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Evolution of Extended Human Capacities?

Posted Dec. 21, 2010 by Inquisitivegirl in Open

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commented on Oct. 30, 2011
by StephanieRenee1



From a purely biological definition of evolution, one would expect that extended human capabilites such as precognitive skills to avoid disaster or death would give a definite selective advantage to one who had them. This is assuming that such abilities are a normal part of the human experience and inherited traits. In fact anecdoctal evidence suggests that such qualities do run in families which supports the genetic based aspect. Evolution occurs over very large timescales, however I would expect that if you could avoid accident or death the selection would be so strong you would see an increase of such skills in the population in a timescale thats observable (100s of years). However I'm not aware of any research supporting this idea. Are people any more intuitive today then they were 1000 years ago? Or has an increase in the prevalence of other factors like fear, suppressed any advances such a selective process would yield? Are such skills more learned than inherant? In otherwords, it is like having the skills to be a star basketball player in a world where basketball has not been invented? I'm curious about anyone's thoughts on this. Thanks :-)

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    StephanieRenee1 Oct 30, 2011

    I agree that we humans are evolving into a species that either is recognizing these abilities or is developing them over time. I wonder if the government with its military has been aware of this for decades now, and that is the true reason for the creation of H.A.A.R.P. Is our government with its military along with the Elites of the world preparing for a world that they otherwise would lose control over without a device that can control our minds? I have been researching conspiracy theories lately, and I am currently researching the evolution of the human brain. I can only speculate that in some places these two topics are correlated and intersect at disturbing points. Has anyone else made this connection?

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    drcatherine333 Oct 26, 2011

    Everyone is intuitive. Experience is key in truly understanding how this is so.
    I am an expert, lecturer, and teacher in the field. From experience, I know everyone has this primary sense. Some are born withe higher ability just a small percentage of basketball players actually make it to NBA status...and of those very few play like Michael Jordan. Those who are in fear of or in denial tend to block or inadvertently ignore this innate ability. All of my clients who consult about developing their intuitive abilities are able to increase their precognition, telepathy, etc.
    Now, with the great shift of the ages, we are moving into higher vibrational frequencies and existing within the fourth and fifth dimension, people are more open and able to develop their intuitive abilities--often with little effort. With so many people opening and talking about their experiences, psychic phenomena are more socially accepted and understood as natural to human experience.
    Intuition is truly our primary sense.

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    Inquisitivegirl Jan 21, 2011

    Reddog, I agree with you...and I think it is likely such groups actually exist.

  • RedDog Jan 20, 2011

    I don't think we can assume that there is not an isloated group of humans on this planet or nearby, which are not, in all ways, more advanced than us. Such short sighted hubris can only end badly for the less enlightened. I would also state that more advanced, also means more enlightened. If I was in such a tribe, I'm pretty sure we would want to remain hidden. Most logically, in plain sight. Much the same way religion teaches us that there are Angels among us. We normal humans, with our skewed perspective and perception, would never know.

  • Sibylle Hajostek Jan 20, 2011

    Hello inquisitivegirl,

    I think you limit your considerations by focussing on the evolutionary, biological perspective only. I am sure that we miss some of our ancestors' intuition thousands of years ago because our environment has luckily changed. Assuming that you also live in a 1st world country as me we are not forced to fight for our lives on a daily basis. But be assured that your instincts would definately experience a high learning curve just in case you would come in such a situation (which I sincerely don't hope for you) :).
    Those instincts - may it be simple survival or your example with the ball - might partly be genetical, partly enforced by environment. Anyhow we face currently a period where intuition and the enlargement of consciousness is a chance to widen our horizons, minds, capabilities.

    So I add to your biological perspective also the spiritual one. I think it cannot be seperated as it wouldn't be wise to look at individuals as one-dimensional creatures.

    Br, Sibdolphin

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    Inquisitivegirl Jan 19, 2011

    "More advanced" than the average individual in a "developed" nation in acknowledging extended human abilities beyond the standard 5 senses and the ability to use those skills. But really, the only yardstick I can use is confined to what I know about the people I interact with in my immeadiate environment and what I read. If my impression is really reflective of the skills people have around me I have no idea of knowing.

