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Posted Dec. 27, 2010 by heavenlyflower in Open

commented on July 11, 2012
by A I



Hi, I am searching for like vibration/consciousness people. Has anyone here experienced the sense of other being self and self being other? Where your feelings and mind start to meld together into a sense of infinite space? It is just like a sea of consciousness, but it's not empty. It still has sensation but it is of love or bliss. It's like both people need to mirror this sense back to each other and it can also happen at a distance from my experience. it's like both people's minds are totally still and present and they realize that each person and all of reality is contained within them. I really need to meet people who understand this. Can you let me know? Thanks

  • A I Jul 11, 2012

    Oh yes, as I'm rested I will fill in something i didn't mention last thingy dingy. That, such practices that are mentioned, and I mentioned govinda, or the awareness of self at a point within self, or whatever it is, namless..hah, you can get into all sorts of trouble assigning it names, but, it is a sense of satisfaction, whic is, basically jsut the reliquishment of desire in the mental body, and also the expansion out of the husk of out usual self definition. It is a sence of profound peace is a term, and one gets a sense one has fulfilled ones purpose and so forth.
    In using various techniques, we can access it for a time, as we go up a qunatum level in union...and liek quantum levels and liek with photos, it reverts back as the technique works for a time. It does allow us, by expanding our awareness of a new experience, to be able to find it and maintain it I presume.
    It is differnt tha exstatis as that it's removed of a high, it's peace, serenity and can be seen as vastness, clarity nd all those words in certain texts......
    But, historically practces were made to reach this goal and often those practices one can get lsot in as they have level of exstacy, and so we can get side tracked.....
    It's rather odd. All depends on what one is lookign for. We seek diffent things....part of diversity...which is beauty.
    I try to not use terms or access any one area of mysticism or religon as all are, for the most taken from the root original teachings, removed frm interpretation beneficial, and again we notce tha all things are double edged.
    TO access and seek out particlar abilities, it's prudent, ahah, and William Blake has thigns t say about prudence which agree with, but, often we can get things that are more tan we are ready to deal with....so it's good to first heal the mind. As we become privy to things that can conflict with any self image related beleivs or desires. SO why i emphasive experamentation is good, but again, silencign the mind and anchoring nonesel within oneself is probabl y the best first step adn then abilities generally, appear gradually, or not....as they are merely, dormant as the mind is focused on what it beleifs to be, so the center of the most gross information.
    As we change our beleif system it perhaps, adjust what we can experience.
    ENlihtement has little to do with abilities than well being and awareness of who we are....and so to slowly cosndier teh idea that there is one....event, and adjust naturally to this, from indiviudal, to collective to universal......
    Ha and like Bill and Ted's excellant adventure, "Be excellant to each other."
    The greatest joy comes from helping others. Yay.

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    Jim Centi Jul 11, 2012


    Thank you for your recent posts. You have awakened something outside space and time, which connects voices from the past that haven’t been heard for a while. There is a oneness expressed in these voices that transcends the illusion of a separate self.

  • A I Jul 10, 2012


    At soem level of union, there are a number of level of consciosuness as it flows through the human bodty and so information is passed freely as union is made. at certai levels, we can have a period of tiem where we are aware of being a point in poitnessness, and thereis a great peace that is apparenent, called I think govinda in Hundu but not sure the term, at a certain lvel we can experience a sense of total satisfaction and ego dissolves but within union with another it does not last long, 4 hours or so at most. That as we union, focus energies awe are aware of higher energies as the union makes is more appret when ususlaly the mind is not aware in reglar state. But again depending on the level of consciosuness, differnt levels of intellgience pass. I read quick and am tired.
    BUt it's certain not not normal, just not I think general, but I dont' beleive it's terribly rarified.
    Such things eh, as we learn to move our energies with intent, and learn more abotu our sibtle bodies, then eh, blah blah. It can be something we can abuse and also give more interest tahtn I think is healthy. But it can have benefits. It's aprt of healing and often healers can feel the bodies of others, and the energy flowing, with empathy, the etheral bodies unite and we feel the emotional body...and both physiolgoies will act the same as the midn canot decipher between the two, and higher levels telepathy adn so on adn so forth. It's normal albeit.
    But to be taken with care and temperance. ALl thign shave two edges.
    In the higher vibratory worlds, time/space doesnt or isnt so applicable so long distance is not relevant as distance and time space are the qualtiies of the lower realms, and as we go into hgiher dimentional apsectsof self so there are differt qualties.
    Anyway, Most importnt is healign of teh mind and so on and so forth.
    We are inevitable in this body and it's good to respect or ground oruselve here.
    Any practices which teach or use such abilties have a singluar purpose which is to use qualities of who we are to make one aware that there is more, and then from that knwoeldge to seek self knowledge and so on and so forth.....
    Hope this is useful, am tired.

