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Making sense of precognitive dreams...?

Posted Oct. 25, 2010 by Inquisitivegirl in Open

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commented on Sept. 30, 2014
by NicoleL10



I have had many dreams of things that have then occurred within the next day or so. Or, if a reoccurring dream it was a disaster (such as 911). I knew my husband before I met him, and from my dreams knew that I would have to travel far to meet him, and what kind of place he would live in (it was a different country). Such a dream was so strong, that when I first met him I knew he would be my future husband.

What I can't make sense of is some dreams where the people seem real...very hard to explain. I have many vivid and lucid dreams. Some people seem like "dream" people...unclear, vague, of my mind, and others seem clearer like real emotion is being communicated from them to me. Recently I met a person who I swear I had met before, but I think it was in a dream. There seems to be no importance to meeting this particular person? I should also add, although this sounds strange, I have met a coworker in a dream who I had been having a problem with, we worked things out in the dream..the person seemed very "real" in my dream and the next day for no reason that person smiled at me for the first time and we got along fine ever since. Do you think you can meet people in dreams? Have simultaneous dreams? What is the significance of meeting in real life someone you previously met in a dream?

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    NicoleL10 Sep 30, 2014

    Hmm I have had these dream of a little boy about 3 since I was 15 years old. I am now 22.The last time I have dreamt about him was about a year and half ago. But He was much older like 9 and had a younger boy with him. I had walked up to a house and looked inside the window there was adult woman with blonde hair and a man standing next to her. she was yelling at him as if he did something really wrong . I did not like the way she yelled at him because at the point I've already felt as if he was my son. though the little boy next to him looked related to him had me curious. My past dreams of him when I was a teenager I had dreams of me carrying him like he was my kid. I had one dream That I was supposed to adopt him. I called him Jumbi. I did adopt him In the dream. I had brought him home to house I lived in my dream but Wasn't my house in my waking life at that time. Not sure if that was supposed to be my future when I became on my own. After the more recently dream I had with the little boy that was with him I had 2 more after that but haven't had anymore dreams of them anymore. I know the last 2 were my conscious and not a visions. I have other dreams of meeting people in my dreams before they came in my waking life. but the weirdest thing is when I dream about people before I meet them in my real life I'm like best friends with them in the dreams but when they come in my waking life we barely speak to each other. though my question is should I believe these children are real and wait till I eventually meet them and I hope I adopt them. IF they are real I know they are in foster care.I also know where I could look, what adoption place to look if they are real

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 29, 2012

    I have dreamt of a person and then, met him about a year and a half later. It was when I was trying to go to Africa with Peace Corps, many years ago. In the dream, I was walking with a man, talking about life's purpose and spiritual topics. Then, he suddenly stopped and told me to run back to where I had come from. So, I turned and ran back along the mountainside path to where our walk had originated.

    About 18 months later, in Africa, I was with a bunch of people alighting from a bus. This man was there, and began bowing to me in a sort of Namaste greeting. Later, we crossed paths again, and he did this again, ignoring the other people I was with. I was so astonished, I did not ask him why he did this. Just after that, due to medical issues, I had to return home. He was like a harbinger of some sort.

    Also, my cousin and I had the same dream, once, at the end of 10 days of camping together. I wonder if our brains had simply sync-ed up in all the quiet wandering around on beaches and woods, giving us windows into one another's thoughts.

    Aravind, if you are trying to see what someone is doing, you may need to try remote viewing. It is easier than lucid dreaming.

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    aravind Feb 29, 2012

    need answer desperately:: is there any possibilies to find any actions from a person while dreamin?

  • mysticmuse Jan 09, 2011

    "Have simultaneous dreams?

    For this one, a definite yes. When I was 16 years old, I shared a dream with friend, who lived a block down the street from me. Would not have known it, except I went to visit him the next day and for no apparent reason the subject of dreams came up. I began to tell him my strange dream from the night before, when I noticed the shocked expression on his face. I paused in the middle of my dream story to ask what was wrong. At that point, he told me the rest of my dream exactly as it unfolded, because of course, he had had the same dream on the same night.

