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At Home Within | Acknowledgements

Thank you to those who funded the program:

  • The Mental Insight Foundation
  • The Nathan B. Cummings Foundation
  • The Kalliopeia Foundation
  • The Clements Foundation
  • The Meyer Family Fund
  • The members of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Thank you to those who participated in the development of the program, analysis of results, and creation of the guide:

  • Priya Bhogaonker
  • Gary Buck
  • Mary Costello
  • Lauren Darges
  • Celia Doss
  • Matt Doss
  • Kelly Durkin
  • Carlos Estevez
  • Charlene Farrell
  • Nicholas Gower
  • Michelle LaVallee
  • Andrea Livingston
  • Pavle Marinkovic
  • Jenny Mathews
  • Blake Ohlig
  • John Records
  • Glen Weaver