiritual growth, creativity, self-talk, dreams, intuition, focusing, archetypes, and life passages. In 2000, Rev. Graves founded the on-going interdenominational and alternative spiritual community of Living Spirit Church.
Tree Moore
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
As an 80 year old elder...both healthy and wise, I'm excited, challenged and excited about the aging process. My life experiences as a psychotherapist/group leader qualifies me to facilitate Conscious Aging session. I wish to be open, joyous and grieving in my response to what may come my way.
Patricia Zealley
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Patricia Zealley is a seasoned woman, a spiritual guide and transition companion, and a retired pastor. She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and writes a blog called View from Over the Hill. Conscious aging calls her to age with grace.


Loran Hills, M. Coun.
Sheridan, Wyoming