    In retrospective, the content of our shared dream was very strange, yet not important. What is important, is that when one has a veridical experience of this kind, it has some obvious and powerful implications. The gist of this is, as Walt Whitman wrote, the unequivocal insight that:

    "We are not contained between our hat and boots."


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    workinprogress Dec 19, 2010

    The information I mentioned about the Feta waves and these events occuring during that early morning sleeptime came from SRI back in the late 70s I contacted them to talk about my experiences and see if they could make them STOP, it was at that time that I received the information. They only way I know of telling my precognitive dreams from my other dreams is the REALNESS of them I am usually lucid and have good clarity about the events that are taking place, with practice you will be able to see the difference in time. These dreams are not easy for me to contorl, as in I can't determine when I will have them or how frequently they will occur, I do know that having a glass of wine in the evening before bed does seem to interfere, also if I have exercised during the day I have them more often, all in all living a clean lifestyle with nurishing food and plenty of water , anything that promotes good deep sleep seems to allow that window to open more easily. The truest tell is when the event occurs in your waking life, then confirmation has happened for you. I write all dreams down as soon as I wake and this helps me recall details. Of course when that big pink elephant is chasing you down the rabbit hole ( you can pretty much figure that is not a precognitive dream) : )

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    Inquisitivegirl Dec 19, 2010

    @ work in progress...
    I find it interesting that you mention that precognitive dreams occur when the brain has entered a theta (is it theta?) wave state around 4-6 am when you are well rested. Do you know where this information comes from? I find it interesting, because I only have precognitive dreams at that time, and only when well rested (although I admit, they are VERY infrequent). This infrequency may be related to the inability to get enough sleep for the past few years. It sounds like your precognitive dreams occur with a much higher frequency. How do you tell the difference between the precognitive dreams and other dreams? Mine do not have a distinguishing quality with the exception that several precognitive dreams had landmarks (bodies of water, land, etc) so that I had a reference point to where the event was/would occur.

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    workinprogress Dec 19, 2010

    I re read you original post, what you describe are precognitive dreams, I understand that most of these take place when the brain has entered the feta wave state that is after REM and a restful sleep usually between 4am and 6am for most of us. I can't tell you if there is any "meaning" to meeting people in your dreams first, I understood that these encounters are simply a view of what is coming your way, as a mechanism to navigate our world, almost a survival mechanism, that is if you experience something negative in one of these dreams, you may be inclined to take a different route or to avoid a specific person. It sounds as if you have great recall and through your lucid dreaming have developed the ability of precognitive dreaming. I remember my first few years of precognitive dreaming were filled with fear, it was a very scary experience to see an event in it's entirety with full blown details, to then wake and write it down and the to have the event occur verbaten, it was scary! Thank goodness my husband was present during this time and had read my dream writings on a daily basis so when the event occured he was prepared for it. I even tried to stop the process it was so disturbing to me. You sound as if you have a good handle on what's happening. I've come to realize that there is no particular "drama" to these experiences, that is most of them are simple everyday occurences with no particular dramatic event, although I have seen some pretty "big" stuff mostly it's just boring day to day. So I'm thinking that for you too these meetings with people before you meet them in an awake state are just views of things to come in you life, so pay attention and accept that your are normal, you just have a window open that many others do not have that allows you see tomorrow, or next week or nine months from now etc. Soon you will be able to tell the difference from a precognitive dream and other types of dreams, you have such clarity, and you will be able to remember them, they feel so real because they are.

  • AlexandriaG Dec 18, 2010

    I have always dreamed in color. I can't remember ever dreaming in black and white.

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    Inquisitivegirl Dec 17, 2010

    work in progress..
    I think you have a very good point. Because I was able to redirect and exert control over my very vivid dreams from an early age I became fascinated by dreams. When I was only 7 or 8 I read everything I could find in the youth section of my small local library that related to dreams, telepathy etc...even psychology.

