Spiritual advisors?

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commented on April 13, 2011
by desertrose



Do you or anyone you know utlilize the assistance of a spiritual advisor? I stumbled across this website (www.askwyntk.com) and wondered what exactly it is they do. I have heard of investment strategists using them but i am not exactly sure what they do. I am assuming it is closely related to some organized religion?

  • desertrose Apr 13, 2011

    If the Kingdom of heaven is "within" you then I do not personally see then need for Spititual Advisors. I really do not think that a price should be place on The God Force and /or Spirituality or whichever Name you choose to use or path you choose to follow.

  • reikinurse Jan 18, 2011


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    MoGhaoil Jan 16, 2011

    There are those more comfortable with 'self-initiation', but obviously other people can play huge roles in one's life and affect personal development. When I was a teenager, I met someone of Sikh descent, but born in Kenya. I learned a lot from this experience but the most memorable is the keeping of a promise. In Kenya, he knew an elderly lady who believed she had a piece of the true cross. Before she died, she gave half of this relic to her son, and the other to my friend. He did ask why she was giving it to him, a non-Christian, to which she replied that it was from respect and affection for him. She did ask that he must promise never to lose it.

    A machinist by trade, he kept this promise by soldering the relic into a small gold cross, and then had the gold cross inserted under the skin of his arm near the shoulder. this ensured that he could never lose it. I never forgot this.

  • reikinurse Jan 15, 2011

    I've worked with many spiritual advisors. Of course there's a price tag... the grocery store and electric company want cash, after all.

    As in any field, some advisors are excellent, others... well... I guess one must seek, and use what is useful. Discard the rest.

  • Fallensoul Jan 12, 2011

    Well seems like they're entertainers. It says at the bottom of their page. "For entertainment purposes only"

  • Shiboleth357 Jan 11, 2011

    Spiritual Advisors are much like Life Coaches. My opinion is that they act in the role of Professional Counselors/Social Workers without the extensive training. Much of the market for being a Spiritual Advisor or Life Coach is unregulated and unsupervised. I would advise you to ask the important questions like training, experience, personal values, licensure, who they are accountable to, are there grievance procedures, are they members of a professional organization, what are their code of ethics, how long have they practiced, and what can you expect from them (their role, abilities, and professional boundaries). These are all very important conversations. Give their answers the full weight of your own wisdom and judgment. Once you've gotten through them, ask yourself if there is a genuine connection. Ultimately it is about relationship and trust. If something is missing or just not quite right, move on.

  • mysticmuse Jan 09, 2011

    I'm more comfortable with spiritual advise without a dollars sign attached.

    We make much of the bodily aspect and it may even seem to us that the spirit is less real than the physical, so a "real" encounter comes to equal a physical one, with physical advise. Yet, I think only the spiritual component of each encounter is real. Without spiritual consciousness, a physical encounter is unconvincing and with spiritual consciousness the physical encounter may not be required. The external is, at best, an attractive adornment to a real meeting. Seems to me it is the energy component of any meeting or advise that is essential.

    And what of the bodies of the books and talks? Everywhere the mediators of great thoughts show both grandeur and flaws—the best are like magnificent stained glass windows, but with occasional cracks, splotches of dust, or missing pieces. One must find enough greatness of spirit to love the grandeur while not remaining blind to the flaws.

    I do not see total validity or total authenticity in any book or person. I think the spirit pertains to the essence of things, to the rainbow of spirituality that is the foundation of the universe. But all verbal formulas provide a picture that is "through a glass darkly." The texts we have, like our personalities, are never entirely satisfactory.

    I suppose bad advise, good advise, and things in between are great tests for wise discrimination.


  • Melvin Redfern, PhD Jan 08, 2011

    I think of spiritual advisors as coaches. Clergy utilize mentors as well as psychotherapists. Folk in 12 step programs use sponsors. When I stopped using spiritual advisors I began to trust my inner wisdom. I have also found that the universe leadsme to just the right folk to guide me in my destiny. Initially, I have had many teachers. If a spiritual advisor encourages dependence on themselves, I recognize a motive that stunts my growth in discovering my inner wisdom.

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