  • RedDog Jan 18, 2011

    " One would then expect a civilization or isolated tribe existing today without the technology that we have to be more advanced, because selection for such traits would have been allowed to take place. "
    Good point.
    Now define "more advanced"?
    What are you basing that measuring stick upon?

  • Mindlink0 Jan 07, 2011

    My own experiences and observation support what frequencytuner said: The Human Being has always and will always have these innate abilities. Like, every physically able person can throw a ball, but not everybody can throw one through a basketball hoop. It takes practise, and with a couple of generations of practise it may become part of somebody's evolution. Similarly, everybody may have the ability to be aware of the influences which other people's thoughts, feelings, images and intentions have on his or her own thoughts, feelings, images and intentions; and vice versa. But if you don't use this ability, you lose it.

    The only thing that has helped me to become aware of and to have fun practising these abilities is an attitude of openness and receptivity to such abilities. No ritual, discipline or technique has been of help to me.

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    Inquisitivegirl Jan 04, 2011

    Interesting comments thanks.

    If technology is replacing use of our "other" senses I can understand why there is not an increase or selection for people who are strongly intuitive etc (if indeed these are genetic traits). One would then expect a civilization or isolated tribe existing today without the technology that we have to be more advanced, because selection for such traits would have been allowed to take place.

  • frequencytuner Jan 02, 2011

    The Human Being has always - will always - have these innate abilities. What changes over the course of 1000 years is the perception, recognition, acceptance and practice of these abilities. A good example to look at is how technology advances - as Red Dog pointed out - through the ages. Evolution does happens gradually - as a path - yet each step along the path is abrupt and violent. Look at things like Galileo's Heliocentric Solar System, Alchemy, Tesla's Wireless Energy, Gurdjieff's Fourth Way, Carl Jung's Collective and Archetypes, Paganism, Jesus, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Napolean, John Dee, Alexander the Great, Einstein, the Three Primes, Aether, Newton, Paracelsus, Pythagoras etc...

    As history unfolds the twined paths of Science and Religion have waged war against each other for over a thousand years, each calling the other the 'devil'. Both committing savagery and ruthless brutality and claiming the have all the answers. The tides are ever changing in this battle as neither one can exist without the other. It is the perceptions of the collective Human mind that shape and form how their world will become. The Western World represents "Science" and the Eastern World represents "Religion". This war is being fought within us right now and so it appears "outside" in the "world". The 'farther back into history' this battle goes represents how deep it's roots are, which come from the very seed of life itself. Truth be told, it is the imbalance between the two "forces" that all in existence appears within.

    Science represents Male and Religion represents Female. How the Collective Human Being perceives the contrast between these two forces is how it will appear.

  • RedDog Dec 30, 2010

    I don't have any data to back up my opinion, but I believe that people are less intuitive today that 1000 years ago and longer.
    The reason is simple; we don't have to rely upon innate intuition today with the explosion of EM based technology that allows
    us to exchange information, energy and, data with anyone else in the world that has the same technology.
    The rate at which we can now exchange information in seconds, took years a mere 100 years ago.
    Some may see this as an increase in aggitation. Like a nuclear reactor, when you increase the aggitation there comes a point
    at which a self sustaining chain reaction occurs.
    This is a bad thing in that example, and may also be as negative, in human communication rates.
    The inherent skills of mind to mind communication are stunted the faster our EM based technology grows.

  • frequencytuner Dec 23, 2010

    The key to what we call evolution lies in the perceptual conditions and circumstances surrounding and interacting with the said organism. All skills - positive and negative aspects on an individual and collective basis - as you believe are learned and then inherited in the seed. The collective organism is sewn into the very seed of creation that evolves out the preceding generation. Put simply, the ignorance of the dark ages - as a human condition - was sewn into the very DNA of every child born in that stage of evolution. As the collective human organism evolved, it's offspring were conceived, each stamped with the evolutionary signature of it's predecessors.

    It always has been and always will be the Alchemical Great Work that is the sole purpose of this organism of the Human Being.

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