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I just found this site through Youtube. I recently had an incident. I don't know if this was just a coincidence since people have many dreams in one night, but I think there were too many details for it to just be coincidental. Anyway, about a week and a half ago, we had some people from Italy come stay at our house. During this period, there was some renovation occurring. I remember waking up one morning hearing the renovators working with some loud equipment and the baby of the Italian family crying. I also felt very frustrated by all this noise. However, then a memory came to me. I remember between 18 and 24 months ago I had a dream. This dream was fairly blurry, but in this dream I knew that there were foreign people in my house. Not only did I know that they were foreign, but in my dream I also knew that they were Italian. Also, I knew that there was some sort of construction going on in my home and I remember feeling quite frustrated by it. At first I thought that my mind had just made this up. You know, once in a while you see something and your mind plays a trick on you and makes you think you remember it. However, I asked my girlfriend if she remember me telling her about a dream I had a couple years back about italian people in my home and renovations. She got pretty wide-eyed and said "Uhm - yeah. You're weird" I don't know if there is any substance to this, but if there is, I would like to know how to further pursue this and quench my curiosity. Thanks, Iggy

  • slowlygetnthar Apr 13, 2011

    The Australian Aborigines have retained this ability to dream and to have lucid precognition. It is a survival mechanism. Our fear of this probably arose from religious dogma, when the Church was busy relegating, to the realm of the devil, any experience that the Church could not control or explain. So, I honestly think precognitive dreaming and clairvoyance is natural, but we have had several centuries of having it conditioned out of us.

    You asked what to do to develop it. Yes to journalling. Also, keep time to yourself every day, even if it is just a half hour a day. Meditate. Do yoga or go for long walks and just let your mind relax. Part of why folks don't hear their connection to the universe is because they don't listen for it.
    Learn a little about remote viewing techniques, as well. It's good to practice opening the mind to be a clearer receiver. Moreover, some days, it will go well, and some days, there will be a lot of interference. That's natural. Over time, though, you will develop better clarity in what you receive. Also, I highly recommend reading things like Lynne McTaggart's books about research on the mind (The Field) and connectivity experiments (The Intention Experiment).

    What is weird or abnormal to me is being somnambulent throughout one's life or folks who are afraid to acknowledge these deeper connections to everything around us and to each other.
    Happy Trails!

  • desertrose Apr 13, 2011

    I have had similar experiences and it aggravates me to no end because i do not know why I have these dreams and "deja vu" experiences. i really do not like the weird feeling it gives me.

  • catseye52 Mar 06, 2011

    From the time I was a child I have had dreams that come true. A was adopted as a child but always dreamed I had a lot of brothers. When I found my birth parents I discovered I have 6 brothers. I dreamed I reconnected with a guy I knew from my teen age years and that he was in the hospital very sick and in a lot of pain.I could feel the pain, the hurt of his whole body and in my dream his mother was there but I couldn't see her.I would have dreams about him walking the streets of a big city to keep warm it was so cold out.It was so bad I would get out of bed and pray for him. Two years later I ran into an old friend I knew from my teen age years. He had a drinking problem for years and told me stories of him walking the streets to keep warm.Was now sober. We had a relationship for 4 years. He got liver cancer and died. He was in so much pain in the end stage I couldn't even touch him. When he passed away his mother was on the phone talking to me. I have too many stories to write down here.

  • Monica Beaton Jan 21, 2011

    I too had one (and only one) experience which I consider time or astral travelling while dreaming. In short, I dreamed that I visited a house in a town I knew in order to see some old friends that were temporarily in the area and were going to be there. I did not know the owner of the house or most of the people there but I did get to visit my friends. About a month or two later, the experience happened in my real waking life. Since then, I have tried to repeat it but to no avail. I do dream journal sporadically and can comment that I can usually tell the difference between ordinary dreams and what seems like astral travel but seldom do I think to venture somewhere on Earth while in that state.

    A personal goal of mine is to document an astral travel/dream experience and then be able to verify it with a waking one. Sort of like proof of the time travel or quantum state experience.

  • reikinurse Jan 15, 2011

    I agree with Scotian. Keep a dream journal: it's a great way to develop your intuition. I believe that dreams help us access the vast wisdom of our higher selves.

