The G20: Fighting for a Safe Spot on the Deck of the Titanic, by Ervin Laszlo

Posted Nov. 26, 2010 by Gyorgyi Byworth MA in Open

commented on Dec. 20, 2010
by Carol



The ship is heading into iceberg territory, but passengers in first class squabble among themselves to secure a safe spot on the upper deck. Does that make sense? To the leaders of the twenty richest and most powerful nations of the world, it apparently does.

The Leaders’ Declaration of the Seoul Summit of the G20 reads like a report of finance and trade managers faced with short-term emergencies. It centers on international trade disequilibria, discriminating exchange rate policies, volatile capital flows, and the threat of financial crises. It ignores the fact that the entire system in which these problems appear is in danger. That system is not just a financial and international trade system, but the system of human communities in the embrace of nature on the planet. It is destabilized by economic, social, and cultural conflict among peoples, and the deterioration of the ecologies that support life on Earth. The international community is equipped to make the worst of these threats: it maintains vast arsenals of weapons of mass destruction on hair-trigger alert. The ship is in danger of hitting an iceberg ahead, but its influential passengers refuse to recognize that it’s going the wrong way. They only see the crises that would inconvenience their comfort and threaten their privileges on board.

The Action Plan agreed to by the G20 leaders is a case study in narrowly focused short-term crisis management. It centers on five policy areas listed in this order: monetary and exchange rate policies, trade and development policies, fiscal policies, financial reforms, and structural reforms. Structural reforms are limited to boosting and sustaining global demand, fostering job creation, contributing to global rebalancing, and increasing “our growth potential.” The effectiveness of such reforms could hardly have inspired the confidence of the leaders themselves: at the conclusion of the Summit, President Obama felt compelled to go on television to address a plea to China and other trade surplus nations to stop growing by exporting to the United States.

The kind of growth that the G20 treats as a panacea, even when sustained and better balanced, is merely a continuation of the same unsustainable economic system that is now threatening the wellbeing and even the survival of vast underprivileged populations, altering the planet’s climate, and degrading its ecologies. Today’s looming climate, ecology, energy, and nuclear threats are not isolable into narrow specialty areas, and are not manageable by economic and fiscal measures alone. The world needs leaders who can redesign our societies to become socially, culturally, and ecologically viable. It needs comprehensive structural reform so that people could live in peace with one another and with the ecological systems that sustain their life. And it needs leaders who can address the major threats generated by the reckless orientation of our shared vessel: global warming and nuclear weapons.

If unstopped, the climatic changes produced by global warming will come together with such intense effect that no nation or group of nations will be able to halt or reverse it. According to projections by scientists such as James Lovelock, in the next 100 years more than 80 percent of the human species could perish due to climate-induced catastrophes, diseases sweeping wide territories, and mushrooming conflicts generated by the most massive migration of peoples in history – giant waves of climate refugees moving across the continents.

Faced with such dangers, the timely abolition of nuclear weapons is essential for our survival. We need a Nuclear Weapons Convention prohibiting the production as well as the use of all nuclear weapons in all circumstances. In a world aspiring to democracy, such a Convention must be built on the will of the people. A critical mass of individuals in all parts of the world needs to become aware of the suicidal implications of maintaining vast arsenals of weapons capable of killing the bulk of humanity and destroying most forms of life on Earth. A critical mass of awakened people is not utopian. In 21 countries, including the five major nuclear powers, polls show that 76 percent of people support negotiation of a treaty banning all nuclear weapons. But for now, despite the Internet and the rise of alternative media and forms of communication, the road to building a critical mass is effectively blocked. Nuclear weapons are about power, and governments have not given up what they perceive as a source of their power. Powerful military-industrial complexes are trading on the threat to national security created by the very presence of the military establishments that are called upon to cope with it. In the mainstream media there is a virtual blackout on the subject of the nuclear threat. In the absence of an enlightened leadership, it is nearly impossible to mobilize the will of the people to remove the nuclear sword of Damocles hanging over our heads.

