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EFT Tapping: Changing Your Life Just Got Easier!

Santa Rosa IONS August Presentation

Thursday, Aug 8, 2013 , 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Community Group: Santa Rosa Community Group

Rob Nelson
The Lomitas Schoolhouse
2421 Lomitas Ave.
Santa Rosa CA 95404
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Learning this simple, yet powerful self-help tool may just change your life. EFT has been around for nearly 20 years now and is practiced by millions of people worldwide—because it works! Find out how and why it works and how to use it yourself to permanently discharge negative or stuck emotions and limiting beliefs, clear oppressive memories and traumas, and let go of physical ailments that have an emotional component.

Through group tapping, demonstrations, and instruction, certified EFT Trainer Rob Nelson will get you up to speed on using this amazing tool for yourself and family and friends, and provide a clear explanation of how tapping works with the amygdala and procedural memory in the brain. Prepare yourself for some serious fun and laughter—letting go of stress and negativity with EFT feels really great!

Rob Nelson always wanted to be a therapist when he grew up, and he received a BS in Psychology (1981) and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Oregon (1983) but by 1990, fed up with the limitations of “talk therapy,” he scrapped that idea and became a certified massage therapist.

In 2007 Rob was introduced to EFT (tapping) and began using it to transform his own inner life. By early 2008 that whole therapist idea had come full circle, and he’d opened a practice in Santa Rosa and began teaching classes locally. In 2010 Rob was certified by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, and became a certified trainer for EFT Universe later that year. Rob has now trained hundreds of students and balances a thriving private practice with his national and international training schedule.

$10 attendance fee at the door to cover our overhead costs.
Open to everyone. No one turned away for lack of funds.

(Where can you get this quality of entertainment and education for less?)
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