    At that time (when I was only about 8) the current belief was that we all dreamt in black and white. I always had very colorful dreams, so I realized then that the "experts" don't know everything. The interest in dreams, ability to control them, interest in related topics, combined with a distrust of authority that said these things "couldn't" exist probably all contributed to the ability to continue having lucid dreams as well as being open to precognitive dreams and experiences.

    I also think it all starts with the ability to remember dreams (or simply by practicing remembering dreams)..which is one of the first steps to developing lucidity. I would bore my family every morning at breakfast telling them about my dreams when I was growing up, this allowed me to develope the ability to clearly remember my dreams. Perhaps everyone would have similar experiments if they took the same steps to fully experience the dreaming state.

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    workinprogress Dec 17, 2010

    Inquisitive Girl,
    One of the similarities between us was the ability to direct our dreams when we were kids, perhaps this ability kept alive some connection within us to have precognitive dreams in later life. When you wonder why this window is open in some and closed in others, practice of lucid dreaming may play a large part.

  • AlexandriaG Dec 16, 2010

    Thanks. I think the nightmares have continued for so long that I don't trust my subconscious to direct the dream again. They have to stop, so I will continue with telling myself as I fall asleep to control the dream.

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    Inquisitivegirl Dec 16, 2010

    You can learn to redirect your dreams (see lucid dreaming post). The way to start is to teach yourself to learn to recognize that you're dreaming. Before you fall asleep think about what you will do once you dream to test yourself. Maybe you will look at your hand, and see that it looks unusual and will realize you are dreaming. I began lucid dreaming as a child to escape from nightmares. My nightmares were so terrible that my mind simply said...this must be a dream to be so terrible...wake up! I was then able to wake up, or redirect to a pleasant dream. I have also found that a cup of Valerian Root tea helps calm my nighttime anxiety and allows me to sleep more peacefully.

    Since you were able to redirect your dream once, I think you will learn to get better at it, I'm sure it's not a one time thing. The more you consciously think about it and aim to redirect your dream prior to falling asleep the easier it will be.

  • AlexandriaG Dec 16, 2010

    Has anyone here been able to direct their dreams while dreaming?

    For the last five years I have chaotic nightmares, every night without fail. Needless to say, this has effected my health as I have not been sleeping well, or very much. I've been to every type of doctor trying to find out why I only have nightmares. No luck.

    For years I have been trying to redirect these nightmares, and last night I finally accomplished taking control in the dream. I'm hoping this was not a one time event.

    I have had prophetic dreams for as long as I can remember. They always come to fruition. I have been able to warn a friend and she listened by changing the pattern of her life that day. Long story, but the event still happened, she just wasn't there and so her life was saved.

  • RedDog Dec 14, 2010

    It is always a matter of perspective when trying to describe these kinds of events. Naturally, when a seeming future event is grasped in a lucid, waking or dreaming state and pulling into this waking reality. Lineal times comes into the perspective, so calling it precognition only makes sense, as past events would be post cognition from the same perspective.

    You hit upon the fuzzy area of awareness from a dreaming state of pre cognition. To the dreaming mind, it is simple cognition or the attempt to make sense of something viewed in a non-lineal dream state and assign a meaningful story in lineal time. Our physical brains need to organize information, like a computer, in a lineal fashion, so when exposed to non-lineal information, there is some kind of automatic decoding or uncompressing that our brains do to make sense of the data. Otherwise it is just noise. So, it makes sense that this process is corrupted by our lineal filters and conditioning, hence the general inaccuracy of the pre-cognative non-lineal information.

    Some are better at assigning meaning, when they have less filters and conditioning to pass the informatin through. I'm not one of those.

