A Faultless Reality

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Sorry this is so long but I got such a positive response from this I thought I would share this with you today.

Written by Mathew Naismith

Fault Finding: First we should ask, what would a faultless reality be like? This of course depends on one’s own perspective; to a spiritually aware person it would have to be a reality full of unconditional love, understanding, contentment & acceptance however to a materialist for example what we have right now is perfect as it has all the right ingredients to manifest materialism for our desires. Materialism isn’t of unconditional love, understanding, contentment & acceptance, it’s more self-serving & needs none of these attributes that spiritually aware people try to obtain so is a materialistic reality faulty to a spiritually aware person?

The answer of course is a big fat yes however if we asked, let’s say, a spiritualists as opposed to a spiritually aware person from India, what would their answer be if asked,” is this reality faulty’? You most probably won’t get a direct answer but an answer like this, “If you perceive it to be faulty then it’s faulty”, so what is this answer actually portraying? By the act of seeing a fault in the first place we are inadvertently manifesting the said fault into existence & by persisting with this fault finding we are enhancing such manifestations most of the times unbeknownst to us. Spirituality isn’t the only form of existence that does this, materialism works in the same way.

Materialism is all about fault finding, how else can we improve on materialistic objects & the way we sell these materialistic objects to people if it wasn’t for fault finding but what does fault finding portray? Pure & simple judgment however if materialism is all about judgement what is spirituality portraying when it finds faults like with this reality for example? Judgment of course even after we have convinced ourselves we are no longer in judgement. To improve on anything judgement is first needed so if spiritually aware people like myself see that we can improve on this reality what are we doing? Judging of course, we just don’t seem to be able to get away from judgment but that’s not quite true. An actual spiritualist doesn’t first of all see a fault with this reality so therefore no judgement has been made so what do they see? First of all true spirituality is about acceptance, it’s pointless becoming spiritually aware without being accepting straight up otherwise you will most probably be chasing your tail around for some time. To a true spiritualist there can be only a difference at most because a true spiritualist is foremost accepting of any circumstance they find themselves in & this is why acceptance is so important straight up.

Need & Desire: So does this all mean we just sit back & let it all happen & do nothing? No, this is why we have human form to make changes & be non-accepting therefore judgmental & fault finding on the things we need, not desire, to change. The big difference between a materialist & a spiritually aware person should be one is of desire the other of need & it’s the difference between these two that makes the difference here in regard to judgement & fault finding. A true spiritually aware person will have a need to amend our ways however spiritually aware people must be aware of the difference between need & desire here as to desire to amend our ways can be far more destructive & disruptive & more about being judgemental instead of just being in judgment.

Let’s go back to a spiritually aware person being non-accepting so they may help amend our ways, does a true spiritualist look down at this kind of behaviour? To a true spiritualist it is also accepted to be non-accepting even of themselves at times displaying non-acceptance, they accept that this non-acceptance is human & we are human so of course we will all portray such human tendencies as being non-accepting however once again it is wiser & more spiritual to be accepting than to judge. This brings us back to the dilemma, to do anything one must be in judgement to act however this also comes back to making judgement on a need compared to a desire. It is far more desirable for a spiritually aware person to make judgement on a need & the need in this case for a spiritually aware person is to amend our ways & allow the Earth & ourselves collectively as a species to heal however we must realise we are still in judgement otherwise we wouldn’t lift a finger without judgement but judgement for our need not desire.

Faultless Reality: To me there are no faultless realities because there are no realities with faults to start with. An average spiritually aware person will see faults like with the ego for example or the chaos & mayhem that is going on in the world because to a spiritually aware person this is disruptive to their newly found feelings of oneness, enlightenment, unconditional love, acceptance & the big one, contentment for without contentment you really can’t truly attain any of the other experiences mentioned here. If we are not content we can’t obtain these attributes mentioned so spiritually aware people find themselves in a materialistic reality that is quite disruptive to them so they judge this reality as being faulty in some way but what are we really doing here, is this of a need or is it of desire?

