My epiphany about the meaning of life or at least my life! :)

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by cameronjcw



I had posted the other day because I was having a few problems understanding and dealing with things going on in my life and the way people have been acting, I read the replies and just first of all want to say thanks for those of you who did reply. :)

Today I had a migraine/head pain which was turning into one of those brainbuster headaches, took my painkillers and lay down with the pillow squished around my head, my cat came up and lay down next to me on the sofa, thinking he wanted petting I did pet him a bit and told him I had a migraine and couldnt pet him much at the moment and turned around, he walked round and sat at the other side and miaowed at me as if he was talking to me. I felt like he was helping me and understood my pain. So I was talking to him and petting him and my headache started to settle down so I lay back down and was going to go for a sleep to make sure I got rid of the rest of it and I had a bit of an epiphany.

I realised that my soul and consciousness does not have inner light, it is inner light. We are all inner light and I realised that I was meant to have my cat and he was meant to be here for me and that I am surrounded by souls from many lifetimes guiding me and helping me in this life.

I realised that I chose this physical body and its human experience and that I knew that it was going to be a tough one but I would learn so much from it and would help the other physical bodies around me in this lifetime. I also learned that I now know if and when it is my time to leave this physical body that if I get to choose again I would choose another hard path to be on because I know that it allows you to touch so many other souls that are in other bodies and help them to realise and remember that they also chose their path and human experience in their physical bodies.

The physical body I am in has experienced a lot of hardships and also some great experiences but I can see that the hardships are the ones that I have truly learned from and that the physical state of my current body does not matter because its just a physical body and not what I truly am although I am grateful for the use of this physical body because it has taught me so much.

As I was lying down with my eyes closed realising all this I knew that the souls and spirits that guide me are always with me and were right at that moment. I could see beautiful purple shapes and images of the other souls in my head and felt that I was ready to accept my guides and for them to revel themselves to me as I am no longer afraid of them I embrace them and welcome them to continue to guide me through this lifetime and know that I will meet them again when I finally leave my current physical body.

I feel at one with the universe and now understand my role and meaning of why I am here. I am ready to face all the hardships this lifetime still has to throw at me and know that whatever happens is meant to be and that it will only serve to help my soul for the rest of this physical life and any more that will follow.

I wish you all the best for this lifetime and the nextxx

  • cameronjcw Nov 03, 2010

    wow thats is so close to what I felt that night when all this stuff just sort of came to me!! :D

    Thanks for posting!xx

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    yasmin Nov 02, 2010

    Extracts from a chat log that took place during the night ( uk time ) of 10-11 Nov 2008 nearly 2 yrs ago.

    Birmingham. UK

    [OdaMaeBrown] We have to earn our wings, Yaz. People think we come
    here to learn, Yaz. That's not entirely true. Yaz, people come here to try
    to go through this world, this place, this... vibration of Light, to try to keep
    the good they were born with. We don't come here to learn to be rapists,
    and murderers, and cruel. We come here to deal with those things in day
    to day life, and still stay true to what we were when we started. Beings of
    Light. What happens is we learn how NOT to be. When we get back
    [OdaMaeBrown] most of us find out we didn't stay true to our souls.
    [OdaMaeBrown] Yaz, we come here to "unlearn," and overcome all the
    crap other f'd up people put in our way.

    [OdaMaeBrown] And they can work through us when we accept them into
    our hearts and souls, no matter where we are in this world, no matter what
    religion, or belief, if we accept them, they'll help us as much as they can...
    by channeling.

    [OdaMaeBrown] They help us when we don't even know they're there.
    [OdaMaeBrown] They ARE energy, curlyfries.
    [OdaMaeBrown] They're the energy of Light.


    [OdaMaeBrown] They're people, guys. They're amazing people, not on
    account of they're "magical" or anything. They're amazing on account of
    they're beautiful, and kind, and empathic, and they love us, and they
    understand we make all kind of mistakes.

  • cameronjcw Oct 21, 2010

    Weird!! I used to have experiences of waking up as if I have fallen down from levitating that was many years ago when I was a child.

    Nowadays I get the experience of not having a body or rather parts of my body. Its not numbness or pins and needles I can't not feel my limbs they just are not there!

    There is something going on with my brain activity in the last few weeks but especially the last 2-3 days. My brain feels like mush and I can only make sense out of this odd new perception of reality and this odd new way that my brain and/or consciousness is actually processing these perceptions.

    Today I was wondering if I might start having seizures. I have thought that many times on and off the last few years I might have had mini strokes?

    My cat just winked at me lol

  • Tdrulard Oct 21, 2010

    Just an FYI.....

    I have heard that meditation triggers such experiences. Also, much research has been done on the benficial effects of sensory deprivation (more commonly known as floating).

    "Your senses lie, Trust them you should not".......I think this was Yoda. :)

  • cameronjcw Oct 21, 2010

    RedDog! Your post explains so well my more recent epiphany half an hour ago!!

    I think I will have to stop my brain or slow it down before it does crack methinks! lol :)

  • RedDog Oct 21, 2010

    I love having such epiphanies. As I have removed the wool of this reality from my eyes, and gain a broader perspective of the truth behind my own consciousness, epiphanies abound! I'm not concerned with the experience fading over time, because I now understand that time is also a construct of `this reality' and absent from where my consciousness resides. The same is true for the "bombardment of data" or what I like to call the "white noise" of life this side, or inside the vale, it is just energy. Granted, there is information in energy, but in this form, physically the vale filters out much and leave me with energy/information which seems like noise.

    Dean Radin wrote about this when he discussed Low Latent Inhibition, the ability to take in more of that energy/information/noise without suffering damage to aspects of your physical brain and body. For example, John Nash, the subject of the book and movie; "A beautiful Mind" had a more perforated vale which allowed more of this energy/information/noise into his reality. His brain attempted to makes sense, to order this information and began to fail. His safe guard was the brains ability to fragment and divide this flow of information like one does when one dreams, by creating characters who embody specific aspects of the information he sorted. Most saw him as having a split personality disorder, never comprehending how the physical body can adjust to knowledge/energy/information coming from Consciousness through the vale.

    Once we understand what our vale is, and why it is in place, and how this reality reinforces it, we can then experience such epiphanies almost daily!

  • cameronjcw Oct 21, 2010

    And yes I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said :)

  • cameronjcw Oct 21, 2010

    Tdrulard I think I just didn't want to trust the feeling of invincibility that this has given me in the sense that nothing seems to be upsetting me at all. I think I just figured that I might still have days where I felt down or upset by things again that would make ripples in my euphoric state although tbh its now 2 days later and I feel even more euphoric than I did when I had this experience. I hope I never forget it or forget how it has made me feel.

    I actually feel bulletproof! I don't feel envious or done over by people anymore its like negativity cannot touch me and doesn't exist for me anymore. negativity for me is now even more positive than positivity! If that makes sense I think you will agree it does!

    Everything seems to make so much sense now and I feel somewhat empathic too!!

    Happy days indeed!

    All the very best to you and yours! :)

  • Tdrulard Oct 21, 2010

    Excellent description of your epiphany. I have found a number of people have similar experiences that usually fade with time. My question is why do you feel that you cannot remain in that euphoric state indefinetly? My belief is that being a sentient being you must process the data presented to you accordingly. To live a life of "peace" one would need to eliminate the bombardment of data that defines our current perception of our reality otherwise, as we evolve, these experiences will ultimately cease to exist and we will further lose our place in the cosmos.

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    Inquisitivegirl Oct 19, 2010

    Beautiful...thank you for sharing!

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