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Quantum physics and a different view of "reality"

Posted Oct. 18, 2010 by Inquisitivegirl in Open

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commented on Dec. 21, 2010
by workinprogress



I have come across many references to quantum physics and how it relates to "reality" on this website and other related websites. What I have been wondering about and looking for, is information on the basic experiments that introduced the world to non-Newonian quantum mechanics. I am not a physicist, and thought a discussion here of what people understand and how it relates to how we perceive the world would be helpful. My own take on it (please correct me if I'm wrong), is that in an experiment where a single photon of light was produced and there was a barrier with two slits on it followed by a photographic plate. When a single photon of light was produced and there was a barrier with one slit it fell in a predictable location. When a single photon of light was produced and there were 2 slits, it fell in an area different from where the one slit expt photon fell that corresponded to where a beam of light would fall due to interference between the 2 slits. The problem, how can you get interference of 2 waves when there is only 1 photon? It could only occur if the photon was in 2 places (passing through both slits) at once. If you observed the single photon's path, at whatever point you observed it, it would only be in one location (you can not observe it without affecting it..hence the observer's affect). Now..I can understand where the extrapolation could occur to make conclusions about consciousness etc. But since the original experiment is still not even clear in my mind I have a hard time moving on from there. If anyone is clearer about it please share...and hearing about the implications of this research for other areas is of interest too!

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    workinprogress Dec 21, 2010

    I Like Michio Kaku's, Physics of the Impossible.

  • MysticalSadhu Nov 03, 2010

    Verdenango, people explore subtler realms with a sense of bewilderment that can either put them in awe and receptive to subtler capabilities or puts them in awe, agitated that their preconceptions are challenged, preconceptions of which they will not release, despite the wholeness of their being garishly wrong. It is the duty of anyone incarnate to know the difference, and certainly so for those who dain to apply the term "scientist" or "authority" to themselves. I meet many "scientists" and instructors every month and all year long, most all of whom do not have a sense of awe, and use their knowledge, in conjunction with their employment, to stupidify both themselves, those in their immediate surroundings -- including students, coworkers, employers, leaders, and those people and institutions involved with funding their endeavors. Petrifying dispositions anchored in immutable dogmas continue to be anchors of strength, or rather are assumed to be strengths by those comfortable with mental and moral weakness as their comfort and guide. Thus, selfishness also contributes to both such stupidifcation, and in retaining insights for oneself and within one's cadre, such as funders and entrepreneurs who intend to maintain such knowledge for themselves to maximize profitability, perhaps long after their demise.

    The key ingredient in all of this is "avarice", from which the moral deterioration of self and humanity escalates, including conceit, deceit, vanity, indolence, insolence, cruelty and predation -- all rooted in avarice and greed. Thus, one can be in the company of people and circumstances shedding light upon a moment with extraordinary implications that humanity can use to facilitate, perhaps in quantum leaps, the wellbeing of all life, yet such selfish entities will not recognize nor acknowledge such potentialities ... at least not until a profitable business model can be created, one that is centristic both in ownership, control and profitability, even when that profitability is not economic but rather social.

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    verdenango Oct 21, 2010

    MysticalSadhu, one visits the 4th dimension during sleep and there are those that are able to do this at will, to bi-locate and also to perform remote viewing ( a different ability than bi-locating). Others can see the 4th dimension without problems. The Philadelphia experiment did occur and was found to have horrible beyond belief results. Our government was trying what the ETs use for traveling-from one dimension to another, without all the technology. What we saw as kids watching Star Trek, we will be able to obtain eventually, but in essence that was the Philadelphia Experiment- to de-materialize, travel to a destination and to then materialize back on the ship.

    Scientist know that there are more dimensions, like the different bands of frequencies, have discovered them, but have not been able to discover some that are between others. Therefore they know that some dimension or frequencies exist since they are between known ones.

  • Tdrulard Oct 21, 2010

    cameronjcw, Well put. :)

  • cameronjcw Oct 21, 2010

    Tdrulard I think we are lucky if we are even considered a fetus on the evolutionary timeline.