It would seem like a need but before I answer this question we should ask here, why do we feel discontent when becoming spiritually aware? It’s mainly because of the disruptions to our spiritual lives but it goes much deeper than that. What we do is compare this reality to our newly found realties because we do, while becoming aware, find ourselves experiencing different realities & some of them are far less chaotic than ours. Now we can see desire come into the picture here. We desire to keep feeling good & positive as opposed to what this reality is mainly because we have found faults in it in comparison to our newly found realities. This isn’t a need but a desire, if we are at all discontent it is of desire but if we are content it’s of a need obviously.

Using myself as an example; I have had a chronic disability since I was six years old, I am now fifty years old & with this chronic injury comes never ending chronic pain. I do to this day I can’t see any faults within this reality at the spiritual level & my disability is only the tip of the iceberg in what I have experienced throughout my life. I should also mention here I don’t take pain killers of any kind so how do I cope so well? I just don’t see a fault just an experience that is different to most people. I did mention I don’t see faults at the spiritual level so does this mean I see faults at the human level? Most definitely however it’s more about fault finding as a need than a desire most of the times however I love expressing my human self so yes I do at times judge through my desires but I do notice the discord in this as opposed to my judging through a need these days.

This reality is one big WOW for me, I wish I could do this feeling justice & explain it better but WOW will have to do. How could I feel this about such a disruptive & destructive reality? We spiritually aware people keep focusing on the disruptive & destructive parts of this reality but it’s much much more than that. Every conceivable emotion & experience can be encountered here; this is not a common thing in realities. I don’t just feel disruptiveness & destructiveness but all of what we are able to experience in this reality when I get the big WOW feeling all at the same time; it’s a very special reality believe it or not. So should we all be this content with this reality the way it is? Not on your nelly (life) because that is what makes this reality such a big WOW, we see a fault & then we see a need as opposed to a desire to change it however non-spiritually aware people will display more of a desire than a need which adds to the flow of things within this reality. Trust me this is a very special reality indeed so in all to me it’s a faultless reality.

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    dustproduction Dec 03, 2013

    Re: We know that what we focus on determines our trajectory and development.

    Does this apply to earlier development, where must of what "we focus on" in limited by the environment we find our selves in?
    This statement also implies that we are in control of what it is that we focus on, instead of our aspects of development and trajectory dictating what it is that we focus on.
    Evidence indicates that memory shapes our present, and this seems to dictate focus as well.

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    john1969 Dec 03, 2013

    Thank you all

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 25, 2013

    G'day A.R.K.

    This is funny because I look at consumerist materialism as being but another religion with it's own God's which of course pertain to multinationals. The reason we are in so much chaos is because our souls are going in all directions inventing new religions like consumerist materialism. I also wrote up recently about new age witch hunts referring to both new age spirituality & consumerist materialism in how they demonise what doesn't serve them, not much has changed since the dark ages.

    We could say a lot has changed because were not burning witches but we are. How many people with energy saving devices have disappeared or died all of a sudden & that is only the tip of the iceberg. This new religion consumerist materialism has the same exact mentality to what western religious people did back in the dark ages.

    Yes one God/consciousness/source or what ever you want to call it will lead our souls away from chaos.

  • A.R.K. Nov 24, 2013

    Might as well go a step further up the power ladder and worship the invisible "sun" in the center of the galaxy. It is ultimately responsible for the nice calm little eddy off a stable spiral arm that the solar system is nested in, thus the sunny days we enjoy. Yet up further there are things pulling on whole swaths of billions of galaxies....astrophysicists have named this "dark flow". A hidden "God" in deed!

    Being that all visible phenomenon are precipitations of larger universal relationships, it would not make good sense to worship a part over the whole. Besides...God is a Spirit!