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    Linlyn Dec 12, 2010

    I’m new to IONS. I hope it’s OK if I jump in and make a comment. As I understand things, there is no time. Everything is happening simultaneously in quantum reality. Our brains serve as a bridge between quantum reality and physical reality, and cause us to experience timeless quantum reality as single, sequential events in physical time. However, our consciousness extends from physical reality to quantum reality to spiritual reality. So it’s possible for our consciousness to apprehend an event in quantum reality before that event has been processed by the brain and brought into physical reality as a time specific event. I think dreams may be one way that our consciousness explores both quantum and spiritual realities. The question that comes to my mind: is it really “pre” cognition? There is no time, only the illusion of time created for us by our brain. Is the fact that it seems to be an event in a dream at one point in time and an actual event at a later point in time, just an artifact of the brain’s processing?

  • RedDog Dec 07, 2010

    Feelings of paranoia are what we would call the "horns of a dilemma" when dealing with something which is voiced as a feeling.
    I think women are much better at action through the heart, sans the head getting involved. So as a male, I'm naturally more
    interested in how such a feeling manifests for you. Seems like you have more than a few seconds, that your "feeling" precedes
    the event or events by a fair margin.

    This should give you time to actually grab onto that "feeling" and probe its origins. It is OF you, so searching your heart
    should allow a connection to your head which will put verbal meaning to the feeling. These incidents you report are more
    than the brains ability to take in all available data in your environment and like the powerful computer it is, extrapolate danger
    to these situations. No, I think your sensative to the sideband communication which is outside this reality and time, giving you
    a hazy image of events which might impact you physically, such as being struck by a car. It is the awareness of that special
    frequency unique to you and your life, which allows you precognative information, that can be invaluable.

    I'm trying to become more aware of it. Something like that background music one tunes out in a department store. It is there all the time
    but I've become so used to tuning it out, I don't hear it anymore....until it blares!

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    Inquisitivegirl Dec 06, 2010

    Interesting Reddog, I'm willing to believe that precognitive dreams and conscious precognitive knowing are basically the same kind of event. Perhaps precognitive dreams occur more frequently to people who don't listen to their subconscious voice when they are awake? I have also had precognitive "warnings" when I was awake (although not recently). One may have saved my life. For me, when they occurred it felt to me like a persistant nagging in my to take action, and I followed the suggestion just to make that feeling (almost like an aggravating itch) go away. One time..I was watching a firework display in a crowded downtown area of a major city with friends. I suddenly got the feeling that I had to move to another location...and fast. I somehow convinced my friends to relocate 20 feet to the right. 5 minutes later some nutcase gunned his car through the crowd right where we had previously been standing. Many people were hit, luckily none were killed, our new location allowed us to jump on top of parked cars to avoid the crowds and the out of control car. During another incident I was watching a school hocket game with friends, I suddenly got nervous about sitting so close to the ice...so we moved. A few minutes later a puck flew out and hit the seat I had previously been sitting in. These incidents made me a bit paranoid about "bad feelings" about things :-) Luckily I haven't felt anything in years since then (which is simply a terrible nagging uncomfortable feeling). Until recently....over the past months I have felt like I should not travel intercontinentally over the holidays (which I was likely to do, but it was not set in stone). I have since decided to stay home...and am worried that I am overreacting to that nagging feeling (which has since disappeared since I decided not to go). It's hard though..you don't want to feel like you are being overly paranoid or losing your mind!

  • RedDog Dec 06, 2010

    Personally, I'm more interested in precognative waking states.
    Today I had one that I should have listened to. I'm so busy with looking at my own thoughts that
    my reaction time is limited. I'm always questioning if my thoughts are original to me, or preconditioned.
    For example: Today I was wheeling out my foreshortened shopping cart out to my car, when I was faces
    with a decision. I'm on the sidewalk heading towards my car in a straightish line, but the thought pops
    into my head to look for the curb cut as the safest way down to the pavement.

    Now I'm not a very cautious person, so this thought irratated me, as I looked left of my straight line path
    and found the curb cut. I used my conscious free will to suppress the cautious thought about using the
    curb cut, and decided to go straight over the curb, 6" down to the pavement, as going 10 feet out of my
    way seemed silly to my conscious mind.

