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Posted May 1, 2014 by Jim Centi in Open

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commented on May 8, 2014
by Jim Centi



I have been a student of Metaphysics for over forty years, spent several years as a UFO Researcher, explorer of altered states of consciousness and been a member of IONS for many years.

I now realize that much of my life has been devoted to preparing me for the following book:

After purchasing the book “Living with a Wild God” by Barbara Ehrenreich, I was so impressed that I also purchased the six CD, unabridged reading of the book by the author.

I purchased the CD’s so I could sit with eyes closed and absorb the thoughts of the most transformative thinker I have ever encountered. I recognize this book as the beginning of a mind expanding paradigm shift.

The author is a well rounded scientist and an admitted atheist who experienced what has been referred to as a Mystical Experience.

Anything I say about the book would be inadequate, but I will say that I have listened to the last two chapters of the book several times including the last; “The Nature of the Other”, and my worldview has been altered far beyond my wildest imagination.

Please comment, if only briefly, after you have read the book or ingested the CD’s, so this topic does not disappear into the forgotten past.

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    Jim Centi May 08, 2014


    Thank you for posting the link; it may encourage others to read the book.

    In your opening comment your state:

    “What is here that might be considered a "rebirth of the mind?" There really is little that is being discussed that was not mentioned in books like "The Teachings of Don Juan."

    I am familiar with books like “The Teaching of Don Juan” and they were highly revered, but I have never encountered a book that builds such a powerful case as the Ehrenreich book.

    The Ehrenreich book contains scores of quotes from reputable scientists, revered theologians, writers and philosophers that describe their mystical experiences.

    In this short comment, it is impossible to describe the artistic manner in which Ehrenreich and those she quotes are convinced of contact with a nonhuman or extraterrestrial “something”.

    Her book ends with the following words:

    “.....but this is what appears to be the purpose of my mind and no doubt yours as well. It’s designated function, beyond all the mundane calculations, to condense all the chaos and mystery of the world into a palpable other or others; not necessarily because we love it and certainly not out of any intention to worship it, but because ultimately, we may have no choice in this matter.

    I have the impression growing out of the experiences chronicled here that it may be seeking us out.”

    Dustproduction, I hope what I've posted here somewhat justifies for you the title of this topic “Rebirth of Mind”.

    In light of our many exchanges, I do not believe it is possible for us to interact in a harmonious manner. Can we agree to discontinue this exchange and allow others to comment? If you must continue to dialogue about this book, with respect, I suggest that you start another topic.

    Ehrenreich’s book placed me in a state of lighthearted, diminished ego. I may or may not respond to the comments of others, but if I do, my intention is to respond from that state.

    Best wishes…..Jim

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    dustproduction May 07, 2014

    First off, this is IONS's Discussion Board and not private discussions. Correct?
    Are we still debating this point of whose discussions these are?

    I am suggesting an alternative to reading an entire book, which few here will do. This promotes the discussion and in my opinion compliments it. I am providing a link to an interview with the author who is discussing her book at some length, and offering insight into her writing.

    Let others here take that for what it is worth.

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    Jim Centi May 07, 2014


    After following your comments for over two years I am not surprised to see that you have found some way to criticize my topic.

    To read the link you post as opposed to reading the book is like suggesting that we hug a tree in the middle of a tornado.

    Is there something in your nature that demands that you criticize anything that I post? Please don’t respond to this, I find your obsessive illusion of superiority to be malignant.

    Friends, I strongly suggest that you read the book or listen to the discs and ignore Dustproductions comments.

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    dustproduction May 07, 2014

    Let me urge others to browse the comments at the "Fresh Air" interview as well.

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    dustproduction May 07, 2014

    I'll offer this less strident task for those that do not intend to read the book.

    "People have these unaccountable mystic experiences," Ehrenreich tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross. "Generally they say nothing or they label it as 'God' and get on with their lives. I'm saying, 'Hey, no, let's figure out what's going on here.' "


    What is here that might be considered a "rebirth of the mind?" There really is little that is being discussed that was not mentioned in books like "The Teachings of Don Juan."
    From the time we are born we are handed a definition of the world, a version of "reality". To keep this simple I will use language as an example. We are born with the ability to say all the sounds of every language, but at the point which the brain starts to form speech we discard the sounds that are not a part of the language we learn. From this point on we can still learn new languages but the later in life we learn them the more an accent is detectable. I'll add that current research shows that children that learn more than one language at this critical point in development also create certain other benefits in the brain (see the research of Patricia Kuhl). So we might well ask, what else is lost to us during these critical periods of development, if the acquisition of one ability limits the potentiation of others?
    But keep in mind that we are still discussing the human brain and the perceptions we form. To make the claim that this is a "rebirth" of a mind is a stretch in my opinion since we cannot undo the neural connections originally formed in a mind, just as we cannot unlearn a language. We can simple build on the foundations we are presented.

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