  • Sibylle Hajostek Jan 20, 2011

    yes, I know what you mean. I experience that with people to whom I am personally deeply connected. It feels like seeing the face of the other person in the air, smiling and the connection is there - "souls talking". It feels intense but also light, honest, true, very real and there happens an exchange of deep thoughts at a level beyond normal (what is "normal??") material life.

    Br, Sibdolphin

  • reikinurse Jan 15, 2011

    Sounds like what happens when I do reiki. Sometimes I can't feel where my hands end and the person's body begins. Sometimes all I feel is pulses of energy; I have to open my eyes to make sure I'm still standing and my hands are where they ought to be.

  • Mindlink0 Jan 07, 2011

    My own experiences and observations have shown me that there are many, many people who have similar experiences. There was even an American mathematician and philosopher, Franklin Merrell-Wollf, who developed a philosophy of "Consciousness-without-an-object-and-without-a-subject." What attracted me to FM-W was that his description of his realization was very similar to my own realization and his wonderful command of the English language added considerable profundity to my own experience.(See: "Experience and Philosophy" by Franklin Merrell-Wollf.)

    I like the concept that each of us is an integral part of the Natural Information System, in which the knowledge and wisdom of the ages is available to us.

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    normbnm Dec 31, 2010

    Hello heavenltflower

    Visit Truth or Consequences, NM . I came here 3 years ago and have no idea why. But, like many here maybe we have been directed here as we stay for reasons that go against "normal" logic. Norm

  • Larry Davis Dec 31, 2010

    see dean radin entangled minds

  • frequencytuner Dec 29, 2010

    It is known in the Zen Tradition as a Satori. It is a glimpse beyond the veil over Human comprehension. This is the gateway. Enter from here.

  • Neon1 Dec 29, 2010

    During two different Holotropic Breathwork sessions I experienced something similar to what your asking. In brief, I experienced myself in an ocean of consciousness as a drop of water, but my drop never lost its identity.

    During the next session I experienced, in waves of muted detail, the vastness of all of my previous lives (that drop of water).

    Minutes later, I experienced this particular life in even greater detail as a vast experience which I'd compare in size as a molecule.

    My conclusion was that this life is but a molecule of consciousness swimming in a larger drop of consciousness (all of my previous lives). And that this drop (my soul?) swims in the ocean of consciousness.

    My impression was that the assumption of separation from the ocean is an illusion; that life is continuous and unbroken flow. These experiences of mine seemed to be a lesson for me in scale as well as unity.

    I don't know if that helps, but I thought it might be similar enough to what you experienced. These are, of course, very personal experiences that are difficult, if not impossible, to put into words. Treasure your own experience as being unique, but be assured (and perhaps comforted by knowing) that similar experiences are being had by many people today.

  • frequencytuner Dec 28, 2010

    Your 'need to know' has brought you here heavenlyflower. You will not find what you are seeking here, but this place can be a guide to help you understand what's happening and for you to begin the inward journey to truly find what you 'need to know' within yourself.

    We are not alone.

  • GWBaer Dec 28, 2010

    Hello Heavenlyflower:

    I'm new to IONS and do not know whether this is appropriate or not, but, I have written a book whose subject matter is about navigating towards the condition that you have presented in your query. Perhaps you will find some of what you are looking for there. You can check out called "Corporate CPR: Resuscitating the Business of Humanity," at https://www.createspace.com/3526283.



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