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This post is probably going to be controversial for some people depending on what our beliefs are and how emotionally attached we are to this reality and our ideological principles. I view that nothing in realities like this one is eternal; it’s transitory as nothing ever stays the same including the species we call human.

Energy Sources: First of all I would like to start off with something quite controversial, high conscious entities needing to be of lower vibrations to exist in realities of low vibrations like this one. How would such a high vibrational entity exist within such a low vibrational existence? A high vibrational entity or energy source couldn’t exist in such a state unless it became physically and mentally of a lower vibrative energy source. I feel the higher an entity is the lower the form this higher entity needs to take on to even remotely exist within a reality like this one. This means a higher energy source/entity needs to either choose a life of misery or opulence, an egotistical life. Does this mean everybody else who isn’t living in misery or of opulence isn’t of a higher vibratory energy source? Not exactly!!

What has happened is a lot of the people who are between living in misery and opulence have either learnt to exist in a low vibratory existence, without needing to exist in a low vibratory form, or are not aware of a higher vibrational existence, in other words they have never, at the soul level, existed as a higher vibration than what they are now. It takes a lot of energy for a high vibratory energy source to exist in a low vibrational existence, as this reality, which manifests itself as physical and mental misery or opulence. What I am saying is, because these higher energy forms exist in low vibrational realities, they have created misery and opulence within realities like this one, they have made this reality what it is today, chaotic and destructive. You might ask how could a higher more loving entity/energy source create such a thing and the answer is ignorance, the lower the vibrations are within a reality the more in ignorance we are in to exist in such a reality, a high vibrational entity needs ignorance to exist in such realities as this one. Low vibrations are indicative of ignorance.

Ask yourself this, could a high energy source as God exist as an individual in realities like this one without being in a lower vibrational form? The answer to me is of course no. I did say it was going to be controversial!!

Consciousness: We exist in a transitory ever changing reality/existence, humans haven’t always been humans as is the same with the planet we are on, it’s always changing, nothing in realities like this one are permanent/eternal. This is because everything that exists is made up of vibrational frequencies; nothing can exist unless it’s vibrating. No vibration is eternal within this kind of reality for the main reason realties like this one are made up of fragmented consciousness, once you fragment consciousness you create a consciousness that will always change like the human species for example. The human species has evolved from completely different forms as it changed with it environment and the more it become aware of it’s environment the more the human species changed.

A non-fragmented consciousness is in tune with itself, in other words it doesn’t have various a numerous vibrational frequencies to contend with for the main reason this kind of consciousness isn’t fragmented. Once you fragment consciousness, you bring into existence various and numerous vibrational frequencies that create various forms such as the human species for example. This is due to these forms being created from fragmented consciousness; anything created from fragmented consciousness is transitory. This is why a high energy source, like what we call God, isn’t transitory but eternal.

Science: This is the problem in being fixated on a particular ideological principle such as science or the various religions; a problem exists because we think our ideological principles are eternal when we live within an obvious transitory reality created by fragmented consciousness. This is a strange existence, how could we think that anything within a fragmented conscious reality is going to be eternal? Science might say that this is a molecule, once a molecule always a molecule; you can’t change this law like the law of relativity. Once anything becomes law or of doctrines we have determined that these things are of eternity when we exist within a transitory reality created by fragmented consciousness, this makes no sense to me!!

Does this mean a molecule doesn’t exist or the law of relativity isn’t viable or that religious doctrines are nonsense? No, just because consciousness was fragmented, which in turn created various and numerous vibrational frequencies, doesn’t mean these things don’t exist or are not viable, it just means they are not eternal. Science, as the same as religion, believes their ideological principles are eternal, they are either law or of doctrines/rules that can’t change, this of course happens when people live too much in ignorance and the more fixated we become to a particular ideology the more in ignorance we become. This of course in turn creates more chaos and destruction as ignorance is of lower vibrations. In a higher vibrational existence, it is impossible to create chaos and destruction because of the awareness as opposed to ignorance, anything of awareness/wisdom cannot create chaos or destruction as the same of a higher source of energy as God can’t individually exist in a lower form of being.

You would think I love being controversial but I don’t, I’m really only writing what comes to me, how much I write about is viable is up to the individual!!

  • Silverghost Aug 13, 2014

    "We ...really are... the weather/whether!"

    An interesting way in looking at it, yes we are creators in our own right, we create what we perceive which is driven by our mentality at the time, we create the weather, the reality through our mentality.

    The real truth of the core can't be changed mainly because it's of timelessness and because it's of timelessness consciousness isn't fragmented. To create this weather, we need time which is of fragmented consciousness, is this fragmented consciousness a lie, an illusion, as opposed to the core truth? I don't think so because this fragmented consciousness is still of the whole consciousness, yes it's in parts but it's still of this whole consciousness.

