Collaboration with the Lucid Art Foundation

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Collaboration with the Lucid Art Foundation

Thank You to the Lucid Art Foundation for their Collaboration 2008-2012

The Lucid Art Foundation—cofounded by Robert Anthoine, Fariba Bogzaran, and the late Gordon Onslow Ford—was founded to explore art and consciousness through art exhibitions, publications, seminars, and residencies for artists. The Lucid Art Foundation formed a collaboration with the Institute of Noetic Sciences and curated exhibitions at EarthRise Center from March 2008 through July 2012. A list of past exhibitions curated by Lucid Art can be seen below.

Lucid art is defined as “the convergence of the universal creative force expressed in a spontaneous work of art that elicits in the viewer a sudden awakening of an aspect of the inner-worlds” (Fariba Bogzaran and Gordon Onslow Ford).

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Past Exhibits curated by the Lucid Art Foundation


Paintings by Al Longo
April 13 — July 12, 2012
Opening: Sunday, April 22nd

Al Longo: Inner Landscape #19

Artist's Statement:

All my work is a reflection of nature. Not a representation of nature but rather my feelings of and response to it. The shapes and colors digested and reformed to reflect my reaction to the spirit of the trees, rocks, hills, and waterways from which I create my forms. I use the vibrant colors to express the life flow within my ecological surroundings, which is the substance of all natural things. Some of the canvases are shaped so that the viewer may perceive the forms from different perspectives within the same work, just as it might be viewed in real life. The backgrounds blend, flow and intertwine with the forms, like wind or fog, caressing and sweeping, undulating through and beyond. Beginning with only the slightest idea of the forms I intuitively reshape them, changing the colors as I proceed; almost akin to the changing colors and appearance of the foliage seen from a path through woods, mountains or along the seashore at different times of the day or different seasons. These works are not meant to be a representation or reflection of nature but rather the sense of its spirit and energy.

Al Longo on ArtSlant


Paintings by Nicole Buffett
January 13 — April 12, 2012
Opening: Sunday, January 22nd

Nicole Buffett: Terrestrial

Artist's Statement:

My paintings describe an environment built upon the concept of pliancy and adaptation. My choice to use a variety of both traditional and non-traditional Art materials is a reflection and expression of my own relationship to the world as a complex habitat for humans. Most, if not all of my materials I have collected, foraged or stumbled upon in my travels and time spent in nature. My mediums range from reclaimed house paint, oil paint, Earth pigments, spices, dirt, spray paint and epoxy resin on wood panel. My outcome is a hyper organic, dimensional image where organic material is both suspended and encased layer by layer under a glass like surface.

As our world begins to re-align itself with environmental preservation and human preservation, I feel my work speaks to a new territory of alchemy and possibility.


Paintings by Catherine J Richardson
October 14, 2011 — January 12, 2012
Opening: October 30, 2011

Catherine J Richardson: Agents of Dissolve

Artist's Statement:

Beneath the layers of civilization with its man-made structures and institutions here is the land; the living, pulsing earthscape; the physical reality of an immeasurable force that we are interdependent with.

Cultivating my connections to the natural world is a practice of dissolving ego and allowing questions, musings and poetics to create dialogue with the art-making process. I do this is by walking on open land, anywhere that is not paved over, observing and perceiving, fine-tuning the senses, the extensions of being human.

My paintings and drawings are a build up of layers of cement, paper, drawings and materials that capture the sensibilities I’m reaching for. I also set up experiments with water and algae, paper and plant solutions and other assortments of collections from my walks.

“The world is my chance. It changes me every day. My chance is my poetry.”

— Herman de Vries.


Photographs by Paulo Scoglio
July 8 — October 12, 2011
Opening: July 10, 2011

Paolo Scoglio: Noetic View 2, Photograph

Artist's Statement:

I am a photographer, a New Equations certified teacher, a Life and Leadership Coach, and a Social Work Psychotherapist. My photography training began in the 1970's at the Montserrat School of Visual Art in Beverly, Massachusetts, where I focused on graphic design and photography.

