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A study for the Degree of Doctor of philosophy in Education, Educational philosophy,using inductive and deductive methods to (10)s of verses of entire Quraan,2012, led to a certain conclusion...
Here it is:
It seemed that "human" is created "good",but his failure to resist his illegal desires bring him in "evil".
I think here a good lesson for the humanity to maintain "good", and to resist their bad motivations.
So to what extent one can resist his illegal desires ?

  • frequencytuner Nov 17, 2013

    Humans are products of their environments, much like wild animals are products of their environments. This is only at face value however. How do we explain 'black sheep' children who blaze new trails or animals raised in captivity and domesticated? If a human derives his/her existence from the mental experience, ie: cognitive and neural processes, he/she will inevitably default like a computer to those programmed patterns because the brain is a computer. The heart and stomach, on the other hand provide opportunity for balance by providing basic instincts and compassion. Still the question remains, cultural conditioning aside, rather without the thinking mind, what is it to be a human? At the basic, stomach level, a human is an animal that procreates, eats, sleeps and does what it must to survive, the same as any other animal. At the core, heart, a human is a unique manifestation of "God".

    The ultimate question here is how do we, as humans, express this core Divine Nature with a mind to think, reason and learn and a gut with primal instincts and desires? Every thought, every craving, every action, every word is either bringing you closer in line with the heart or further from it. The trick is learning to quiet the mind and quell desire to be able to understand the heart.

  • bestearth Nov 05, 2013

    "For centuries we have been brought up to kill:"

    I agree Mathew, there is apart of us that is highly programmable like a computer. And can be programmed to believe just about anything. And it's kept alive by a background of ignorance in which people have trouble finding their way to good knowledge and good influences. Their natural instincts have been replaced by the need for approval, to follow orders without question as if it's some kind of virtue.

    I don't know who exactly brought warcraft to the planet, maybe the fallen angels? But I don't think evil is native here on earth, just a naive population that is(was) yet to know any better, but I believe we are getting there now.

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    dontkno Nov 05, 2013

    Isn't "illegal" a non sequitur in a spiritual discussion,as well as evil? Aren't these concepts invented by humanity? One by consensus the other by the church?

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 05, 2013

    G'day Drdawood

    Humans are created by the environment they are brought up in, if it's a loving environment the chances of any said person brought up within this environment turning bad is diminished & visa-versa of course.

    Whose perception of good & evil are we talking about here? Vegetarians/vegans think it's evil/bad to kill animals for food but meat eaters don't as it's a natural process of survival. If we are going to call killing or hurting another life form evil isn't killing/hurting a plant to survive evil, it's still a living breathing form of life.

    For centuries we have been brought up to kill, this is learned behaviour however I agree it would be nice to live & learn under another behavioural pattern for once.

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