    I gave the short cart a bit of a push to attempt to land all wheels at once, but misjudged, sending the carts
    front wheels down first, where the promptly turned and locked. My momentum and grib on the cart, sent me
    head over heels in a somersault over the top of my tippy cart onto the pavement.

    I lay there stunned for a moment, checking my body for fractures, and started to laugh at how silly the whole
    thing must have looked from someone elses perspective. Then that cautious thought hit me again
    and I realized it was an "original thought" from outside my preconditioned mind.

    Simply put, it was a precognative thought 5 seconds in front of the event.

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    taramanda Dec 05, 2010

    I had one of the most meaningful dreams a few weeks ago. I will start at the beginning, and give you a little background leading up to my intuitive dream. I was reading a book when I heard something outside our living room bay window. I peered through the curtains, and there was Roger the cat, sitting on the ledge, pawing at our window. He was either trying to see us, or our cats. (We found out his name was Roger because he had a collar with a bell, his name and his parents phone #.) Over the next few weeks, he would appear almost daily. Weeks turned into months and years and we basically saw him every day for almost two years. We opened our home to him. We let him inside when it was cold and snowing, our pouring rain.

    He was a joy to be around, always made us smile, and gave us so much love.

    Last month, a day went by when Roger didn't come over for his daily visit. Then two days. On this day, day two, I instinctively knew something was wrong. Call it intuition, call it what you want, I knew. Day three, and I am losing my mind. My husband is now also worried. Of course, the optimist that he is, he says, 'well maybe they went on holidays, or maybe he was sick and is healing'....I knew though. I knew he was dead, I felt it. A horrible sadness was consuming me, and I wasn't in control of it. I finally called his parents after six days of not seeing him. Sure enough, Roger was dead. Our little buddy, only three years old was gone. He apparently was found at the end of our street, in the field, curled up as though he was sleeping, all alone. No visible marks. Just like he died in his sleep.

    Now is where I tell you about the dream. On day four, I dreamt that I looked out our front door, to the left is the end of the street, and there is a pathway to the field (where Roger ended up being found dead.) In my dream, I knew Roger was missing. When I looked to the pathway opening, I saw Roger's parents pulling a wagon with a sheet over top. Without being told, I immediately knew Roger was on the wagon, underneath the sheet. Dead. So now I've already had the intuitive feeling that something was wrong, then I dreamt that he was dead. Then I find out he really did die, and died in the exact place I saw his parent's pulling him from. It was so significant for me to be aware of this....a true sense of knowing. I truly feel that Roger came into my life for a reason. He chose us. Unlike our cats, whom we selected, Roger literally picked our family to hang out with. We will never forget him and are truly blessed to have met him. I miss him very much.

  • rsh0107 Nov 11, 2010

    I have had for many years dreams in which I am fully awake yet have been in a place of transition. It is either a waiting room full of with benchs or a train station in which nondiscript people are comming and going in subway like trains. In one such event, I had just returned from Little Rock to Kansas City ; my father had had a ruptured aortic anurysm and a complete blood transfusion of 15 units. I was in a waiting room clouded with fog, my father walked out of the fog and said to me that he would be okey. I awoke fully, crying and called my mother at the VA hospital in Little Rock. She recounted that my father's temperature had broken and that the attending physician told her that he would live. This was within four minutes of the event. On another occasion, I was very concerned over a whole lot of issues primarily my wife's disability. In a dream event I again was in a place of transfer with people comming dressed in all black and white. One individual stood out, an individual in black with a red sweater who I assumed was God. I approached him as he was geting on a train. He looked at me and touched my right arm and at that point I felt a complete peace that I have never felt before or after. I have no Idea what any of this is or means but I do believe that there is a life force that is very material acting beyond our normal daily perceptions of "reality". I have absolutely no proof other than what I have related. But the fact remains that for me I have these events, not often, but frequently enopugh that I believe in a collective conciousness of some type that connects us all.