When New Equations began hosting their programs at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), I started capturing images on the property. Coincidentally, when I first started training with New Equations, a very good friend and I would regularly meet up at his office at IONS, the day prior to the start of the New Equations training sessions. That was the beginning of my curiosity, awe and wonder for the sacred space that is the property of IONS.

My interest in photography is a pursuit of self-expression, artistic fulfillment and personal joy, and I especially enjoy sharing with others my discoveries in attempting to portray light, wonder and soul through photography of people and places.


Paintings by Yari Ostovany
April 8 — July 4, 2011
Opening: May 8, 2011

Yari Ostovany: Conference of the Birds, Nr 16 oil on panel

Artist's Statement:

My work is a personal journey of exploration into the realm of the spiritual through the alchemy of paint, color, light, texture and the poetics of space. My paintings are records of this intuitive journey. I start with calligraphic-based gestural marks, solid forms and shapes which then begin to disintegrate as the layers explode and implode, are added, rubbed out, re-applied, scoured into and scraped away and built back up - somewhat akin to layers of memory - creating a new ephemeral sense of form and visual phenomena.

Living in the space between two cultures, I am interested in investigating the nomadic in-between spaces: between emergence and disappearance, between the solid and the void. I am further interested in the mechanics of a symbiotic relationship between Persian and Western Art, the former being my innate orientation and the latter the tradition in which I have been trained. In essence, I am dismantling those visual vocabularies to their most bare and abstract cultural elements and sensibilities, using this as a point of departure to move towards a terrain that lies between the musical and the architectural.

Exploring the Land of Numinal Archetypes: Entering the non-ordinary realms of the mythic, the archetypal, and the fantastic

Paintings by Doreen Coyne
January 13 — April 6, 2011
Opening: January 23, 2011

Doreen Coyne, Painting: Parallel Universe #7

As one can discover through dreaming, it is possible to leave the recognizable imagery of the ordinary conscious world with its rational, linear, Cartesian based thinking processes and enter the non-ordinary realms of the mythic, the archetypal and the fantastic. These worlds of the collective unconscious can be accessed through the imagination entering the “dreamtime” of inner landscapes. Dreaming is the path, art making is the vehicle and, the imagination is the fuel.

Doreen Coyne’s intention for her current work is centered in the belief that images have the power to transform consciousness of self and other by expanding new levels of awareness.

Artist painter, teacher and creativity coach Doreen Coyne is currently the Manager of the Arts & Consciousness Gallery located on the Berkeley Campus of John F. Kennedy University, a gallery devoted to displaying work that speaks to the idea that art has the power to transform consciousness in both the individual and the community

The Artists of Bishop Pine Preserve

November 14, 2010 — January 12, 2011
Opening: November 14, 2010

Tim Graveson, Laurel View, 2010

This exhibition brought together for the first time a group of artists living in the part of the Inverness ridge know as the Bishop Pine Preserve. The group includes the current permanent residents of Bishop Pine Preserve and three important past members of the community: Jacqueline Johnson, Gordon Onslow Ford and J.B. Blunk.

Onslow Ford and Johnson built their house on Bishop Pine Preserve in 1958 and invited artists and writers to live on the land. After Onslow Ford passed, the property was bequeathed to the Lucid Art Foundation. The Foundation continues the legacy of Onslow Ford and Johnson. Currently, the second and third generations of Artists of Bishop Pine Preserve live and create there. Their homes and studios are adjunct to the Nature Conservancy and surrounded by nature.

The Lucid Art Foundation in collaboration with the J.B. Blunk family has established an Artist Residency program for artists to live and work at the home of J.B. Blunk. Each artist spends two months in a contemplative setting in proximity of other artists.

Three Views on the Natural

Works by Cindy Cleary, Miriam Fagan and Judi Pettite
August 18, 2010 — October 31, 2010
Opening: August 29, 2010

Painting by Cindy Cleary

This exhibition featured the work of three artists who create art that is inspired by the environment and their love of nature. Their use of foraged organic materials and transformative processes connect them to many traditions that have looked to nature for guidance and inspiration in understanding our place in the world.

