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commented on Nov. 3, 2010
by MysticalSadhu



I have a wonderful five year old son, who is constantly answering unspoken questions, or commenting on unspoken thoughts. This only happens (as far as I know) with myself and my mother. She and I both have some psy. ability and was wondering if this is why this happens with the two of us more so than with others. Any insight would be helpful. I'm not in any way worried, would just like to be able to understand my guy a little better.

  • MysticalSadhu Nov 03, 2010

    It's splendid that children can grow up and retain their subtle minded rapport capabilities, you both are fortunate and children are more fortunate to have parents with empathy for such skills in their lives. Such capabilities are part of the fifth dimension, and our capabilities -- your capabilities -- are anchored both in your evolution and in the capabilities of your glandular system to provide such skills. The characteristics you've described are often called "nonlocal presence", which means you're not, your mind is not individuated or confined solely by mundane sensory capabilities, rather you can be anywhere with your mind, and are, with loving rapport the anchor by which such experiences come through truly.

    Tantra provides skills for cultivating and maintaining such capabilities, and a comprehensive architecture for more readily understanding such skills and developing methods for furthering human evolution and life for all beings, on the the planet and beyond.

  • RedDog Oct 26, 2010

    Sounds like his vale is not so darkened that he cannot see or hear the truth around him. I suspect that he wonders why it took you so long to respond to his questions and answers, and why he had to wait until he could speak with his mouth, before you'd respond.
    Our loving intentions towards our children, like teachnig them to speak our language, only serves to darken the vale for them over time, and they begin to lose this original connection to the truth.

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    Inquisitivegirl Oct 25, 2010

    That's interesting, I seem to have the same relationship with daughter who is still only 2. But oddly, she has a little friend (also only about 2 1/2) who has a very similar calm temperament, they are best friends. They oddly seem to communicate the same way and from a distance which boggles my mind. For example, she will know where he is (inside a building where we didn't expect him to be) before we even see him..just little things like that. With my daughter is isn't as frequent as when she was a baby when I felt I could feel her feelings..it was a bit overwhelming at times..but now it is smaller things. For example, the other night I dreampt she was happy and eating icecream a few minutes later I woke up, walked over to her bed she woke right up and said "I want icecream mommy!"..odd. I try not to limit the way she thinks about things, so hopefully if this is a gift she has it won't change over time due to own perception about what is possible. I do already feel though that the things she can sense, etc...is already happening less and less over time. She is very rational and already questions everything in a very direct way...

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