    We know that what we focus on determines our trajectory and development. So the whole point of the idea of a One Infinite Eternal Perfect Living God is so that the soul grows in that direction, towards Union (fully conscious co-creation) with The Reality. Communion with such, as with most transference of vibration (information), comes from self similar resonance. Man should dare to imagine God as magnanimously as possible, of course we'll most likely come up short but at-least it's pointing in the right direction yes? And even at the very least...it would be a good exercise for the mind and soul!

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    dustproduction Nov 24, 2013

    Sounds like a go reason to go back to the times before Christianity and return to sun worshiping.

    In the eighteenth dynasty, Akhenaten changed the polytheistic religion of Egypt to a monotheistic one, Atenism of the solar-disk and is the first recorded state monotheism.
    Soon after Akhenaten's death, worship of the traditional deities was reestablished by the religious leaders (Ay the High-Priest of Amen-Ra, mentor of Tutankhaten/Tutankhamen) who had adopted the Aten during the reign of Akhenaten.


  • mrmathew1963 Nov 24, 2013

    G'day A.R.K.

    I do love your reasoning process, it's always more understandable if we use metaphoric constitutes I believe, I even used computer terminology at one stage because people related to this as they do with an acorn tree.

  • A.R.K. Nov 24, 2013

    Dustproduction: re: would acorn sprout without the warmth of the sun?

    Certainly not! Without the sun there would be little to no life on the planet...yet without earth's EM shield no life could withstand the sun's full exposure. It is within a dance of forces in equilibrium we find our selves and all life that we "know" of. And so much we still don't know..

    So how do these process metaphors translate? In religious terminology the Sun could be said to be The Father, the EM field the Holy Spirit, and the fully matured sprouting trees, the matured progeny of The God. But all metaphors fall short of the Truth of the relationship. The Truth of the universal relationship would be the origin of all metaphors and the reasons why they apply trans-scalarly.

    In a nut shell, the universe is a vast conspiracy for our growth in Being! ;) Even so....don't stand too long in or stare at the sun...and never stop drinking the water!

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    dustproduction Nov 24, 2013

    re: acorns cannot metabolize the light of the sun

    Would the acorn sprout with out the warmth of the sun?

  • A.R.K. Nov 24, 2013

    Aloha MrMathew!

    In the navigation of the acorn metaphor I would put beings like Budda and Jesus in the tree category, they not only have fully sprouted their inherent individual nature, but also the eternal growth "Name" and by the time we hear about them, they are fruiting the bounty of the tree of Life left, right and center.

    Rebirth by waters is the softening of the shell (ego) of the sprouting germ (soul) and the leap of faith is the grow both out into the darkness and away from it. The last little leap is the couple inches of soil between the leafy sprout head and the clear sky above. Rebirth by Spirit is the spout having pushed through now metabolizes the light of the sun directly and the living expanse of reality is fully revealed to it. it also get's to talk with all the trees that have come before!

    And the birds of heaven sing in our fully unfolded divine souls, and flock between us....

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 24, 2013

    G'day A.R.K.

    Yes well conversed, proving or disproving God can be a crutch that hides the truth within our own being.

    RE: Reality is faultless and functioning perfectly,

    This is great to hear this from other spiritually aware people, we are indeed graced to be here. Most people look upon Jesus, Buddha & son on as something more than we are but it's actually the other way around. I feel in the whole scheme of things people/beings/entities like Jesus & Buddha are the norm, what we are experiencing is something very special however this acceptance shouldn't stop us from needing to improve on our living conditions as this is a part of the process I believe.

    I'm about to right up about the peace within explaining that people/beings/entities like Jesus & Buddha are the norm within all of us, all we have to do is remember this but of course a lot of us want to stay ignorant of this.

  • A.R.K. Nov 24, 2013

    People trying to prove God to each other are much like acorns trying to prove to each other the sun exists above the soil. The thing is, acorns cannot metabolize the light of the sun, only sprouts can..

    And who would believe there is a giant oak tree hiding in each of us!?!

