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School project

Posted Oct. 25, 2010 by Torp in Open

commented on Nov. 16, 2010
by Gretchen Dreisbach



I have to make a school project about a topic of my own choice, and i though that noetic sciences would be a nice topic.
But i need to make some kind of product.
I thought that i could make my own small experiment, but i have no idea what it could be about :D

If you have any ideas, please post here (i'm in 9. grade, the same as first high school year)


  • Gretchen Dreisbach Nov 16, 2010

    Dear Torp, even if your 9th grade project had to be turned in already I have a simple suggestion as to
    something that you could do to develop your own consciousness muscle. You could take two plants,
    of the same variety and give them the same amount of water and sunlight. Choose one to send love
    to each day. Simply say outloud or in your mind.."hi friend, thanks for being my plant friend, it is my intention
    that you grow strong and healthy, I love you so much for being my friend"..if you don't feel love you
    can think of a pet or a family member or a human friend and then just transfer it to the plant!
    And please, don't send hate ever to the other plant, (or anyone or anything), and after you see
    how the other one thrives you can also include plant #1. This is only a suggestion and you
    have free will in your life and it is your personal choice on how you will use it!
    Bravo to you for having the awareness to look up Noetic Sciences!

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    ereedy1 Nov 16, 2010

    I am producing a project on Noetics too. Albeit mine is 5000 words and a presentation but none-the-less an experiment is a good idea. Dice seems to have too many variable. My attempt at an experiment will be more linked to Parapsychology and Extrasensory perception using Zener Cards. Sorry if this post is too late to help. Still, its food for thought I guess.

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    Torp Nov 03, 2010

    are people out of ideas?

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    Torp Oct 31, 2010

    I think that is a little too complicated for me :D

  • RedDog Oct 28, 2010

    One that I like, that you may be able to carry out is Kirlian photography based.
    The goal is to identify energy and its link to consciousness.
    Here is the anomaly.
    When you take a Kirlian photograph of a leaf, then cut a piece of the leaf off
    and take a picture again of what remains (common experiment) they note that
    there is a faint Kirlian image of the now missing part of the leave. An energy outline
    if you will.
    Nobody has ever take a picture of the piece that was cut out to see if it too retains
    the original Kirlian energy aura, nor measured to see of it is on a percentage of
    what it was, and that adding up the missing out to the original now cut portion equals
    the whole!?

    Read up on some of Taggert's Intention experiments with Bio-photon's and note
    the link or tie-in with Kirlian aura's of plants. Food for thought. :-)

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    Torp Oct 27, 2010

    if a dice is not a good idea, what is then a good idea?

  • RedDog Oct 26, 2010

    Absolutely, it can and does work, but with many individuals, all with free will, their intents may not be clean enough
    to prevent natural chaos from impacting your study. There are many similar studies you can find if you search.
    It is just not a very good one with dice, that have to many variables attached to them.

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    Torp Oct 26, 2010


    i didn't get much of what tdrulard said (i dont live in an english speaking country, i've only had english for 4 years, and i'm not into noetic sciences), but what i did understand, is that he didnt think it would have any effect at all.

    But reddog seemed more 'positive', you think it could work, right?

    btw, thx for all the comments :)

  • RedDog Oct 25, 2010

    These experiments are contrived to manipulate aspects of this physical world, like dice and will generally succeed due to the influence of consciousness, as long as you are very specific in your focus. Otherwise, you’ll get results you are not prepared to see and will not recognize the results.

    Yet, this earthly pursuit, is from your perspective which prevents you from seeing the greater truth. It is much wiser to take the greater perspective when seeking such results.

    Take the analogy of a projected image. We see the image being projected and seek some tidbit of information in that image, by looking at the projection. There is no truth to that projection. Instead, it is more truth to look at the projector, and what is casting the image before light is filtered through it. Seek the source in your quest.

  • cameronjcw Oct 25, 2010

    lmao now that arse wiping thing is weird lol I got loads of things like that happening although I don't recall any myself recently but I think I'm just so swamped with things to do of late I just seem to be always doing something or having to do something, am gonna take a couple of days out for some happy coma time lol

    I think you may have just melted poor torp's brain :o lol

  • Tdrulard Oct 25, 2010

    Torp, Thinking for effect is pointless. Beliefs are what is key.

    Please pardon the morpheus esque tone to the following.....Your example of throwing dice in an attempt to predict the chaos that ensues is assuming the people, dice, table, and subsquently your perception of these real world objects are in fact NOT comprised of matter and not governed by their respective laws. Your "thinking" in this instance becomes more of an attempt at control and interaction than merely an observation. An observer can never fail for as long as he observes he has completed his task. If you want to pre determine what the outcome of a chaotic event will be you must first believe that the result of the event was of your design before you even threw the dice.

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    Torp Oct 25, 2010

    isn't the whole idea that we can change the physical world, for example in a game of chance, simply by 'thinking'?
    and that the effect is stronger when we are 30 than when we are 3?

  • Tdrulard Oct 25, 2010

    Or....We could get thirty people together and drop mentos in a two liter of coke...:)

    cameronjcw, I just had my first synchronicity since keeping track thanks to you....I was just haveing a conversation with someone about the highly intellectual topic of wiping ones ass. No more than five minutes had passed when i read your post....Very interesting.

  • cameronjcw Oct 25, 2010

    Maybe but then its not really going to test shared consciousness much is it?

    Throwing a dice is a game of chance. Maybe you can affect the outcome of the dice?, who knows really but I think you could do a little better!

    You could still get 30 people together but I'm really not sold on the whole dice idea, you could do the same experiment with that dice with one person and still come up with the same result IMO.

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    Torp Oct 25, 2010

    i just had an idea myself :D
    how about i find 20-30 people, we all sit around a table, i toss a dice, and we all try to make it a 6 or something...
    then we can try it like 10 times and see how it goes

  • cameronjcw Oct 25, 2010

    lol :) Everything should be seen as an adventure in life!!

    If you can find adventure in wiping your own ass then you can find adventure in anything!

    Tis a pretty interesting idea though!!

    What about a facebook experiment that tests shared consciousness and shared psychic experiences!!

    Make a group, invite lots of people to join, tell them what the experiment is about, to test shared consciousness and shared psychic abilities to see if people can predict images, words or anything at all really!

  • Tdrulard Oct 25, 2010

    Do some research into Facebook and collective conciousness. Then make up some test polls based on your findings and see if you can't accurately predict the outcome based on a singular collective conciousness.

    If that is a little too complicated for you, Take mentos and drop them into a bottle of Coke and explain the chemical reaction. Always fun!

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