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Sensing energy?

Posted Jan. 19, 2011 by LPetkoff in Open

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commented on March 31, 2011
by TheCount



Hello, I am new to the idea of noetic science, although without realizing it, I have been practicing its ideas for years – the ideas of intention, using energy, etc. I’m very curious about this field, and I want to learn more about it by bringing my own personal experiences to it. The reason for this thread is that I’ve been experiencing a “weird phenomenon” for the last month. Here's my situation.

Last month I was sick for about three weeks, which is very unusual for me. Nothing major, just a simple head cold that would not go away (partly because of the stress of the holidays and I didn't take enough time to sufficiently rest). Since then, I’ve been very “scatterbrained.” I’ll be in a conversation with someone and my mind’s energy will not stay in one place. Even as I now type, my mind/energy does not want to focus or be present, and I have to make a conscious effort to focus my energy onto a single task. I have set intentions to help me focus, but still feel like I have a nervous/busy/distracting energy around my heart and mind. I have started practicing yoga and meditation regularly again these past few weeks as I’ve allowed myself to get away from practice all together. I don’t have a history of ADD, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve experienced something significant like this– although every once in a while I will be a little out of balance. Is there a phenomenon occurring around me that is causing all of this distraction? I notice that this unbalanced feeling occurs more while I’m at work, and not as much at home. I don’t have any major stressors on my job, and in fact I’m still performing well and I enjoy my job and the people I work with.

Does anyone have any ideas on what is occurring and how I can “change” it to bring myself back into balance? Am I sensing something that I am not aware of? If so, how do I investigate this energy so that I can bring balance back into my work-life? Thanks!

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    TheCount Mar 31, 2011


    live wire is another good analogy, but it would be a very week current :-) seems like many had this happen in the last 2 weeks or so but i did not feel sick like many describe. i personally had the sensation that something was going wrong on this planet about 5 years ago, and lo and behold, each year has brought a new level of insanity. my guess is that earth will have a jump of the north pole in short order. this is not good news folks. and dont expect the mothership to come and rescue us either. entire star systems crash, explode and are destroyed every day. no reason for aliens to come rescue a bunch of insane humans.

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    blissful1 Mar 31, 2011

    I feel it too, althought I am not exactly sure how to articulate what I am feeling. I suppose I could say I feel like a "live wire" with a new and unfamiliar current running through me. I too had been ill for two weeks and my intuition is incredibly active at this time.

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    Kerian Mar 31, 2011

    First of all I need to tell you that I am not a medical doctor, but I hope the following may help you.
    If you have practiced yoga you know of certain energy points in the body through which energy comes in and goes out. In yoga they are called chakras. Yoga is not a modern science and is outdated and incomplete although most chakras are accurate, there are a lot more energy points that transfer energy in subtle ways. The head has at least 16 openings through which energy can travel and it has a number of other pressure points where the skull is very thin. Above that the brain is the central organ of everything within the body. Thus, it is most mammals' Achilles' heel for what concerns energy.
    One of the best remedies to overcome your kind of energy disruption that I have personally experienced is being cautious with showers. Warm waters slows down blood circulation in the brain. The blood vessels are one of the major energy vessels in the body. By taking hot showers you lower the energy flow in the brain. Personally, I always shower off cold after a warm shower and for many months I have showered exclusively with cold water. It strengthens your stamina against head colds and allows your energy points to exchange energy more easily. The best time to switch to cold showers is the hottest period in summer. With a bit of perseverance you can keep them up in winter.
    You could combine these showers with keeping close track of your feeding habits. One hundred grams of chocolate holds over 2000 kJ of energy. If you eat 200 gr of chocolate today and you do not the next day, you may see a huge energy fluctuation. Watch out with changes in fast sugars.
    Also some sports stimulate the energy flow. You could try any anaerobic sports (long distance running, swimming, cross-country ski) or one of the energy-flow exercises originating in the far east such as yoga or qigong.
    Good luck! By the way, you may always contact me at janv_deneys@hotmail.com

  • desertrose Mar 31, 2011

    I too have been experiencing such things. At these times I take time to be still and do grounding exercises. I oftentimes feel as though my spirit can leave my body if I do not remain grounded to Mother Earth. You can look up grounding practices on the Internet if you are unfamiliar with them.