    It's funny observing scientists and religious people trying to find truth within and through a fragmented consciousness, I suppose this is where the ancient texts basically tell us that it is futile in finding truth in this way. It's like putting a jigsaw back together without having all the pieces to do so, this is why it's moronic one ideological principle separates itself from other ideologies to find this truth. By doing this we are missing some of the pieces, flawed logics!!

    However we must find our own way but this isn't going to happen by separating ideologies within their separate groups to give us the core truth, this is where the illusion comes into I suppose. If science thinks it can do it alone that is living a lie, if religion thinks it can do it alone that is also a lie, all they can do is create a lie, an illusion. No ideology on it's own has the utter truth at the core level, if it thinks it does, that is an illusion. Some ideologies are more of this truth for the main reason they have incorporated other ideologies within the equation, they haven't fragmented consciousness to the same degree as other ideologies.

    Modern day science derived from this fragmentation, this separation from other ideologies, it's basically living a lie and it's basically delusional if it thinks it can do it alone. However, some of the quantum physics theories these days delve into the mystical, IONS is another good example of using numerous ideologies to find the core truth, times are changing for science as science should always evolve.

    We are on the same railroad but on different tracks which is great, we can give each other a different perception of what is......

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    RealityOverScience Aug 13, 2014

    I have never said to follow what the Ancients have said as anyone's sole authority. In fact, it is very recently that I have provided any external resources here on these boards to appease those insisting I was making up what I've been posting. I have even created numerous threads here saying 'no external resources allowed,' essentially, to encourage folks to commit to reasoning through things directly for themselves.

    The whole purpose of "doing the work" is to realize ~ oneself ~ as the ultimate authority on what the Universe is doing, but that requires re-balancing of oneself, which can be excruciatingly painful to a lot of people, which is why the notion of everything being subjective persists as the world's convenient way to avoid "doing (that) work."

    Genuine authority comes from truth/being real/living in reality. Consciousness/Enlightenment is the real reality. Everything else becomes the evening/*even*-ing news, which is like a waste basket where all the imbalances collectively go. Aka... Consequences! We ...really are... the weather/whether!

    The Ancients (as in sentients, sages and solitary realizers of every generation over many thousands upon thousands of years) have had no choice but to ultimately discover the ~ exact same Universal Answers ~ because those Answers are a *reflection* of their own inherent physics, because they are not in any way separate or detached from the Universal Fabric/Physics. So anyone being genuinely true to themselves nowadays likewise will ultimately realize the ~ exact same truth/*process* ~ at the Core.

    Convention has no real subjectivity, only distraction and delusion from a very narrow, very limited "parade view." On 9/11/01, even Pennsylvania was no accident! The Universe, with its humongous "parade view," already *knew!*

  • Silverghost Aug 12, 2014

    G'day Ros

    We need to find our own way in our own way, we need to start thinking for ourselves instead of continuously relying on external sources to think for us, ancient texts and writing's can be a guide but never the be and end all especially in regards to thinking for ourselves.

    You will notice a brilliant scientist like Einstein for example took in what was needed from external sources but used his own mind power to deduce that not all of Isaac Newtons theories were correct. If Einstein didn't think for himself, we would probably still be praising all of Isaac Newtons theories, science evolved further because of this, one man thinking for himself.

    Can we just rely on our internal sources to think by without external influences? Yes I believe so, through the inner self where all of what is has always been however most of us haven't the mentality to understand or even know this, most of us still need external sources to think for ourselves.

    How many times on this discussion board have certain people solely relied on other people's thoughts, it is obvious they have not learnt to think for themselves, they have no idea how too. A lot of us still need external sources to think for us, that is their present mentality, how can anyone think for themselves without external sources to at least program the mind to start thinking in the first place!!

    Ancient texts tell me we don't need external sources but to rely totally on the inner self, our true nature.......Collectively, we can't do this at present so we do need to rely on external sources either to think for us or at least give us some idea in how to think for ourselves.

    Don't get me wrong Ros, external sources of knowledge are needed to find our own way either it be ancient or not but we must start to find our own way entirely, once we obtain this, we have found our true nature and have started thinking for ourselves entirely.

    The past is a guide to our future, it's not our future!!

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    RealityOverScience Aug 12, 2014

    Also, what is so important about the ancients and their writings/drawings/art/architecture, etc., is that...throughout all the many, many generations that can fit inside, say the last 10,000 years or so, and beyond, all those sages and solitary realizers, scholars and others who have successfully restored themselves to *balance,* and hence having been reunited with the highly interactive, blatantly demonstrative Universal Core Physics, have and continue to come face to face with the ~ exact same Truth! ~

    Billions have lived in denial of it, countless millions have devoted their entire lives to faulting it, and *still* the Ultimate Reality persists the inescapable, translucent...