    We paint our ego's and paradigms on the inside of that acorn shell, and proclaim them proudly! Yet the waters which unlocks our growth and true life will also wash all our precious beliefs away. And thank God for that! Who wants to carry around and fight for a mental simulacra when one can thrust directly and fearlessly into Truth Itself. And as a sprouting tree, gain dominion over relative darkness.

    Reality is faultless and functioning perfectly, and one of the most amazing things I have found is the artifact of us being able to think/believe any and all things we can produce with our minds and not be instantly corrected by Reality. We truly exist as an amazing grace.

    What does the Mighty Oak say to the little acorn? "I am within you and all around you. Have faith in yourself, grow fearlessly and you too will bask in the full light of the Truth."

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 24, 2013

    G'day dustproduction

    Atheism as opposed to agnosticism refutes claims like the existence of a God point blank within the ideologies of atheism, this to me is discarding anything that can’t be proved or disproved. You will notice that science minded people who are agnostic want be as discarding as you or scientist who are atheists Dusty.

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    dustproduction Nov 23, 2013

    Re: You’re kidding me right, how many concepts based on faith & personal experiences have you yourself discarded mainly because they can't be measured at present like God for instance

    I have explained away these things as "BELIEF" that need to be stated a such, as you do, to your credit. That does not discard the idea of a God, it places it in a proper perceptive. God(s) are only a fact in the discussion of ideas and concepts; "God is an invention of the mind" can be viewed as a fact if it is supported.

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 23, 2013

    G'day dustproduction

    Again you are trying to dictate your own limited conscious reasoning onto others!! There is more than one way to reason. Like I have stated, if we stuck to certain boundaries of deductive reasoning we would have put the fire out & most probably wouldn't have evolved the way we have, it took faith especially in the beginning. Thank God logical thinking wasn't the only reasoning process we relied on while evolving!!

    I think different reasoning processes has everything to do with IONS wouldn't you say? What I have pointed out is that logical reasoning on it's own is flawed obviously, all what one has to do is know a little about human history to know this.

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    dustproduction Nov 23, 2013

    Again, "You are posting this on a website that seeks to conduct scientific research into paranormal phenomena."

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 22, 2013

    G'day dustproduction

    You actually stated as follow; 'Science, as a practice does not discard anything", you did state anything. Also science is always discarding possibilities & probabilities, God's a good example of this because science can't disprove God actually doesn't exist, there is only a probability God doesn't exist but even on this probability is it discarded by science minded people.

    It is utter blind faith to rely on something like logic entirely which has derived from a theory, this actually makes no sense what so ever!!

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    dustproduction Nov 22, 2013

    Re: "You’re kidding me right, how many concepts based on faith & personal experiences have you yourself discarded mainly because they can't be measured at present like God for instance.."

    Matthew, You are posting this on a website that seeks to conduct scientific research into paranormal phenomena. Think about that and reconsider what you wrote. Science does not discard the "possibility," it seeks to defines probability.

    Re: just because you yourself haven't had these experiences doesn't say they didn't happen but that is exactly what you seem to be doing here.

    Not at all. I am suggesting that these experiences need further objective explanation, and less blind faith. For example, near death experiences somehow establish a long memory. "How?" is a reasonable question that for science to explore.

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 22, 2013

    G'day dustproduction

    RE: Science, as a practice does not discard anything.

    You’re kidding me right, how many concepts based on faith & personal experiences have you yourself discarded mainly because they can't be measured at present like God for instance or the existence of ghosts for example, just because you yourself haven't had these experiences doesn't say they didn't happen but that is exactly what you seem to be doing here.

    Let’s look at the big picture instead of all these little pictures, proof relies on logical deductions for a sound evaluation, where did, in science terms, logic derive from? A theory because that is what scientifically everything was created from, now to me this makes no logical sense at all to base everything in it’s entirety on theories & then have the gumption to call it fact & logics. Logical thinking is based purely on a theory nothing else at this point in time, how could any true logically minded being base everything on a theory including logical thinking?

