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Whoever Has Ears to Hear Should Hear

Posted Sept. 18, 2013 by RealityOverScience in Open

commented on Dec. 4, 2014
by NoetPoet



With religion one of the hardest and most painful hurdles of all to traverse, on one's journey toward Consciousness, Enlightenment, and religion constantly coming forth in other discussions, a thread to discuss what keeps those hurdles in place is needed here.

If you have something from the Bible, or any other Holy Book or similar writing, that is holding onto you, that you find meaningful and comfortable, a tradition or cultural belief that you feel so wholeheartedly you cannot risk usurping or losing, and you want to discuss it or (respectfully) argue on its behalf, please share it.


This is a thread for balanced discussion.

Consider this thread a "Mind & Life Institute" type World Symposium, a mindful Retreat, so to speak, where everyone, of all persuasions, can peacefully sit around under a tree to express *where* they are, and what is most meaningful to them, on issues of religion relative to Enlightenment-Consciousness, where science meets religion meets the heart, toward a SHARED understanding and Awakening.

Please be advised that *realizations* may occur, or information (specific data) may be brought in from various participants, that may be painful to work through for a while, and have patience with and compassion for one another, as opposed to setting out to intentionally hurt one another. If you are very sensitive about your religious beliefs and need for faith in itself, this may not be a thread for you! Take full responsibility for your choice to participate!

Rule: Please refrain from bringing in very loooong articles for busy folks to have to read before responding, to keep a comfortable flow of retreat-like conversation-from-the-HEART going. Short references, or step by step paragraphs, are okay, like a quote or passage from a Holy Book or writing are okay, but give folks a chance to respond and discuss what you have shared before moving on to your next point, and speak mostly from your heart, because that's where the Answers are!

  • NoetPoet Dec 04, 2014

    Oh and before anyone gets their dolphin-printed knickers in a twist about that comment, let me just remind everyone that Jim Centi called me an "asshole" on this very forum a couple of weeks ago and neither apologised nor was reprimanded. So eat it.

  • NoetPoet Dec 04, 2014

    Edit: ROS

  • NoetPoet Dec 04, 2014

    Fuck off EOS

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    RealityOverScience Dec 04, 2014

    From a Consciousness perspective, Jesus was actually an Enlightened One (meaning, someone who also was fluent in these Universal Physics)!

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    RealityOverScience Jan 27, 2014

    The Universe has set rules that can traumatize the heck out of folks if they aren't handled...delicately.

    Slowing the process down and giving folks the needed time, and space, to process the Process, and to be sure they want to proceed, is most important.

    Rushing too far ahead, too fast, when guiding folks into (the INSIDE of) the Process, is selfish, because if overwhelmed they not only run away, but run ...further... away than they had been.

    Teaching folks toward the redefinition of time and space is best accomplished when...reflected/*reflected.*

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    Robert Johnston Jan 27, 2014

    Hhmmmm . . . with great respect, before you wrote your proposed rule were you conscious of the fact that 'the powers that be' have set the maximum words at 3,000 per entry? Toward mutual respect, empathy, knowledge, compassion, and integral health . . . individually, socially, ecosystemically, and omniversally.

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    RealityOverScience Jan 26, 2014

    Important thread to bring forward right now.


  • frequencytuner Nov 14, 2013

    If we study history we will learn that at one point in time Science and Religion did not exist. They are both mental constructs, ideas that describe opposing perspective of the same thing: like time and space, yin and yang. Science has it's roots in Alchemy which has it's roots in mysticism and spirituality, which goes back to where religion has it's roots: Spirit. We find in history that priests and shaman have traditionally held some form of power of the average person because of their abilities to interact with and sometimes control this 'Spirit'. There has always been a secret teaching, and it is this way even today for good reason. For example, if everybody knew that if you pressed 369258147 on an ATM/ABM it would spit out all of it's cash. This may be a maintenance code, but if improperly used....if improperly known...I should not have to elaborate any further. Religion, though veiled deeply in allegory and symbolism does truly contain timeless wisdom within the ancient texts. Some of the greatest scientific minds in history: Jung, Einstein, Tesla, Newton, Da Vinci, Galileo, Pythagoras: all were deeply spiritual and mystic. All of these men came to discover the very same truths that are found in the pages of the great religious texts of the world without ever reading a single one. One cannot fully describe Science or Religion without describing the other, just like time and space or yin and yang, as stated before: time and space describe one thing, yin and yang describe one thing, science and religion describe one thing.

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    RealityOverScience Sep 21, 2013

    Nag Hammadi (Egypt) Library

    Conscious, Enlightened Jesus said:

    "Let one who seeks not stop seeking until one finds."

    It's your true inescapable physics of your very existence, haunting you through life, pushing and pulling you toward it. Life itself is the journey, seeking to reunite you with it. It takes bravery, courage, and "intelligence" (Dalai lama), so you don't run away as soon as things start getting scary.

    "When one finds, one will be troubled."

    Because it redefines everything, and everybody, you think you know, about life. Your defense mechanisms, socio-cultural dependencies, comfort zones, etc., are all completely uprooted. All your control and meaningfulnesses are gone.

    "When one is troubled, one will marvel..."

    Because you then begin to realize "the Bigger Picture," how everybody and everything, from Adam to sub-atom, etc., are all inescapably using the very SAME physics! (And what those physics are!)

    "...and will reign over all."

    Because you are then fluent in the inherent Nature and Core of ALL beings, and all Existence. (Like being a psychiatrist/physicist to the world.)