  • Silverghost Aug 12, 2014

    G'day Ros

    When I read the third paragraph of your reply I laughed, that's an interesting way in looking at how people react to being blanketed by time and space (universe), quite apt.

    I don't think you can have time without space so when I'm talking about time I'm also relating this to space, in this instance I seem be saying in timelessness there is no space and that would be correct, what space does thought vibrations (consciousness) inhabit? It's all but consciousness.

    Becoming conscious first, wise or wiser, yes most definitely. The reason I relate consciousness to wisdom is being conscious is about awareness, we are not aware while we stay within ignorance so we are certainly not wise within this ignorance. Ignorance to me is being unconscious even though through ideologies like science we are obtaining more awareness about ourselves but only to a certain extent because of our ignorance. To me we are barely conscious (wise).

    Thanks for your helpful advise and input, this kind of constructive comment is always welcome, I wish more people on here were like you Ros.

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    RealityOverScience Aug 12, 2014


    Your writings demonstrate, to me, the importance of varied perspectives ...needing... to be represented on these IONS boards, because it's not just what people say, but also how they say it...how folks *process* their experiences, in search of the Answers they seek.

    Personally, I find folks' contributions very intriguing, from a perspective of observing *the search* and what folks do with their own observations.

    As I read your posts, I visualize someone having had thrown a literal "fabric" of the Universe over them, and they are flailing about underneath the weight of it, arms and legs in movement, trying to find their way back out of it again. The hills and valleys of that flailing are the stretches and resiliences, the pushes and pulls, of timeXspace, which I can hear as I read.

    If I may, I would suggest that as you explore the concept of "time," you likewise relate those explorations with "space," because they are *relative* to...each other, serve as checks and balances for each other, and would therefore provide Answers more readily for you if explored together.

    Also, while you emphasize a purpose for an individual journey, you could likewise consider that folks can well have their individual experiences and adventures after responsibly putting forth the effort to become Conscious first. That way, they don't inadvertently contribute to the horrors of the evening/*even-ing* news along the way, and remain ever mindful of the consequences to both themselves and others, as they experience those adventures.

  • Silverghost Aug 11, 2014

    Do we relate everything of time as being of an illusion? Many do but just because it's of time does it make anything of time an illusion, is time an illusion? Again many people think so but I don't.

    Time to me is representative of fragmented consciousness and timelessness is representative of a non-fragmented consciousness, what a number of people call oneness. Just because this whole consciousness is fragmented through time, does it make anything of time and time itself an illusion? I just don't think so as it's still consciousness no matter what form it takes......

    What I don't do is separate one consciousness from another, yes they react differently under different circumstances but it's still all of the same consciousness fragmented or not.

    I view that science and spirituality are trying to, through further awareness, un-fragment this consciousness again in time. Can we un-fragment consciousness when time is fragmenting this consciousness? I believe we can, it's all to do with our mentality of what times actually represents, once we become aware that time is represented of fragmented consciousness, we can then realise we don't just have to exist in time and actually we live in timelessness while experiencing this consciousness in time. Just because time is of fragmented consciousness doesn't make time and anything else experienced in time an illusion.

    Yes I know their are a lot of religious ancient texts that say otherwise, just because they are ancient doesn't make them correct in my mind. To evolve we need to expand on our mentality, modern day science is a good example of this however modern day science is certainly not the be and end all. Todays science mentality will evolve, in another thousand years time science will look nothing like it does today unless it thinks today it's the be and end all, this the same mistake religion made, stick by the old world mentalities and don't evolve.

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    Jim Centi Aug 11, 2014


    My illusion was to think that you were what I thought you were.

  • Silverghost Aug 10, 2014

    G'day Jim

    Illusions is a difficult one, to a lot of people illusions means something isn't real, to me it just means it's only part of what is real or of the whole self.

    Is this reality or any reality an illusion? No because it's all of consciousness, if it wasn't it couldn't exist or we wouldn't be conscious of it however I have a view it's by far not all we are. The illusion to me is it's not all we are when we think it is!!

    Yes I would agree, any kind of intimacy with a higher consciousness would dismantle our personal selves as we know it, the strange thing is though it wouldn't worry us.

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    Jim Centi Aug 08, 2014


    Your topic touches me deeply, to the degree that I haven’t been able to determine how to respond.

    In me, your topic resonates very closely with the book “Living with a Wild God”.

    In both venues, there is the paradigm of a higher energy vibration attempting to exist within a lower energy vibration. I lightly presume, with the intention of communicating with or merging with lower forms of energy vibration.

    At this point, I will revert to my personal experience.

    I hold in high regard the neuroscience proclamation that the human sense of self and its notion of freewill are both illusions.

    It appears that intimacy with a higher form of vibration contributes to dismantling my personal self and its illusion of freewill.

    Would you care to comment on this?

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