Psi Energy: Physical Change?

Posted Nov. 10, 2010 by goku in Open

commented on Dec. 23, 2010
by frequencytuner



so far i have learned that noetic science is to tap into the inner mind and to possibly harness that energy. this energy is known as "psi" energy i believe. if this is wrong please let me know, im still learning. but this interests me cuz in a popular animated television show DragonballZ the characters use this psi energy to "power up" and to unleash powerful beams of enery that can cause harm and destruction. is this out of reach physically for us? could the mind possibly be focused enough to tap into this energy to form physical changes? great enough changes to possibly use as weapons per se. maybe it could be done but it would more of a force push sort of thing. for example instead of a visible beam it is a transparent force of energy, like a concentrated gust of wind, aimed at a certain direction. this might be pushing the boundaries but the mind holds alot in store that we have yet to grab ahold of. many movies have been made about this "push" power but could it be possible? to tap into the mind and to harness this energy then to concentrate it enough to make a physical change. interesting...

  • frequencytuner Dec 23, 2010

    Psi, chi, kundalini, the force, AEther, quintessence, nous...etc etc etc. Words are made up of combinations of letters which are combinations of shapes which result in an image - a symbol. Look at the symbol on my picture. What is it? Where does it come from? What does it mean? Herein lies the transcendent power of symbols: their meanings, as well as their images can transform. For all practical purposes let us suppose that this symbol (mine) represents psi, chi, kundalini, the force, ether...etc etc. because in essence, it does. It also represents the sun in Astrology, Gold in Alchemy, a hydrogen atom in Chemistry, the Monad in Pythagorean mathematics and the list goes on. Every culture, group or organization that deals with this essence will refer to it in their own way. For example, the Chinese use the Yin-Yang, Kabbalist use the Swastika, Egyptians use the Ankh etc etc.

    Psi is Noetic, Kundalini is Indian, the Force is from Star Wars, AEther is an element in physics, Quintessence is Alchemical, Nous is Gnostic and Greek. It is all the same thing. Now, analyze each independently, and then collectively because each is viewing the same thing from a different perspective and will therefore hold a unique piece of the puzzle that the collective creates.

    Do not waste your time focusing your efforts on a single perspective. Approach from every angle. Absorb as much as you can...but stay away from modern new age ideologies for now until you are adept in ciphering...which could be a few years.

    FIRST AND FOREMOST: "empty your cup". Right now your mind is so full of what you already think that there is no room to know. As you gain knowledge you will gain the insight to know how to filter and cipher it properly. "You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink" What you learn is up to you and you alone. This is largely dependent on your underlying motivations. As you probe these areas deeper your will find things increasingly harder to wrap your mind around. The depth of your desire will equal to the depth of your penetration.

    My advise to you right now is to watch a couple of movies to start with IN THIS ORDER

    1. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5407431706601832542#

    2. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6736722752013377089&hl=en&emb=1#

    The rest is up to you...

  • gangstaajoe Nov 29, 2010

    I read a book recently called the lost symbol Dan Brown and in the book it made refernce to the sutdy of how sending positive thoughts to water that is freezing will make the water freeze perfect where as sending negative thoughts to the water made the water freeze imperfect so to me psi enegy is the thoughs of the human conciousness. though I could be wrong on the the right track but I am still new to this as well.

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    Blydys Nov 15, 2010

    Goku, you are really missing it. Psi energy exists, will you be able to shoot lightning beams out of your hands in a couple years, no. but the idea of collective energy as goku does in the spirit bomb is a real concept. you must understand that it takes an emense amount of energy and focus to fly around and shoot energy balls. Like reddog said years of training is involved. Remember that only a max of 10 percent of teh human mind is used, we have much room for improvement and far more possibilites than we give ourselves credit for.

  • goku Nov 11, 2010

    thank you good sir

  • RedDog Nov 11, 2010

    You stated in your original post that you are new to what IONS is all about. If you have a specific interest in Goku like abilities, then you are better served learning more about the people that started this board and why. For example; Edgar Mitchell walked on the moon, but his experience traveling between the Moon and Earth was more powerful on him than anything else. You need to understand why, to understand psi energy. You cannot be told the answer.

  • goku Nov 11, 2010

    no that kid would destroy himself. so what is your point behind the question. sorry if i seem a little naive

  • RedDog Nov 11, 2010

    No, my point is that the term has different meaning depending upon your understanding of what "mental energy" is.
    It would appear your interest is in using mental energy outside the other 5 physical senses to manipulate something
    in this physical world. My question to you is; would you give a young child a loaded .44 magnum to play with while
    skipping the years of traning, teaching and explanations behind the use of chemical projected weapons?

  • goku Nov 11, 2010

    so red dog are you saying that there is no psi energy and that it doesnt exist?

  • RedDog Nov 11, 2010

    Psi Engery is nothing more than a word. It's meaning is filled with deception depending upon your filters and you've got some interesting ones from popular culture. To understand the concept of Psi Energy, you must first understand what Energy itself really is. Without that knowledge any answer you get here will be deceptive or meaningless.

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    chockboy Nov 11, 2010

    truthfully i am not really familiar with wat psi energy is but the fact that beings is all energy stands.noetic science is fusing the physical sciences with real life experience and spirituality.i suggest dat u all will get perfect understanding of psi energy if u study more physics especially dat having to do matter-energy interconvertibility nd a little unified field theory.

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    Sias Nov 11, 2010

    yes your mind can influence the physical matter arround you. Look up un youtube.com > What the bleep do we know (part 4 ) ( i think that was the right one) it is a experiment how tought influence the water molecules. very intresting. i hope this helps you any further.
    I'm still learning to , and I think everyone in the Noetic sience area is so I can't say anyting for sure only make a prediction.

    Greetz Sias

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