  • RedDog Nov 11, 2010

    I think Clemens is close to the truth about the link, or lack thereof
    between time and consciousness. There has always been a difficult to
    comprehend connection of consciousness which appears to be beyond time.

    Like consciousness is not bound to Time/Space like other forms of
    energy are. It may not be that its shedding the bounds of linear time
    as it is actually in both places at once. An aspect of spooky action
    at a distance if you will. So precog events are more like a side effect
    of the truth of consciousness which leaks back into lineal time, often
    in dream form where the physical mind trys to make sense of it.

  • Marlene Nov 10, 2010

    I dreamed of the conception and birth of my husband and his twinsister recently. I was with him in the womb like a tiny observer and it looked like true science fiction. An embryo in full creation getting bits and bytes from his mother and father. David Attenboruough would have made a nice documentary!

    Later the embryo became a foetus boy and together we had to do kinds of survival tests. We supported eachother and bounced on large soft pink cushions (mothers uterus?). The last test was a waterfall with a funnelchape. I decided to go first. It was tough and I nearly suffocated; It was dark but at the end there was clearly light and air!

    I found myself in a room full of people. All of a sudden I was a young mother holding two newly born babies in her arms. I turned to the door waiting for my husband to come but asian people shook their head and said he didn't make it. He drowned in the waterfalls during the last test. I cried but an old lady attracted my attention to a text on the wall mentioning: "God is always with you." I stopped crying because it reminded me his spirit was in the room.

    This dream was so vivid and different from all other dreams in general, I immediatly call my mother in law. Indeed, she had twins, the girl was born first and the boy nearly suffocated. He turned completely blue when he was born.

    Maybe he got the soul of someone who did actually drown that day? It felt like a privilegde to have this dream.

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    Inquisitivegirl Nov 06, 2010

    If what you say is possible, then if I were to hold a strong thought in my mind concerning something to relate to my past self...my past self would receive that message as a type of "precognition". Just something to think about...

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    CSClemens Nov 05, 2010

    Although difficult to translate in an an experiment it isnt hard to theorize on the nature of precognitions. Time is more than an increment on a clock, it also involves the motion of matter. At any given moment we occupy a different space. To me it is concievable that the chemoelectrical impulses involved in thought are moving through the same space. These impulses are could very well be capable of breaking through the bounds of consciousness and concievably move at a speed in the opposite direction equal to the speed at which it is currently occupying space thus counteracting is movement and thus not moving, or move at a greater speed thus moving in the opposite direction, thus shedding the confines of inear time, to be received by the consciuosness of our previous self hurtling through that point in time and space. Seeing that it originates in us it would make sense that we would be sensitive to it and it would make sense that our mind would be more responsive to such signals in a sleep state although it wouldnt necessarily be limited to that. It would also explain the existence psychics who may have a more universal sensitivity to such signals so that they could experience those that do not necessarily originate from themselves. Just a theory though. Love to see an experiment one day.

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    Inquisitivegirl Nov 03, 2010

    That is an interesting idea, especially since most precognitive dreams are about incidents that affect me directly (I'm involved), or affect me emotionally (I read about it and it upsets me). These are dreams where almost literally the dream occurs in real life the next day (this happens very rarely though). Funny, just posting here and thinking about dreams has turned my dreaming into overdrive. I just have full nights of bizarre, extremely detailed, vivid dreams to the point I wake up feeling exhausted (after enough hours of sleep, and I can't blame it on food, alcohol..etc). Most of the dreams are symbolically related to things I have been thinking about/ dealing with..but I really wish sometimes my brain would do what it is supposed to do at night, rest! :-)

  • RedDog Nov 03, 2010

    I had a discussion with someone, once, that involved that waking feeling of precognition, we like to call dejavu.
    After some lenghty back and forths, we concluded that experience of familarity about a waking event actually
    stems from something we may have dreamed about, anytime in our past, either conscious or dreaming state.
    It is familar because, we have seen something or experienced something peripherally which correlates to this
    newer experience, which is more immediate.

