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I truly believe that we are sold a palatable reality. For what reason i do not fully understand. I would like to test this by offering the following experiment. ***Please note the basis of this experiment would rely soley on the belief that the individual believes the reality they are being presented is there actual reality. A person of average intelligence and with sufficient life experience (30+ yrs of age or older) is given a free trip to a tropical location. The individual goes to the airport and boards an airplane that takes off and lands at a tropical location. Video feeds through the windows to solidify the belief. Once at the gate the test subject walks into another climate controlled airport with actors wearing shorts and short sleaved shirts. Once outside of the airport the subject remains in a massive dome (think the truman show:)) that is kept at a constant temperature of 34f. However outside it is bright sunny, and the people are all wearing shorts, tshirts, bathing suits etc. Video screens on nearby buildings display the time and the temperature reading 93f. It is easy to think that the subject would be cold, but i tend to disagree. I believe a human beings perception of reality is easily tricked. But again, The person would truly have to believe they have been taken to a tropical location.

  • Tdrulard Oct 26, 2010

    So after researching more of "the universe solved" website (thanks reddog) i came to the conclusion that my original concept for the experiment currently has one flaw. Human sight. All of our ofther senses can be easily dupped but we are not quite there yet in replicating the visual field. So, my experiment stays exactly the same except the subject is blindfolded. I see it playing out as follows..

    1. subject of average intelligence and in acceptable physical condition is chosen. Subject is asked if they are able to travel via airplane to a set location.
    2. subject is told that this experiment is to help advancement in technologies in assisting the blind (backstory so as not to corrupt the nature of the experiment)
    3. subject is bindfolded and equipped with a brainwave detetcion system.
    4. subject is walked into a fairly large, climate controlled facility.
    This facility houses a mock vehicle, mock airplane and large area for spacial simulation. Each area has a respective surround sound system playing pre recorded audio from the genuine location, system to generate authentic smells, and differnt types of flooring to accuratley mimic its real life counterpart.
    4. the subject is exposed to real life details to the respective situation. Sense of acceleration and turbulence in both the vehicle and the airplane. Sounds and common interactions at all places, seatbelts, real life interaction..etc.
    5. the entire experiment takes place in realtime, waiting for a flight. possible flight delay to solidify the belief, security, traffic etc.
    6. The subject (closely monitored) is asked where they are.
    7. The subject is (closely monitored) exposed to the same room in which they started in.
    I believe this experiment would provide useful for both mankind via the observation of the neural network as well as for the individuals experince.

  • Tdrulard Oct 25, 2010

    iwannalearn, That depends on which "science" you are refering to. The beautiful thing i have found with these discussions is that they are a culmination of science and philosophy. You have a wealth of information at your disposal but if i had to use the "trapped on a desert island" mentalty i would take Cosmos by Carl Sagan and As a man thinketh by James Allen.

    Currently i am enthralled with Leonard Susskind's hologrphic principle.

    FYI.....Michael Talbot's holographic universe is a very easy beginners read however it does have alot of filler.

    Good luck in learning what you already know.....:)

  • cameronjcw Oct 24, 2010

    I totally agree!! My daughter moved out a few weeks ago, rather I asked her to leave long story, difficult situation which was affecting my physical health and mental health too. Anyway I didn't much fancy quite so much time on my own but during that time Ive had the thoughts and experiences that have led to a few posts on here and not that I think I have all the answers but everything makes so much more sense.

    I've also had a few stressful experiences since these epiphanies of mine and normally I could be crying, stressed out, cussing and basically on the verge of giving up again but I haven't I've dealt with it and haven't got upset or anything I would normally do and I have felt so much more happier. I just feel like my outlook has changed so much because of these so yeah I definitely would say the best place to find answers is from within, for me it took having me and only me in my space and having time to just let my thinking roam and come to its own conclusions.

    I think even if you had a few books recommended, while they might be good books and offer some insights you are never going to fully understand those insights as your own and if you don't understand your place here in your current life then no book is really going to give you that answer, its definitely something that you have to find from within yourself!

    Best Wishes :)x

  • RedDog Oct 24, 2010

    Everyone see's the world through their own filters, and hears the message though those same filters.
    It is hard to make general recommendations on this topic without knowing more about you.
    The reality is, and I'm sure many here would agree, that the answers you seek are within.
    Not what you wanted to hear, I'm guessing, but often, you will discover more truth in a darken closet
    than you will in the illusions that others write about. At least that has been my experience. When I
    have the right frequency in my brain, the information I seek finds me.

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    iwannalearn Oct 24, 2010

    hey i would like to know better with this science could you give me a hint for a good book or website with beginer edjucation program ... or something that would help aut you can give some book names to read

  • Tdrulard Oct 21, 2010

    cameronjcw, From the michael talbot perspective i thought the Holographic principle was nothing more than intelligent sci fi. When i studied pribram and bohr and eventually leonard suskin. I found that not only is a possibility, it is an extremely likely candidate in contention with (more or less) M theory.

  • Tdrulard Oct 21, 2010

    Red dog,......Thank you so much for the movie references. Of course i knew about the matrix but the thirteeth floor was one that i was told about in the past but forgot to look into about to pull that one on demand as we speak.:) interstate 60 i have neve rheard of but will surely look into. Thanks again!

  • cameronjcw Oct 21, 2010

    lol exactly!! Really strange as someone elsewhere posted about the Holographic Principle and I just posted about Simulated Reality not even 10 minutes ago on a completely different site! Synchronicity that sadly no longer exists as there is no past ;)

    Speaking of Simulated Reality and movie references! Have you ever read the Ring trilogy? Not lord of the rings but the Ring as in Ringu!?

    You should read the trilogy of Ring absolutely nothing to do with what the American Hollywood version The Ring or even the original Japanese version Ringu.

    The set are called Ring, Spiral and Loop!!

  • RedDog Oct 21, 2010

    I live by the axiom that `nothing is as it seems, and nothing is as it appears'. So with that filter in place, the deceptive anomolies expose themself, and the truth stands out like a lighthouse beacon.

    Yet, I'm sure you can fool many with such experiments. It always begs the question: How do you know that you are not in a simulation now?
    Great movie references: The Matrix; The thirteenth Floor; Interstate 60 and a few others.

  • cameronjcw Oct 21, 2010

    lol and I thought I already broke my own head today.

    I had to mull this over in the bath and I don't think there will ever be a definitive answer to this question about perceived reality, there will be many and infinite!

    I think it depends how you reconstruct your perception of reality.

    If you are reconstructing reality from a physical point of view I think if its cold then you will feel cold and if it is hot you will feel hot.

    If you are reconstructing this reality based on how your mind only perceives it then you can see your reality and believe it is hot, cold, tepid, either or neither, you may even choose to perceive that there is no such thing as temperature or if you choose to believe there is such a thing as temperature or a way of quantifying it.

    Maybe you could perceive it from a physical point of view and feel cold if it is cold and feel hot if it is hot but you could alter the physical perception with your mind again controlling what you reconstruct the temperature to be.

    If reality is only the here and now and only that, there is no past, no future and only the present state but infinite variations of the present state you perceive. You have never done anything before and only what you do or believe in your present state and you will only ever perceive or action reality within that present state and since there is no future there is no next time you will do what you are doing or perceiving in your present state, there is only that which you will do in the perception of that present state that does not yet exist and never will.

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