  • mrmathew1963 Sep 20, 2013

    G'day Ros

    A lot of spiritually aware people don't think science & spirituality as a whole are one of the same thing, it's just they use different deductive reasoning processes, but they are as of everything is because it's all of the universal consciousness. So many people have got it in their heads that the universal consciousness, creative consciousness or God is all loving so how could science or anything not of love be spiritual but it's all spiritual in my mind because it's all a part of the universal consciousness.

    We look at everything, even when we are feeling at one in certain conscious states, through human emotional eyes so the feeling of oneness is going to feel like unconditional love for the main reason this state of consciousness is a lot more peaceful than what we normally feel, peacefulness will give us a feeling of unconditional love but not all consciousness is of this peacefulness as we know.

    Jesus, Buddha, sears & alike taught peace which gave a feeling of love, this didn't mean they didn't feel love for other humans because they did for the main reason they could see no separation between all conscious forms but the average person only saw separation so by teaching peace this gave the average person a reconnection with his fellow man which gave the following emotion of love for his fellow man as well. By preaching peacefulness they showed a connection between all man kind which gave the emotional feeling of love & the more connected one is feeling the more unconditional love & oneness one will experience.

    The biggest problem is we have attachments & often fixated attachments which means we have something to loose or defend against other attachments which gives us even more separation & less unconditional love however, as you know, once we realise our connection their are no real attachments just consciousness.

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    RealityOverScience Sep 19, 2013

    As I responded in the other thread, religionists and atheists have to be understood in terms of their origination, which is almost always within the collective unconscious convention. Both sides are the blind leading the blind. Both sides are inescapably searching for their own original truth, no matter what label they put on it, or social status they choose.

    Extremists among them are those who either have a need for faith itself, who are very externally dependent, needing someone or something comforting to lean on and rely upon (and also blame if anything goes wrong), OR, they are very threatened by trust for trust itself, and fight off any hint of faith. Both sides are seriously imbalanced.

    Of course, every possible possibility in between those two extremes apply, as well.

    The sad thing is, there really are Universal Answers both extremes and in-betweens could not only live with but would LOVE to have, life changing, world changing Answers, but they haven't figured that out yet.

    In a Universe in which everybody and everything is inescapably connected, they all need to rise above themselves and their self-ish needs to responsibly learn the TRUTH on behalf of ALL sentient beings who suffer in the wrath and wars of those misguided ways.

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    RealityOverScience Sep 19, 2013

    The words in the title of this thread are actually words of the man Jesus, from The Nag Hammadi Library, who Enlightened folks fluent in the true Universal Physics can soooo easily recognize as having simply been a regular man like any other, who, like the regular man 500 years before him, who would be called a "Buddha," happened to be Awake to the true Universal Process!

    "Buddha" is simply an ancient Sanskrit word for one who is aware of the true Universal Physics! These true physics realizations go back many thousands of years before them! Universal Truth is documented in ancient cave drawings, building architecture, monuments, etc., and written in The Vedas (Wisdoms)/Upanishads/Patanjali Sutras/Bhagavad Gita/I Ching/Tao Te Ching, etc...which all recognize the same consistent Universal Process.

    Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, etc., were all looking for that Truth among their own tangled webs.

    Confucius, Buddha and Jesus were regular people trying to wake convention up, along with many other sages and solitary realizers throughout human history, including the Dalai Lama today.

    In the Nag Hammadi Library, 114 "sayings of Jesus," recorded in his day, clearly show a regular man using the ...physics... of Consciousness to try to wake people up to the real reality, to free and empower them, because they were being so oppressed by conventional leaders. Those leaders couldn't handle that and got rid of him. Unconscious convention totally misinterpreted what he was trying to teach them into his being some alien-like mystical, magical deity, and set out to worship their misinterpretations, which have blinded the world to the truth, and continue to this day.

    Billions of people have gone to war to fight on behalf of those misinterpretations, handed on to every next generation, and on and on it goes...along with the wars.

    Since the ancient everyday sages could so consistently figure out the true Universal Physics Processes taking place, over thousands upon thousands of years, which is what Enlightenment IS, what has happened to modern science, which can't find its way through its dreaded philosophy, to balance?! Like a new country trying to make its own way, feeling around in the dark, modern science is still in its infancy, blindly and single-handedly believing it can totally usurp and replace reality. All its wonderful inventions, fabulous as many are, are still projections that inescapably, eventually, have to ultimately find their own way back to the Core again. It's how the Universe works!

    The God Particle is a step in that direction, but only if they allow themselves to recognize where it begins and ends.

    Religion, AND science, are faith-based journeys toward the truth, NEVER an end. While the journey IS the dream of life itself, it can be a real nightmare, as well.

  • mrmathew1963 Sep 18, 2013

    G'day ROS

    Attachments are a problem & the more fixated we are to them the bigger the problem & the more dogmatic we will be. I don't have much time for any ism myself but I do realise they are needed for people to function & keep in line with certain boundaries/laws or so they think!!!!

    The biggest problem we have with dogmatic/radical/extreme isms is they give us opposing forces to our beliefs like atheism to religion for example or political parties like communism to republicanism. What if we threw away these isms & just accepted what is? It would seem at first all hell would break loose but it wouldn’t because we have no opposing force to fight over. Religion has tried to do this, bring us under one umbrella but because there are so many different religions the inevitable is going to occur. Atheism is also trying to bring us under one umbrella; to me there isn’t a lot of difference between atheism & religion in my mind.

    Spiritualism, even though it’s but another ism, doesn’t or shouldn’t refer to one ideology but of course that is exactly what we are doing. True spiritualism in my mind is about acceptance of all of being spiritual, not picking out this that & the other of being spiritual & everything else like science for instance isn’t, where is the oneness in this??? The whole lot is a spiritual journey in my mind & in this we have no opposites or opposing beliefs to fear.

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