    That is different, than actually being aware of something very specific in a dream state which shortly takes
    place in the waking state.

    Personally, I've experienced precognative events on much shorter timescales. For example, I was driving to
    work early one morning, while it was still dark out, and my mind was relaxed and wandering, as I'm prone to do
    when there is a lack of stimuli and I'm tired. Something suddenly jolted me back to full awareness, which was
    unreal in nature. I thought I had just hit something with the right front tire! But more subtle than when you actually
    do. Yet, I heard the Bumpity, Bumb sound that your tires make when you run over something. So my adreanal
    gland kicked in, and I became fully aware. Less than 20 seconds had past this event, when out of my now hyper
    aware peripheal vision, I saw a flash of grey fur moving across the road from right to left, I immediately swerved
    and tapped the brakes, as I saw this coyote zoom across the road, just barely missing my right front tire by a tail.

    Had I not been fully aware, I'd have hit that animal with my right front tire.

    What I feel happens is that any event which causes your body to emmit a burst of energy on all levels, like death
    shock, horror, pain, will send a temporal shock wave out like a rock in a pond. Going both forward and backward
    in time. Each of us has different abilities to recognize these waves depending on how far they are coming from,
    and how energetic the event was for us.
    Dense people like myself, have to be very close temporally to the event, in a waking state, to acknowledge the
    ripple in time, as something to pay attention to. But when we dream, our waking noise filters are down, and our
    minds can reprocess more of that kind of data, and assign it meaning, in the dream form.

    Or so I believe. :0

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    Sunny Nov 02, 2010

    probably this is something which needs to be experienced if were to be talked about..............i personally never had such an experience....now i will try to collect some data by questioning and see if these things have occurred with some of my friends too..................

  • RedDog Nov 01, 2010

    Good find. It just shows how little we really know about the duality state of conscious versus unconsciousness.
    There is no absolute proof about the origins of dreams, even when the mainstream has determined that a specific part
    of the brain is firing. You'll never find anything but data about precongnition as it relates to dreams.

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    Inquisitivegirl Nov 01, 2010

    This looks like a good review concerning REM sleep and dreaming...
    Behav Brain Sci. 2000 Dec;23(6):843-50; discussion 904-1121.

    Dreaming and REM sleep are controlled by different brain mechanisms.
    Solms M.

    The paradigmatic assumption that REM sleep is the physiological equivalent of dreaming is in need of fundamental revision. A mounting body of evidence suggests that dreaming and REM sleep are dissociable states, and that dreaming is controlled by forebrain mechanisms. Recent neuropsychological, radiological, and pharmacological findings suggest that the cholinergic brain stem mechanisms that control the REM state can only generate the psychological phenomena of dreaming through the mediation of a second, probably dopaminergic, forebrain mechanism. The latter mechanism (and thus dreaming itself) can also be activated by a variety of nonREM triggers. Dreaming can be manipulated by dopamine agonists and antagonists with no concomitant change in REM frequency, duration, and density. Dreaming can also be induced by focal forebrain stimulation and by complex partial (forebrain) seizures during nonREM sleep, when the involvement of brainstem REM mechanisms is precluded. Likewise, dreaming is obliterated by focal lesions along a specific (probably dopaminergic) forebrain pathway, and these lesions do not have any appreciable effects on REM frequency, duration, and density. These findings suggest that the forebrain mechanism in question is the final common path to dreaming and that the brainstem oscillator that controls the REM state is just one of the many arousal triggers that can activate this forebrain mechanism. The "REM-on" mechanism (like its various NREM equivalents) therefore stands outside the dream process itself, which is mediated by an independent, forebrain "dream-on" mechanism.