Three Monumental Paintings

Paintings by Gordon Onslow Ford
Curated by Fariba Bogzaran

April 1, 2010 — August 15, 2010
Opening: May 23, 2010

Gordon Onslow Ford, Seed in See

The exhibit focuses on three large paintings by Gordon Onslow Ford (1912–2003). The exhibit will be accompanied by photographs of the creative process, texts, and a detailed description of one painting entitled X-Is.

British-born painter Gordon Onslow Ford joined the Surrealists in Paris in 1938; gave lectures on Surrealism to American artists and scholars in 1941; moved to Mexico during World War II, and arrived in San Francisco in 1947. Mr. Onslow Ford was at the center of the art movement in the Bay Area for several years. He studied Zen meditation and Chinese calligraphy with Zen Master Hodo Tobase Roshi. Gordon Onslow Ford’s work explores inner worlds, dialogues with science, and metaphysics. He was the cofounder of the Lucid Art Foundation and an affiliate of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

TRANSLUCENT BEINGS From Above and Below the Equator

Paintings by Toni Littlejohn
January 2, 2010 — March 31, 2010
Opening: February 6, 2010

Toni Littlejohn, Beyond Jade

Toni Littlejohn traveled to Central Eastern Africa, south of the Equator—a metaphoric tightrope between awareness and the unconscious, sophistication and the primitive, and trust and fear. Her experience with Masai warriors as they danced and chanted around the fire—colors streaming in and out of lightness and darkness—sparked recognition of the transparency, luminosity, and vibrancy Toni Littlejohn strives to create in her artwork.


Paintings by Chiyomi Longo
Curated by Fariba Bogzaran

October 1, 2009 — December 30, 2009
Opening: October 11, 2009

Chiyomi Longo, White Passage #30

The White Passages by Chiyomi Longo capture the mysteries of inner and outer lights, which move through layers of various dimensions of spirit and through Ms. Longo’s personal journey. Each canvas is a detail of a larger event, tracing and weaving Earth elements with archetypal markings of the inner world.


Photographs by Sondra Barrett and Sam Hoffman
June 15, 2009 — September 30, 2009
Opening: June 28, 2009

Sondra Barrett, Spirit Dancer

Sam Hoffman, Orion2 Nebula

Sondra Barrett’s photographs using a microscope will take you on a magical journey to the inner world of wine and the molecules of life.

Sam Hoffman’s amazing metallic prints from the Hubble Space telescope make outer space into fantastic art limited only by our imagination.

SYMPHONY OF COLORS: The Art of Fritz Rauh

April 4, 2009 — June 15, 2009
Opening: May 3, 2009

Fritz Rauh, Symphony

Fritz Rauh was born in Wuppertal, Germany in 1920; in 1954 he settled in the United States where his work has been exhibited widely. Mr. Rauh fills the surface of his paintings with small, colorful strokes, which create shifting densities of pattern. The surface of Fritz Rauh’s work vacillates with energy and possibility.


Jeremy Morgan
October 15, 2008 — March 30, 2009
Opening: November 22, 2008

Jeremy Morgan, Before Science

For the past twenty years, Jeremy Morgan, MFA has taught at the San Francisco Art Institute. Mr. Morgan is a faculty member at the Department of Arts and Consciousness at John F. Kennedy University and the Lucid Art Foundation leading artist seminars.


Fariba Bogzaran
March 1, 2008 — October 1, 2008
Opening: May 11, 2008

Fariba Bogzaran, 2nd Awakening

Artist and scientist Fariba Bogzaran is the cofounder and director of the Lucid Art Foundation and long-time affiliate of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. IONS invited Ms. Bogzaran to a solo exhibit at the EarthRise Retreat Center. Based on the success of this exhibition and the Institute’s history with Fariba Bogzaran and Gordon Onslow Ford, all of the above exhibits are cosponsored with the Lucid Art Foundation.