    I will put it this way, spiritually is based on faith & doesn’t have the arrogance to call what they believe in as being logical fact but science does!!!

    Worshipping the sun makes more sense than worshipping an old white bearded man sitting on a cloud or whatever to me however unlike you I don’t base everything on Christianity. What did easterners within their own ideological concepts think around the same time concerning the sun, not everything in the world is based on Christian beliefs. Some of these eastern cultures used logical deductive reasoning to evaluate such things as the sun believe it or not.

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    dustproduction Nov 22, 2013

    Re: "some cultures still looked at the sun as a God because they couldn't explain it like we can these days? "

    Worshipping the Sun makes a lot of sense. Why did they abandon the practice? Well, it was the emperor Constantine that was responsible in a large part by declaring Christianity the official religion of the empire. But some still include the practices of acknowledging the relationship of the Earth to the Sun and the season changes

    Re: Why does science discard what they can't measure

    Science, as a practice does not discard anything. Everything is open to investigation. Some scientist might be dismissive of certain points of views, but others do not. Hence the experiments and research that IONS continues to fund.

    But science requires proof...."proof is the bottom line for everyone." Faith replaces evidence in spiritualism

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 21, 2013

    G'day dustproduction

    Let me ask you this dustproduction, why does IONS discard anything that they can't measure at present remembering a thousand years ago some cultures still looked at the sun as a God because they couldn't explain it like we can these days? Why does science discard what they can't measure at the time being? I will answer that question quite simply, ego!! Because they can't answer it it's discarded so what's the difference between science & spirituality where you pick and choose the parts that you want to embrace and discard the rest? One uses logic that has been created from a theory & the other uses belief's which have come from faith. I'm objective to both understandings.

    Why aren't we still looking at the sun as a God? Because someone had the sense to not discard anything else to the contrary, if you & IONS were around a thousand years ago we would probably be still looking at the sun as a God & don't think we wouldn't with this kind of thinking. They rejected what wasn't of their beliefs & concepts at the time which is no different to what you are doing today, think on this!!!

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 21, 2013

    G'day Jim

    Why not as you have nothing to loose or gain by doing so however if you think no one will get anything out of it that is your choice but I think they will if not consciously subconsciously.

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    Jim Centi Nov 21, 2013

    Hi Mathew,

    I previously stated a new topic would be posted. That topic offered a paradigm shift in human experience.

    After considering the scant participation and negativity in Discussions I have decided to not post it.

    Best wishes, Jim

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    dustproduction Nov 21, 2013


    Help me arrest some of my confusion. How does any of this apply to IONS and the paranormal?
    It seems that most of the discussions here are now focuses around spiritualism and an alternative, higher consciousness.
    Additionally, allow me to ask if there is a point to a discussion of personal beliefs, since that either lack a framework that encompasses an explanation for the paranormal or are a cafeteria style spiritualism, where you pick and choice the parts that you want to embrace and discard the rest.
    No disrespect intended.

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 21, 2013

    G'day dustproduction

    The term enlightenment is a funny one in the west as it denotes so many things however to be truly enlightened one would have to be accepting of all within it's totality which is hard enough in the east to attain however in the west we have a lot more attachments & fixated attachments to contend with so the odds of a western thinker attaining enlistment is unlikely but not impossible.

    Recently I was in a discussion about desire with other spiritually aware people, should spirituality be based on desire & strangely enough most western spiritually aware people believed so to one extent or another. They based spiritual ideology on desire in the dark ages, look what happened there!! This included desiring to become more aware or enlightened however once we bring in desire in any form we are acting out a part of the ego with the ego presumably being in control instead of us being in control.

    So many western people have said they are enlightened but when you test this total acceptance, which true enlightenment pertains too, they fail dismally. Once one enters a true enlightened state it is impossible to act out any human impulses pertaining to the ego after that however what most of us experience is the feeling of enlightenment not actually being enlightened but our egos tells us otherwise.