  • RedDog Oct 21, 2010

    It is a good question to ask. This wave/particle duality aspect of QM and QP, as Lanza has postulated also, implies consciousness plays an important role in how this reality plays out. Therein lies the greater truth. Not HOW consciousness impacts all energy in this Universe or Continuum, but WHY?

    Science seeks to find out the how's, and will find many of them, but they never consider the Why's. So we divide this singular, non-dual aspect of this reality into Science and Philosophy. It takes on a duality which will never find the truth of that question. Sadly.

  • Tdrulard Oct 21, 2010

    Quantum physics is the study of the sub atomic (and smaller) world. I believe too often Quantum physics and Quantum mechanics are compounded into a philosophical conversation. Philosophy will never be an absolute and neither will our comprehension of sub atomic quarks, qwirks, and bosons. Although alot can be gained by utilizing Quantum physics in a philosophical debate, Nothing can be gained by utilizing philosophy in a physics debate. Long after a "grand unified theory" is proven we will still seek knowledge of our place in the cosmos. You, I, and our species' most brilliant minds share a common stigma. We are all just toddlers on the evolutionary timeline.

  • Sandstone Oct 19, 2010

    Cameronjcw, the Closer to Truth series has a lot of good stuff in it. If you go to the top of the page and click "participants" it gives you a list of who has been on the show. If you click on a particular participant (ie. Rupert Sheldrake or Dean Radin) it will give you a list of all the segments that have that person in it so you can pick out favorites quickly if you don't want to watch full episodes.

  • MysticalSadhu Oct 19, 2010

    What makes this work for the mind, and will make it work for physics, is taking the two, or more, points of location -- dimensionless points at the center of each location -- and merging them into a singularity, first within our minds, and then within physical attributes similarly. When material[istic] "scientists" discover that all wheres at all times we are surrounded by "blackholes", then such acknowledgement will herald access to the fifth dimension, and the exploration of worm holes in time and space, through which what seems to be teleportation will occur. Making specific objects, such as ships containing people, perhaps for intersolar and even intergalactic travel, and retaining the integrity of both the people and the ship and all their necessities for survival will be possible once field containment is developed and perfected. Of this, we can start with toroidal field continua as our model and the most likely successful model, at least to start with, until we explore further to find the consistent facts and continuities.

  • MysticalSadhu Oct 19, 2010

    One of the symptoms of the middle realm of the fifth dimension is to be able to look at an object, say maybe a planet or the sun, and being able to perceive all the way around it, witness all sides of the planet or sun concurrently, not with the three-dimensional limits exposing, at most, half of the sphere. In the ever more subtle realms of the fifth dimension, a person can be in more than one place at a time. The vaster we perceive the Universe, the more we are all wheres at all times, while anchoring ourselves, our bodies in one place. When you stand in your back yard you may answer "in my back yard" when asked where you are, whereas if you were an ant, your back yard would seem vast. Making one's mind the smallest of the small and the largest of the large will increase the territory you call home, even when the perimeters of such are far beyond our planet and solar system.

    Being in two or more focused places at once, such as your living room and another remote location, whether down the block or around the world, involves being, physically, in one place while focusing our mind on another place, perhaps one we are familiar with and perhaps where a loved one is as well. Rapport greatly facilitates being in two places at once, taking our mind/heart to bond with another person at the remote location, as we do with family and lovers, or our mind travels there due to an affinity we may have for the location. If there is any truth to the stories of the ships involved with the Philadelphia Experiment, it is said that they teleported from the place in the Atlantic where the experiment was applied, to either the shipyard where they were manufactured or the home base shipyard of the Navy for either of the ships. If this is what happened in reality, then this is an example in that even seemingly inanimate objects will have affinity locations, or more precisely, the involvement of subtle minds with such objects will be the substantial factors causative for such objects to appear in and disappear from affinity locations, due to the minds of the participants, their beliefs and values.

    If such teleportation or bilocation of such ships occurred, this demonstrates the fifth dimension expressed through such teleportation or bilocation, and identifies how such can and will occur in the future once experimentation helps define the architecture of such events. Being able to perceive how this happens and what is possible will be predicated upon minds that can expand to vast perimeters, preferably the full scope of the Universe, and witness the properties such capabilities, of mind, reveal.

