Jean Houston Presents Regenesis of Women

Weekend Workshop

Jean Houston Presents Regenesis of Women

Mystics, Healers, Warriors and Clowns

Friday, Sep 26, 2014, 12:00 PM –
Sunday, Sep 28, 2014, 5:00 PM (All times are local to the event.)

Jean Houston

How are we doing as women?  Not just as a woman, but as women?

In this powerful weekend program, Jean Houston takes students into a realm of possibility that is seldom visited.  You’ll have a chance to change your family, cultural and historical perceptions by radically expanding the context of not only who you are, but why you are.

Jean Houston presents surprising information on your great and wonderful mind and it’s many powers.  She’ll lead you through evocative exercises where you’ll unearth aspects of yourself you may have never experienced…until now.

You’ll awaken your Mystic Woman, the extraordinary spiritual dimension of yourself that is absolutely holy, and enmeshed in every atom of life.

You’ll learn a new meaning of what it is to be a Healer, one who restores life both to yourself and others.

You’ll discover the bravery that is required as a Warrior when you understand what you truly stand for, the allies who have always been by your side, and very practical steps for making lasting change in the world.

Throughout the weekend, you’ll find new methods to access your own Clown, that aspect within you rich in wit, gratitude, and your deepest creative and imaginative channels.

You’ll find yourself as the apex of generations of women; you’ll find new reasons to be proud to be a woman, to be born now, and to experience your own lasting rebirth of mind, heart and soul.

Jean Houston brings over 30 years of teaching and observation of societal trends and myths, the latest brain research and personal insights to this weekend seminar.  It is the perfect opportunity for mother and daughters, sisters and elders, students and professionals, to renew your understanding of the powerful role you play in the world today.


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