    I absolutely have no intentions of becoming enlightened because for one I would be only feeding my ego plus I realise what's involved & what the final outcome will be so is this saying spiritualists, let's say from India, are acting out egoist tendencies when desiring to become enlightened? Yes of course but most spiritually aware people can't accept this because of why? The go of course, how dare I suggest such holly people would be acting out the ego. What again are we doing by suggesting that these holly people are above all else? We are of course acting out the ego again.

    In the case above the ego is in control however one can be in control of the ego through the simple process of acceptance I believe. If you are accepting even of most things as opposed to everything we begin to notice we are in control & have always been in control however being in control has allowed us to allow the ego to presumably take control. The ego is never really in total control & until we realise this we have no way in becoming truly enlightened.

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    dustproduction Nov 21, 2013

    Consider the word "enlightenment." While it is tossed about frequently, we might ask if the term is always used with a standard intended meaning, or has it been borrowed by 'spiritualist' to defined some personal, sometime undefined, concept?

    "Enlightenment refers to the "full comprehension of a situation".[web 1] It is commonly used to denote the Age of Enlightenment, but is also used in Western cultures in a religious context. It translates several Buddhist terms and concepts, most notably bodhi, kensho and satori. Related terms from Asian religions are moksha (liberation) in Hinduism, Kevala Jnana in Jainism and ushta in Zoroastrianism.

    The use of the Western word enlightenment is based on the supposed resemblance of bodhi with Aufklärung, the independent use of reason to gain insight into the true nature of our world. As a matter of fact there are more resemblances with Romanticism than with the Enlightenment: the emphasis on feeling, on intuitive insight, on a true essence beyond the world of appearances.

    A common reference in Western culture is the notion of "enlightenment experience". This notion can be traced back to William James, who used the term "religious experience" in his book, The Varieties of Religious Experience.[9] Wayne Proudfoot traces the roots of the notion of "religious experience" further back to the German theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768–1834), who argued that religion is based on a feeling of the infinite. The notion of "religious experience" was used by Schleiermacher to defend religion against the growing scientific and secular citique.[10]
    It was popularised by the Transcendentalists, and exported to Asia via missionaries.[11] Transcendentalism developed as a reaction against 18th Century rationalism, John Locke's philosophy of Sensualism, and the predestinationism of New England Calvinism. It is fundamentally a variety of diverse sources such as Hindu texts like the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita,[12] various religions, and German idealism.[13]
    It was adopted by many scholars of religion, of which William James was the most influential.[14][note 4]
    The notion of "experience" has been criticised.[19][20][21] Robert Sharf points out that "experience" is a typical Western term, which has found its way into Asian religiosity via western influences.[19][note 5] The notion of "experience" introduces a false notion of duality between "experiencer" and "experienced", whereas the essence of kensho is the realisation of the "non-duality" of observer and observed.[23][24] "Pure experience" does not exist; all experience is mediated by intellectual and cognitive activity.[25]

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 20, 2013

    G'day dustproduction

    Yes there is a real problem in spiritually aware people living up to their own expectations that is why so many have psychological issues if they didn't in the first place. I have noticed a lot of spiritualty aware people already had psychological issues that's why they looked at spirituality to relieve this but the problem is it can enhance any issues one had prior to entering into spirituality if one isn't carful.

    To expect the collective to live up to our own expectations isn't the way to go because all one will be doing is fault finding & true spirituality isn't or shouldn't be about finding faults in others, ourselves & the rest of creation.

    It is indeed egotistical to set one's own moral standards to any level presumably above others but many self-confessed non-egotistical spiritually aware people do just this I’m afraid.

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    dustproduction Nov 19, 2013


    "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."
    Do you know this quote? It is from Matthew 26:41.
    It is a statement of the difficulty in living up to the high moral standards that one has set oneself.
    Do you see a separateness to the spirit and the being, or is the spirit acted out in the being and doing?