It is ludicrous to squabble over short-term privileges and devise safety nets to ensure the kind of growth that has already brought us to the edge of disaster. The time has come to look the decisive issues in the face, and do something about them. But where are the leaders who are ready to do that? They are not at the helm of the G20, at least for now. Please see www.worldshiftcouncil.org.

  • Carol Dec 20, 2010

    I've been a student of the Abraham teachings (through Esther Hicks as seen in The Secret original video) and what they teach is that if each of us gets into the Vortex, which is simply a feel-good space emotionally, and spends 17 seconds vividly imagining the planet healing, people joining hands and hearts, cooperation instead of competition, etc., then the world would change accordingly by Law of Attraction. We cannot rely on governments to make the changes we need; we must BE the changes we want. It all begins with each of us doing the inner work.

  • KnowEthics Dec 11, 2010

    This noetic science is not a new discovery, it is just another way of proving an existing phenomena that has been accepted for a very long time. Mostly it has been thought of being only available to those who possess the intelligence to be able to use such knowledge, specifically within certain occult circles. The so called leaders of this global society have direcct access to most of this information and have been very successful in implementing it thoughout the whole of society, influencing the way we think which in turn, influences our environment both individually and collectively. With this becomming more and more obvious in our high speed information world it does feel like something dramtic might actually happen, as many many feel deeply. A pleasant outcome could be that people return to a more natural way of life and switch off to main stream mind programming or it may go the other way - become more immersed in the temporary and the transitory and remain slaves to a few power monsters at the top of the pyramid. Then there are others who will use this friction to assist them in going beyond the boundaries of dualities of this world and qualify themselves to return to the absolute reality. Every individual has a choice, at the moment we might feel scrambled between the three yet if we research each possibilty we may just be able to make the correct decision. Free will can be both a blessing and a curse as we innevitably reap what we sow.

  • Irv Thomas Dec 04, 2010

    It seems fairly clear that the power centers are not going to change their course or shift their positions vis a vis their conflicts and their goals. That means, essentially that we assume fairly individualized Community Power . . . to do the things we must, within and among our own communities, to take care -- not of ourselves, but of EACH OTHER.

    This, I believe, is the only conceivable path through the developing crisis. Self-reliance, with a Community Spirit beneath and over-riding whatever we do . . . a willingness to work together with the common good in mind. I don't know if it can save us, but it is the only approach that stands any chance of withstanding the approaching storm. Those who pursue it will be strengthened by their common resolve.

  • gangstaajoe Nov 29, 2010

    I believe that most of the enlightened people that would do something about nuclear weapons, would not get enough support unless all stick together which has been the profound problem from the begining. I think we absolutly should continue using are conciousness because if we do not then how are we learning be conciousness and deep lsitening can we learn the ability of forsight. (something I read in a previous article about the environment). If we as a whole world not just one nation of a few poeple would stand up and say enough is enough it is time for change then nothing will ever get done or if it does it will be to late. As history has shown time and again that it repeats it self even the saying that history is doomed to repeat it self is reapeated and so with that said if we do vchange now who`s to say that down the road we become ignorant again and go back dow nthe road we are now.
    Josef Sutherland, Windsor Canada

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Nov 26, 2010

    Thank you so much for posting this Gyorgyi! I would also encourage everyone to watch Deepak Chopra's
    powerful video that he released on Monday: Deepak Chopra introducing the WS-20 Declaration.
    This can be seen on the link you mentioned, You Tube, or just simply type in a search..
    So many of us do have awareness and do care but what does Ervin Laszlo suggest that we can
    all do immediately to step up? I consider the people on this Worldshift Council our leaders and have been studying
    as much as I can but what should we all do? Please add additional posts? Should we continue to use our consciousness?
    Thank you so much! love, Gretchen Dreisbach in Minnesota U.S.A.
    (p.s. whose maternal grandfather was an Azzaro from southern Italy!)

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