Human Nature, The common Attitudes in Human Beings Behavior.

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When we try to talk about ( H.N),we should not concentrate our attention on the matter of creation.l Animals,Plants, and other materials have bodies built from similar elements such as carbon,hydrogen,nitrogen,oxygen,calcium,phosphorus,etc.
But we are focusing on what makes a human "Human", i.e. what people have as merits , merit virtue advantage good quality or feature, traitss characteristic properties and other creatures have not. That is what make "Human" different, and that is why "Humans" are master of earth.
In the second hand, how can "Humans" adjust their behavior with "the nature" ,among each other, and with themselves.
When I studied this subject in my PHD dissertation,I found that people are described in Holy Quran in similar attitudes, and features, everywhere, every time.And I found some contemporary researches confirmed that.
Let us first guess or predict what are they ,and howmany?
Everybody answer or comment depends on what he learned away from Quran, to see the convenience between them.

  • bestearth Nov 05, 2013

    "In truth, man is a creature like the rest of the creatures;"

    I don't quite agree drqusayelemhana, it depends what your context is. If you just look at the body with it's need to eat,sleep, excrete, breathe, survive etc then it does look like any other creature. But the human is different in that we have a mind that can be self aware and also think conceptually, we understand metaphor which is the simultanaity of indirectly related ideas. This capicity enables humans to write operas and music, make jokes,write poems, articulate languages and build skyscrapers etc.

    I believe that sets us apart from the animal world. I am on the side of the spirit of the human some call the soul. This soul is immortal, the body is a container for it, a temple, a home, a vehicle in which to experience the feelings that drive it's development. That must be the purpose of life, to enrich and develop the(your) soul.

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 04, 2013

    G’day Drqusayelemhana

    This was my response to the following query on another site about evilness.

    What the nature of evil, is it open to interpretation according to ones perception, or it is state of mind, a set of moral parameters, or from a spiritual perspective, a energy source of some kind?

    My reply

    Evil can be as simple as an opposing polarity or vibration to ours. Look at it this way someone with true evil intent sees people with good intent as evil as good usually represents meekness, for an evil intent person to feel meek is evil to them because it's the opposite of strength so who's interpretation or perception of evilness is right? Neither is right nor wrong over the other just a different perception of what is what for a particular person on their own chosen path. To me, wrongly I would have to admit, slaughtering each other for wealth & power represents evilness because it's not my path or polarity but to them doing the slaughtering there is no evil intent just a path being followed. Who's to say what path is wrong to follow but of course being emotional humans we do judge so.

    We could also look at judgement & the ego for assistance here as well, who has a right to judge judgment & the ego as being wrong or unbecoming in some way but we do?

    Christians & Muslims have been slaughtering each other for how many centuries now for wealth & power?

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    drqusayelemhana Nov 04, 2013

    في الحقيقة ,, الانسان هو مخلوق مثل بقية المخلوقات لكن هنالك بعض الحقائق الواضحة اود ان ابينها
    اولا الانسان كل شي خلق لاجله
    ثانيا الانسان كرمه الله بالعقل كي يفكر في ما يفعل
    ولعل القاريء يفكر من الخالق ولما خلق هل لكي ياكل وينام ويتناسل ام ان هنالك شي اخر خلق لاجله
    اما فيما يخص موضوع طبيعة الانسان في الحقيقة:فكل انسان يخلق وطبيعته هي الفطرة السليمة وعلية فطبيعته فعل الخير وتصرفاته فعل الخير ,,اما بالنسبة لطبيعته في فعل العادات السيئة فهي موجودة ايضا ولكن الانسان بطبيعته يحب فعل الخير ومهما فعل من شر فهو على يقين في داخله ان الخير افضل من الشر ,

    In truth, man is a creature like the rest of the creatures, but there are some obvious facts I would Apinha the
    First everything to create human for him
    Second man honored by God with the mind to think of what to do
    Perhaps the reader to think of the Creator and to create in order to eat, sleep and reproduces or is there something else to create for him
    As for the subject of human nature in the truth: Every man creates and nature are common sense and attic Aftbiath doing good and his actions do good, either for nature to do the bad habits they also exist, but human nature likes to do good and important act of evil is sure inside the good is better than evil,

  • Drdawood2014 Nov 04, 2013

    It seemed to that "man" created "Good" , but his failer to resist his unlegal desiers bring him to evil.

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 03, 2013

    G'day Drdawood2014

    Taking into consideration that we chose to be here at this or any other time, understanding & acceptance is the key to global harmony.

    Many spiritually aware people, especially in the west, don't accept the life they have chosen & maybe they’re not meant to either however within this non-acceptance comes inedible conflict. Of course we have on top of this many non-spiritually aware people being non-accepting as well but spiritually aware people should be showing the way towards acceptance & understanding but they’re not.

    A true spiritually aware person realises it's not about them but all else around them, Jesus & mother Teresa are good examples of this.

    In many cultures we are brought up to be non-accepting of other cultural differences from ours, religion is a good example of this. What if all religions & other forms of spirituality for starters started leading the way to acceptance & understanding of all?

  • bestearth Nov 02, 2013

    Hi there Drdawood,

    As soon as there is an 'I' and a 'You' there is separation. Our language sometimes doesn't help, especially english because it is full of possesive pronouns like mine, theirs, and us and them. It makes english a difficult language to talk about spirit at times. Maybe if we become aware of the limitation of language we can sense the language that is more universal, that speaks directly to the heart.

    Some people say matter is an illusion others say matter is all there is. I think that the 'illusion' is the identification with matter and the forms that it takes, especially the human form. It seems to be the predominant illusion at this time in the world. An overly material approach to life has caused people to turn their back on creation or even notions of a creator.

  • Drdawood2014 Nov 02, 2013

    How can Human Nature be improved for happy global life?

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