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 19, 2013

    G'day Ros

    Yes, set aside all personal needs & desires as both these traits denote one kind of ego or another. Desires to me are more controlled by the ego where's usually needs aren't however they are both of the ego & to reach Universally Realized/Conscious/Enlightened we have to drop all our ego traits either controlled by the ego or us.

    Recently I was in conversation with other spiritually aware people who believe desire is one of the driving forces behind spirituality, I said they did this in the dark ages & look what happened then. There are a lot of spiritually minded people who are unaware of the hidden controlling ego within themselves I'm afraid, they might think they have rid or have control of the ego but all they have done is burry it deeper within themselves.

    I do believe if we were brought up to just inquire from our inner selves from the start desiring or needing to know/acquire more wouldn't be necessary & in fact relying on our inner knowing is far more powerful than using a need or a desire to inquire because you have eradicate any influences of the ego.

    However as soon as we become habitually reliant on acquiring knowing through human means we need to go through this process until we can at least dilute the effect of the ego, in other words learn to live for a need not a desire.

    Desire is taught to us from birth, especially in the west to support the new religion of consumerism I believe however if we change our habit to a need only this will bring us back away from the ego controlling us to us controlling the ego at the human level. Just a thought!!

    My wife & I not long ago watched the movie The NeverEnding Story again, must take more note next time.


  • mrmathew1963 Nov 19, 2013

    G'day Jim

    One of my biggest problems Jim is one minute I will be expressing myself through my human self & the next my inner self, it's something I need to be constantly aware of.


    PS Yes it is a pleasure conversing with such open minded people as yourself & no it's not really pleasurable conversing with closed minded people but now & again they will spark something within me I didn't realise however we must, within our selves, decide if it's worth it!!

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    RealityOverScience Nov 19, 2013

    The idea is to ...set aside... all your personal needs and meaningfulnesses, just long enough to "do the work" it takes to become Universally Realized/Conscious/Enlightened.

    Then, after you've figured it all out, you really can go back out into the world, resuming your personal needs and meaningfulnesses, "as you were!" It's just that, having figured it all out, your choices on behalf of not only yourself but all others, all sentient beings, will be informed, selfless, filled with compassion, and your actions will ripple to decrease harm, violence and war.

    You can have whatever religion or spiritual experience you want, but with the true Reality forever keeping you "remembering" the importance of Balance in your investment.

    To see the process unfold before you, watch the movie, "The NeverEnding Story," and pay very close attention to the language used, from the very beginning of the theme song to the very last, because it is multidimensional, filled with hints and clues throughout, and mathematically founded in the true Universal Physics. The movie has the ability to pick you up and carry you well into Awakening, if you are prepared to learn.

    It will definitely help you with your "ego" inquisitions and spiritual aspirations.

    There are many other movies intentionally reality-based, but none more powerful an "aha!" than the ...famous among realizers... (as the Tao, Gita, Vedas, etc.) The NeverEnding Story!

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    Jim Centi Nov 19, 2013

    Hi Mathew,

    I also agree with everything you say. Any differences we have may be simply semantics or how we use the language.

    I generally speak from my experience and within the past several months I seem to be oscillating between two distinctly different states.

    In one state the ego dominates and I have a tendency to lash out at someone who does not conform to what I believe Discussions could be.

    Several years ago, perhaps on the old website, there were 30 or 40 active participants in Discussions and several more who only occasionally participated. Back then Discussions was a friendly forum where we learned from each other and it was like a second home for me.

    Its 3am where I’m located and a bit past my bedtime, so this post may be drifting a bit.

    In the other state there is no or minuscule ego, I experience absolute perfection and the notion of finding fault simply does not exist. The ego state lasts longer, several days or weeks and I seem to have no control over this. The more spiritual state has lasted only a few minutes or hours.

    I’ll be posting a new topic in the next day or so that expands on this a bit and I’ll look forward to any comment you care to post.

