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Posted Oct. 17, 2012 by Angela Murphy in Worldview Transformation

commented on May 19, 2013
by Joseph Smith



Hello Class Members!

We had an amazing and engaging six weeks together over the phone. Since so many of you requested a place to continue the discussion... here it is! You need to be logged-in to the website to post your comments. Since everyone didn't get to share their thoughts to the last question during the Community Discussion time, we can start this thread with that question: Based on everything we discussed during the teleseminar, discuss how the Worldview practices can be infused in your communities, workplace, place of worship, families etc. Or you can post any other thoughts you have about the class.

thanks, Angela

  • Joseph Smith May 19, 2013

    I seems that I'm the only class member, and I'm new. I'm probably talking to myself. I wish the world knew what has been revealed to me. Life could be so much better. It was revealed in 1975, when I cut my umbilical cord with my past and went on my own. By looking strictly within for my answers, and never looking back, I found the me that had been buried under layers of self-delusion.

    My most valuable find was my soul mate for life. She is my fourth wife. What were the chances for success? From a life in ruins to all my dreams coming true, what were the odds against this? I wanted to spread the word. I wrote and self-published a book, "In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012: an Exploration of the underlying Mechanism of Creation." Since I'm not higher educated, my book is in layman terms for layman. I'm advised by the Constitution, by the Scriptures, the cutting edge of science, and voices from the past in connection with my departure and looking within for answers. I guarantee a look at your reality, a look that worked for me, one you have yet to hear, and yet not one thought my own.

  • Joseph Smith May 13, 2013

    Peter Russell, one of Noetic Sciences' gurus, wrote "From Science to God: The Mystery of Consciousness and the Meaning of LIght." I underlined this: "Where living philosophers were concerned, logical positivism was the vogue, and I'd had enough of logic by then. None of it had much to do with the questions concerning the nature of consciousness."

    I looked up "logical positivism." My dictionary: "a philosophical movement that rejects all transcendental metaphysics, statements of fact being held to be meaningful only if they have verifiable consequences in experience and in statements of logic, mathematics, or philosophy, with such statements of fact deriving their validity from rules of language." Here you have a dichotomy, the building of a straw man, a truth based on a false assumption.

    I've lived in the school of hard knocks 87 years, and gained considerable insight through experience. I sense things. Consequently, I avoid being burned. These are the best years of my life. "Logical empiricism", the dictionary says, "all knowledge is derived from sense experience." So much for logical positivism.

  • Joseph Smith May 13, 2013

    When I saw "Worldview Literacy Class," and "We had an amazing and engaging six weeks together" in the Community Discussion, in October 2012, and not one word of discussion since, I thought this a good place to talk to myself, perhaps by synchronicity or something, to communicate.

  • Joseph Smith May 13, 2013

    America’s makers and keepers of the law have turned America into a dichotomy—two opposing groups in thought and action. It begins with “human values.” “We are our brother’s keeper.” “There but for the grace of God go I.” Jesus said, “in earth as it is in heaven.” To be sure, there is evil in earth and heaven. Jesus said, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God.” He said the kingdom of God is in you. He called external authority hypocrites and wolves in sheep’s clothing. How do you know who you really are, or your purpose? What you see in the external world is man’s creation. Created with reason and logic—which is fundamental to the law—you were created to exist and thrive in a self-made world.

    In the Constitution, in the Fifth Amendment—people take the Fifth to avoid telling the truth about what they have done—did you know that the Fifth Amendment requires “due process of law?” If you have a personal stake in the outcome, you have legal standing. The Fifth Amendment is in “The Bill of Rights.” The law in practice has quaint ideas on rights, but you must by law be heard in a meaningful way in a meaningful place. The makers and keepers of the law, while making the right to avoid telling the truth holy (Hitler was legal. "I have done nothing illegal"), conveniently, your "authorities" have left your individual right to be heard buried under layers of legal precedence.

    You don’t look to the “Higher Law,” the background of America’s Constitution. You don’t look within for your answers. Consequently, you have left America with the current dichotomy. A house divided does not long stand.

  • Joseph Smith May 12, 2013

    I've not been in this class. Can I bring my thought into the discussion? Transformation requires being literate on consciousness. Collective consciousness, coined by psychologist Carl Jung, part of the proposed unconscious mind, how the psyche and cosmos organize experience, "in earth as it is in heaven," said Jesus, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, the kingdom of God in you, collective consciousness, the whole of mankind, I don't hear that difference being expressed. The collective consciousness of mankind does not overrule the kingdom of God. We are witnessing a manmade fraud, and building reaction.

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