Impact of the At Home Within Program

Impact of the At Home Within Program

COTS BuildingCommittee on the Shelterless (COTS)

In a nutshell, what we found was that while residents of the shelter improved their well-being just by being a part of the Committee on the Shelterless (COTS) environment, when they participated in the At Home Within program—for only 90 minutes a week for 4-8 weeks—they improved twice as much! A manuscript reporting the results of our research is in preparation and is available upon request. Please send your request to

The program has been ongoing for over five years, and the results have been tremendous! COTS was so impressed that they have now created a Center for Post-Trauma Wellness that offers these kinds of mind-body-spirit practices to their residents and to the local community as an essential, integrated part of their services.

In addition, some of the teachers who volunteered to provide the classes to the residents were so inspired by the experience that they used it as a training site for new teachers and created their own specific programs for homeless shelters.

Richard Miller Richard Miller, PhD

For example, iRest, a program developed by Richard Miller, PhD, based on the principles of the wisdom tradition of Yoga Nidra, tested their program with us, and found that it was so valuable that they have now duplicated it for other homeless shelters across the country, active duty military and veterans, and others.

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The resulting guide for facilitating iRest in homeless shelters and other social service settings is available for qualified individuals. See sample chapters of the Student Manual and the Instructor’s Manual, and contact the Integrative Restoration Institute for more information and training.

A Step-By-Step Guide For You

If you would like to incorporate a program like At Home Within into your local homeless shelter or other social service agency, IONS is now offering a free instruction manual. Learn More »