    Till then, best wishes……Jim

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 18, 2013

    G'day Jim

    I actually agree in everything you say here down to the last line. No it's not a cosmic crime to judge someone untoward an asshole however being spiritually aware people we should really be setting a precedence however in saying this spiritually aware people should never be egotistical & feel lowly in some way if they do express themselves in this way.

    The way I look at it it's just as egotistical to look down & be afraid of expressing human traits like the ego than it is to be openly egotistical. Any problems with the ego soon dissipates when we become truly enlightened but very few people will accomplish or become aware of this I believe in human form so we must always be vigilant/aware that any kind of fear denotes the ego in control instead of us in control of the ego. It's a never ending battle but well worth it.

    To become enlightened one would have to be all accepting of the totality of everything which also includes what we have deemed to be nasty or lowly & I believe once we become enlightened all the nasties just cease to exist in there preconceived ego form.

    Enlightenment to me is really only remembering, at the human level, who we really are, full stop, we won't do this if the ego is in control in anyway. I think once we take control of the ego enlightenment begins to happen through our selves remembering who we are, the ego being in control is stopping this I believe however in the process we shouldn't be afraid, like yourself & I , in expressing the ego but in saying that we should try setting a precedence.

    One more thing, I do believe there is a bit of a difference to a need & desire in relation to the ego. A need is, I believe, showing one in control of the ego but a desire is showing the ego being in control.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Jim Centi Nov 18, 2013

    Please do not take offense to this comment, since it is simply my opinion.

    The experience of Enlightenment does not occur within the human mind; it is an experience of awareness beyond the conditioned human mind.

    Following the experience of enlightenment, a common characteristic it to believe that one is a spiritual being; this is true and that is a valid belief.

    The problem is that when one believes it is a spiritual being the human mind then forms concepts relative to the qualities or characteristics a spiritual being should exhibit or experience.

    Among these qualities formed by the mind are often beliefs relative to appropriate behavior of a spiritual being. Frequently among these beliefs created by the mind is that we should express unconditional love, have no ego and not judge the behavior of others.

    Pure unconditional love, the absence of judgment and ego occurs during the experience of enlightenment and when the experience dissipates, we once again become human beings.

    As human beings, forcing ourselves to experience the qualities of Enlightenment; unconditional love, absence of judgment and ego can be stressful, unnatural and needs or desires of the ego.

    As human beings, we may very infrequently come upon someone who habitually criticizes our devotion to spirituality and habitually promotes an obsolete paradigm. It is not a violation of some cosmic crime if we exercise human judgment and consider that person to be an asshole.

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 18, 2013

    G'day frequencytuner

    No thank you for so wonderfully adding to this post, impressed. 'O' damn I just expressed the ego again, I will never get to utopia if I keep expressing such distasteful flaws.....Wake up & smell the flowers people, please!!!!

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Nov 18, 2013

    Re: 'there is only beautiful child in the world

    It is also said that the first person the child attaches to is the mother's "unconscious." This meant explain a great deal.

  • frequencytuner Nov 16, 2013

    A Chinese Proverb says 'there is only beautiful child in the world, and every mother has it'. This is a profound statement. 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder', is another commonly known similar expression. What do these really mean though? Why do some people like some things and other not? This is perspective and imparts the limitless power that it has. Perspective is what drives athletes to win because they believe they can, it inspires art and music, maintains relationships, heals sickness and diseases, prolongs life under apparent 'certain death' circumstances, and the list goes on. It also ends relationships, inspires suicide, revenge, hate, anger and distrust, and this list goes on as well.

    Perspective, the lense through which one views the world, life and the events and experiences therein, is truly the key to happiness and suffering. In the big picture, perspective is like the way you choose to ride on the big chariot of life. You can sit, stand, hang out the window, lie on the floor, etc. Though you cannot control the bumps and curves in the road, you can usually see them coming and how you handle them is an individual choice.

    Wonderful piece Matthew.

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