  • MysticalSadhu Oct 19, 2010

    The minimum factors of the fourth dimension would generically be a sphere spinning on its axis. If such a sphere were an entity with a mind, at this minimum level, with no other objects perceivable anywhere around it, it will seem as though the sphere is the only entity and although it is spinning, it would not be aware of such for it has no extraneous objects by which to individuate its position in the Universe. Every dimension can be subdivided unto at least three subsections with the realm of that dimension, with this sphere spinning on its axis, relative to no other objects, would be the shallowest realm of the fourth dimension, and a gateway through which the subtler realms of the fourth dimension would become ever more conspicuous as the object continues to spin, as if a three dimensional object were to be introduced to the existence of the fourth dimension, a physical and/or mental exercise that a mind, limited to the parameters of the third dimension, could alter its mind to experience, at least at the shallow end, to the fourth dimension, at which further exercise of this spinning process, whether physically or just mentally, would awaken it to the fourth dimension and hopefully beyond into subtler realms of that fourth dimension.

    Similarly, there is a shallow end to the fifth dimension, to quantum physics and quantum psychology, by which a mind can capture enormously vaster physical and psychic abilities that are always extant, just unaccessed until the gateway to the fifth dimension is explored. This gateway, as the generic sphere spinning on its axis, is the rhythmic systolis, from a dimensionless point to the greatest perimeter of the Universe, typically performed with breath -- contraction on the in-breath, expansion on the out-breath -- reaching the furthest perimeters of the Universe with each and every expansion ["vistara" in Sanskrit]. In daily life, the subtler realms of the fifth dimension, and more, can be further cultivated by perceiving this systolis happening all the time, and by perceiving objects, of any shape, at their center, at the dimensionless point at the geophysical or at their center of gravity at the moment of perceiving them.

  • MysticalSadhu Oct 19, 2010

    Regarding: "I have come across many references to quantum physics and how it relates to "reality" on this website and other related websites. What I have been wondering about and looking for, is information on the basic experiments that introduced the world to non-Newtonian quantum mechanics."

    Outside the materiality of demonstrating quantum physics, I will address the capacity to conceptualize such a notion and perceive it when it happens. The Universe happens all around us all the time, though our capacities of perception, when limited, do not and will not perceive lest the scope of attention, and malleability of the mind can match the continuum of which the opportunity to perceive is offered. To some the Earth seemed flat, to others, whether the Earth was flat or not, all else beyond Earth seemed to ambulate around Earth.

    The choreography of the celestial objects operates in the fourth dimension, while quantum physics, and quantum psychology operate in the fifth dimension. The capacity to perceive the fifth dimension, and both quantum physics and quantum psychology, depends upon framing the mind, or reframing it, to operate within the basic continuum, the basic continuity of the minimalistic operative principles of characteristic of the fifth dimension.

    Such principles are true for the other dimensions as well. In front of you there are three dimensional objects, though why do you know they are three dimensional? A large part of that has to do with the concurrency of two venues of visual perception, stereo-vision, with which you perceive from two vantage points -- each eye -- at the same time, and with eons of evolutionary precedent of having and perceiving through two eyes, the brain has evolved with a processing neurology that, even if one eye is closed or nonfunctional, the brain, and mind, will process depth at nearly the capacity of two eyes can do together. Stereo-vision, and stereo-audience gives us the capacity to perceive depth and distance, facilitating our perceptive capabilities as if we're circumambulating around an object or scene.

  • cameronjcw Oct 19, 2010

    This sounds very interesting!! I think I will be watching these! :)

  • Sandstone Oct 19, 2010

    If you are interested in how physics relates to consciousness, Henry Stapp does an excellent job of explaining that sort of thing in the Closer to Truth series which can be watched online. Stapp has written some excellent papers on this subject as well, but I find it easier to understand him in these interviews.



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    Inquisitivegirl Oct 19, 2010

    Sandstone, thank you for the helpful links!

  • Sandstone Oct 19, 2010

    Dean Radin explains double slit experiments in this interview:

    Here is a video that also might interest you:

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    Inquisitivegirl Oct 18, 2010

    Sorry, that should be Newtonian, not Newonian :-)

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