Guest Tips

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Guest Tips

Guest Tips

Plan your stay with us by clicking on the links below or to the left. This information is designed to help you prepare for your visit so you can have the best possible experience when you visit EarthRise. Note that it can be tricky to get here off of Highway 101, so please be sure to read the Maps & Directions.

Key Information

You can find information you will want to know in this section regarding meals, facilities and grounds, hiking, quiet hours, etc. that will help ensure your safety and well being while on campus.

Maps and Directions

Getting to the EarthRise campus can be tricky, so be sure to look here and read the driving directions carefully.

Ground Transportation

Here you will find information on flying into Bay area airports and then ground transportation services to take you to the campus.

Local Attractions

This link features an exciting list of many local attractions including wine country tours, sea kayaking, horseback riding through the redwoods, and local sustainable farm tours.

Campus Ecology

Weather in Northern California varies throughout the year: a hot summer day can be followed by a cool foggy night, so layers are recommended. Wildlife abounds here, and includes deer, rabbits, an occasional bobcat, wild turkeys, hawks, and songbirds.