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    TheCount Mar 30, 2011

    Not sure about what is going on here. Since about 2 weeks I have this sensation of some sort of high frequency vibration going on in my head and body. very subtle, not bothering or annoying at all. hard to explain, kinda like when you drink seltzer water and it "goes to your head a bit", but much much finer... anybody know what i am talking about....

    on a side note, i am sure the world is going through some very serious changes, and they are NOT GOOD. do not expect god, angels, aliens or whoever to save us all or rescue a few chosen ones. this planet does not deserve any divine intervention because it is a pretty pathetic place. lets not fool ourselves....

  • Prophetes Mar 14, 2011

    When something similar to this occurs in my life, I try to stay as far away from blaming an outside source for the problem. Frankly, I don't believe that astrology, changing of tides, or the end of some cycle is taking place when you are just "out of it". I would agree with someone who previously commented, saying that "grounding" yourself does make a difference, but I disagree with the idea that a certain colour can change your mind's energy and attention.

    If you believe that stress is the main cause for this problem, simply just lay in the grass and look at the sky, take a jog through the woods, or sit on a rock by the water. When it comes to energy, the simple things tend to make the most prominent difference.

    Also, stress is not solely mental. Take a three minute break at work and just stretch out you back, legs, neck and arms. Being "warmed-up" physically can help you mind adjust to stress and other small problems.

  • acorn Feb 05, 2011

    From similar experiences I have been guided to realizing that I need to be "grounded" when this happens. Go for walks and connect with nature...or, if you are in yoga or curious about chakra work focus on your Muladhara chakra (the one at the base of your spine). The colour red helps! Yellow root vegetables also help. Eating properly always helps. :)

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    JPrinceton Jan 25, 2011

    I, too, have experienced similar physiological energy differences lately. No illness, but a feeling of heightened circulation, especially in my hands and feet, as if my body is tingling with a higher vibration. My usual mental accuity is gone, as if there is something subtle going on with my attention. I am sleeping deliciously, though, and as I am now retired, I am not challenged with any arduous mental tasks. I am not doing my Sudoku right now! My calendar is cleared, so I am allowing and observing as I hybernate, meditate and listen...

  • Melvin Redfern, PhD Jan 24, 2011

    I think that your subconscious is trying to give your conscious mind a gift or insight. A hypnotherapist could help you communicate more with your subconscious. Automatic writing may be one technique that would help you. I'd encourage you to stay alert and functional at your job. You don't need to be in a trance state while driving either. Scanning your eyes and coaching yourself to be wide aware are other suggestions to stay in your conscious mind at work. Personally, I prefer to have peace of mind versus a mind in pieces.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Jan 20, 2011

    Yes, there is a phenomenon occuring. These are possibly symptoms of the shift that we are in. We are in great change as we near the end of a 26,000 year cycle where our planet is coming back into alignment with the center of our galaxy. Humanity's consciousness is expanding and the Earth's consciousness is expanding. Our personal frequencies and harmonics are going to be altered. There are now different electromagnetic forces at work and this new energy will affect our consciousness. It is not the end. It is the shift that is taking us to a new beginning of the next 26,000 year cycle. Our planet's energies will reharmonize. Meg Blackburn Losey Ph.D. lists the signs on how the shift is affecting us in her new 2010 book: "The Secret History Of Consciousness, Ancient Keys To Our Future Survival." When we are at our galactic center the veils are lifting, the stargates are opening, there are greater portals to alternate dimensions. (There are examples of this happening all over this discussion board...) LOVE will ease this transition into place!

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    Inquisitivegirl Jan 19, 2011

    I found it very interesting how clearly you described what you have been going through lately. I have been going through the same thing recently and am interested in what other people have to say. Like you..I was pretty sick for 3 weeks, had to go to the doctor several times...and I am a person who hasn't even had a cold in over 3 years! I think that what you are describing is your true self trying to get your attention. You need to slow down focus, get back to meditating and listen to what "yourself" is trying to tell you. It could also be that there is someone close to you who is very out of balance and that is affecting you as well. Only you know. I'm not sure why this would manifest it this "scatterbrained" type of behaviour. But I have I feel the same way! It makes it difficult to focus at work. It's caused me to start searching...like you...to bring myself back. I wish you peace, you will find out what is trying to make itself apparent to you!

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