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    Ceolas Jan 09, 2011

    I've always had the shining gift of precognition since I was born. My mother recognized that something was different about me as an infant because even before I could speak, I would wake up from my sleep and 'know' thngs that I shouldn't- like where she put something or that someone was about to knock on our door. She said that I was always quiet, never cried and she would find me lying in my crib staring at the moon. Over the years, my sensitivity to the world around me has varied but I have always been able to completely trust and rely on my dreams. In fact, so much so, that I consider my dreams ( not the bizarre and silly dreams) to be the only true reality for me- one that is free from egocentric perception. It is my opinion that everyone has the ability to experience this precognitive dream state reality at any given time. However, because our modern minds are so overloaded with stimuli and we tend to be more focused on the material things around us, our senses become dulled or the messages are ignored. We don't need to rely on our intuition/awareness of the energy states about us like other animals because we are very social and rely on media, verbal language, technology and of course, the weather channel to inform us. hahahahah
    For some reason, I'm mostly sensitive to children in crisis and even unborn children ( I've dreamed about issues with babies in utero) I'm also sensitive to animals and their state of being. If there is a child that is in some sort of crisis, I will know it and I can find that child by the energy that the child's fear emits. I've also had dreams about the unborn babies of friends and coworkers. I had a dream one morning that my father and brother were in a horrible motorcycle accident and it was so disturbing that I ran downstairs and screamed at my mother to call the ambulance. Within 5 minutes, a man knocked on our door and told us about the accident. I also stopped my parents from taking a trip once and thankfully they listened because their scheduled flight crashed. I don't know how I can detect those sorts of catastrophes other than to say that maybe there is a higher power out there looking out for me. I really don't know. But, even so, I trust my dreams, I trust my intuition COMPLETELY.

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    wanderingspirit Jan 07, 2011

    Hi Iggyzadr,
    since I was 14 I've been dreaming about events that manifest themselves later on. I remember that very 1st dream (a romantic kiss by a new boyfriend) and though I was excited about the kiss I was also terrified because in my dream my dad caught me at it and slapped me in public. When I woke up I remembered the shame of it all, so for days I walked on eggs constantly looking over my shoulder. I had a new boyfriend at the time but after a few days when nothing happened I dismissed the dream as a product of my fears. Until... a few weeks later, the dream totally forgotten, I got my 1st kiss and bam my dad was upon me, right there and then he slapped me right in the middle of the promenade for everyone to see.
    Since then I've learned to respect my dreams, I've dreamed of places I would travel to sometimes years later but I would recognize the area, specific buildings and streets, smells and colors, I would even lead my husband along sometimes, remembering directions from my dreams. I would tell him what we were going to find ahead, sometime a particular house or a specific tree.
    I got used to the idea, I always tell my husband about my dreams when I get that "funny" feeling about them upon waking up, I dream in color and I remember fragrances too so that my descriptions are quite vivid. I also dream of spirits that bring specific messages even if it takes time to grasp their meaning, I even painted one.
    It remains a strange experience, especially when I realize I find myself inside my past dream in the physical moment but I have learned to take it as is, I'm happy though that my dreams are confined to friendly spirits or events in general. That very 1st dream (turned nightmare) was the only dire warning I ever got of an event involving negative consequences.

  • Scotian Jan 05, 2011

    I'd recommend starting to journal your dreams. As soon as you wake up, write down all that you can remember of what you have just dreamt. I had a similar experience to your's years ago and someone suggest I start doing this. Just by giving attention to your dreams you will dream MORE and much more vividly. Not only this but you will eventually begin to, on your own, decipher what some of these dreams mean. It really opens you up to a new source of information, the trick is learning to recognize the meanings behind it.

  • Iggyzadr Jan 02, 2011


    That's the word I was looking for. Couldn't think of it as I was typing =p
    Anyway, Thanks for the replies, I will be sure to check out the audio library. Will I ever have another experience like this? Who knows. However, next time it does occur, I'll definitely know more about it.

    Thanks again.

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    workinprogress Jan 02, 2011

    Iggy, what you describe is a precognitive dream, many people experience these and you are not wierd ( at least not as it relates to the dream) you can learn much more about this experience on this website, in the audio section of the library you wil find lectures discussing this very subject and additional information on this experience. Enjoy learning about your newfound gifts and embrace them, you may very well have many more of these experiences now that you are awware of them.

  • mysticmuse Jan 02, 2011

    There certainly are "True Dreams" as well as just ordinary ones. Dreams seem to mirror life, in that in waking life we have lots of ordinary experiences punctuated by some extraordinary or "True" ones. Of course dreams can be prophetic and there's a wealth of literature on that theme. Dreams can so be paranormal in other ways, e.g. you can share a dream with another person (I don't mean afterward, but as in having the exact same dream at the same time, a sharing of consciousness).

    Perhaps more importantly, dreams can be illuminating or enlightening in the spiritual sense and these experiences can transform our life as powerfully as an illuminating waking experience might do. I think this is another way of saying that true dreams are as real as any waking experience.

    Best Thoughts,


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    Patrick0927 Jan 02, 2011

    Sounds as if you are plugged into the true nature of "things". Becoming aware of the many ways conciousness experesses itself both around us, through us and in our dreams is such a beutiful path. It all seems so paridoxical until you start having conections such as you have had in your dreams. Kick back and "KNOW"....leave the learning switch turned on! I don't want to muck up your process with chatter. Enjoy

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