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    Inquisitivegirl Nov 01, 2010

    Actually, I have read that dreams can also occur outside of REM sleep (I will look for some references). Many of my vivid dreams happen when I am not in a deep sleep (after pushing the snooze button for example), although I don't know for sure if it is REM sleep or not of course, however I don't think it is likely that I am in the REM sleep stage in 5 minutes. Sunny, I believe you are referring to the discussion of what most people think of as dreams..the types of dreams that everyone has. When I mentioned precognitive dreams, I am talking about relatively straightforward nonabstract dreams in which the exact thing happened the next day (not a few days later...or months) (of course it might be different for different people). There are many other dreams where during the day I might think, oh this seems familiar, like I dreampt it...that is different. In terms of thinking of something and forgetting it, how can you think about something that hasn't happened yet? (i.e. a pet running away, a new neighbor moving in..and their exact name, a dream about a house burning down and you know the exact area?) How can that be explained?

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    Sunny Nov 01, 2010

    Well it is very interesting...............as a psychologist i do believe that dreams are the royal road to UNCONSCIOUS. if we make an estimate of the contents of it....we would find THINGS THOUGHT OF AND FORGOTTEN..............forgetting is an adaptation that prevents our minds from being overcrowded and overloaded with too much information. it is common to all of us that we think about things that have not happened or would someday happen to us. all fantasies..and what we call imaginations after departing our working memory are kept and saved in the unconscious. you see in reality every thing doesn't happen immediately.....so many things remain unfulfilled. during the REM sleep stage when we dream...the neurons that in a sense coded that information if are stimulated.....we see those things in our "special movies" called dreams........so if i fancy about some incidents when i will be in america.......someday i may see a dream in which xyz happens.......by chance if i go to america and this happens, it would give an impression that the dream was a forecasting.......

    this is what i think................+

  • RedDog Oct 26, 2010

    I've pondered aspects of your question in different ways, from different perspectives. It is only natural to ascribe some form of
    precognition to dreams which seem to manifest later in life, which is why those waking events seem so familiar.
    One must fully wrap your head around the concept or construct of time first, to get a better idea of what, or why a dream state
    moves forward in the time stream so easily.

    It is as though Time is not linear in the realm of dreams, more fluid, more malable, less constant.
    There is also the issue of your waking state filters firmly in place, trying to make sense of this stream or flood of data one
    taps into while dreaming. I suspect that is on reason dreams are fleeting upon waking. The physical brains filters discard
    non-linear data it cannot make sense of.

    We do know that our physical brains have literally changed frequencies when we are dreaming, and therein lies the pathway
    to comprehending what is happening.

  • Tdrulard Oct 26, 2010

    Well i am happy for the both of you that you did take that huge leap of faith. :)

    What does this say for the way we interact with our reality? I just came up with an example to ponder. If you dream tonight that you will win the lottery tomorrow (I.e. the numbers in the correct sequence are presented to you) and the ticket costs one dollar would you buy the ticket and play the numbers? Of course you would....But now lets take the same scenario but you are living in a third world country and only have one dollar and that dollar buys the necessary food to feed your starving children. Do you purchase the ticket?

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    Inquisitivegirl Oct 26, 2010

    "For instance, if you met your husband without having the dream prior to would he still be your husband? "

    To answer your question, the probability that I would have married him without first having the dream is much less. This is because, at one point I had to take a HUGE leap of faith in regards to our relationship, I would have been less likely to do so if I did not already feel that it would work out.

  • Tdrulard Oct 26, 2010

    I personally love the idea of precognitive dreams and intuitions. However, i do not fully believe that a dream or intuition is simply an observation. We believe to experience our reality using our organic senses but these same senses are numb when we are unconcious. In dreams you can utilize the same senses without accessing the interetation of data they provide. I do not understand how we "see" in our dreams while our eyes remain shut. This goes the same for any other interactions we have in the dream state. I believe dreams are self inflicted and our concious world is effected by our belief in the dream. For instance, if you met your husband without having the dream prior to would he still be your husband?

    Alternatively: Your reality, including your dreams, could be pre scripted and the act of feeling an emotinal attachement to something you experienced in a dream state could solidify your belief to make your reality more palatable as to not infringe on the origin of the experince.

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