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Science...ONLY from the Heart!

Posted Sept. 9, 2013 by RealityOverScience in Open

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commented on Oct. 6, 2013
by RealityOverScience



No books, no articles, no videos, no outside references...speaking ONLY from your own heart, in your own words:

What is "science?"

Explore the concepts of time, space, time travel, relativity, multidimensionality, wormholes, "the God Particle," etc., by locating them ONLY from WITHIN YOURSELF!

(They're there!)

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    RealityOverScience Oct 06, 2013

    From the heart...

    How would ...you... go about breaking it down?

  • mrmathew1963 Oct 02, 2013

    G'day Billgreenjeans

    Science to me is the breaking down of consciousness into conceivable parts so we may study ourselves in different forms & in a different ways in a reality conductive to time & space.

  • Billgreenjeans Oct 02, 2013

    I must apologise about the Troll school remark. Because of the government shut down a lot of people working for the government are out of work. It effects a lot of non vital services.

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    RealityOverScience Oct 02, 2013

    So, speaking only from the heart...

    The physical brain is being argued to be the origination of ALL things, all..."physicality" in the entire Universe...because it has to logically follow that nothing else could be out there at all, without a basic-most consciousness to observe it (tree falling in the forest...and all!). Under that theory, it therefore has to also logically follow that the brain is the...Center of the Universe?

    What would be causing the brain to initiate billions of different perceptions, relative to human world population? Intentional antagonist? If so, to what end? And, from what beginning?

    Geologists/scientists materialistically devote their careers to digging holes and putting gadgets in the ground, etc., to measure physical stimuli, in hopes of capturing a 5 second warning to rush out to the world that an earthquake is...happening. In the aftermath, they only then know the intensity of the devastation, the locations and other details involved, as they add up the dead and other victims, retrospectively. Enlightened-superConscious folks detect earthquakes months or more BEFORE they manifest, in such detail that actual locations, intensity of devastation, death toll, etc., are also realized. How do these fit into the argument that the brain instigates all things through basic-most consciousness, and...what happened to the geologists/scientists' brains, that all they got were 5 seconds?

    Regarding the debate on the existence of god/God... With superConsciousness/Enlightenment, "god/God" is actually located for precisely what/where/how/who/when it is, in detail, including Universal Truth's explanations for every religion's or non-religion's perceptions, adamant beliefs or non-beliefs, all holy books' language and storytelling and messages, etc., ancient, current, and everything in between, what is REALLY going on, and what people are really doing, relative to "god/God." The Answer is profound...ly comforting, and unexpected, to ALL sides of the issue! How could that possibly be?

    Just a few things to toss around for some *deep contemplation* and discussion *from the heart.*

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    dustproduction Oct 02, 2013

    grow up

  • Billgreenjeans Oct 02, 2013

    I guess we are all suppose to just go to sleep and wait until the Troll school is over and he comes back. Fat chance

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    dustproduction Oct 01, 2013



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    RealityOverScience Sep 30, 2013

    I love the superimposition of the God Particle being when mass first turned into matter!

    Hear it?

    That is a beautiful example of the Universe's multidimensionality, and also a wonderful *window* into the heart of convention, where you can see and realize how, unaware of any other way to go, folks evolved into taking everything so literally, and established their religions, cultures, and sciences, etc., around that! Determinism, free will, the dream, spirit, soul... Reflection, projection, Balance... It's all right there!

    There's another multidimensional opportunity in there, as well!

    Speaking "from the heart" goes straight to the heart of Universal Truth, because the physics within language itself begin to expose the true mathematics at the *Core!*

    The Universe REQUIRES that its Physics Truths be ~ EXPERIENCED DIRECTLY, ~ for its *realizers* to commit their genuine *Presence* to those Physics Truths. It is absolutely *Beautiful.*

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    RealityOverScience Sep 30, 2013

    Realizing those Universal Core Physics requires that all projection/dreaming be relinquished, to return oneself to Balance, where, when you can see your own Core Physics, you can then see the Universal Core physics, shared by all, as well. That's why monks meditate so much! They are relinquishing their projections/distractions/free will/beliefs, etc., to realign themselves with that Shared Core.

    So, "free will" is very do-able, whether for an individual or collective society, but it comes with a price, because the Universe continues on unabated, totally undaunted by what humans try to do with it, and because it requires (and one's own physics likewise require) Core Balance, just like pressure building in rock to initiate an earthquake snap, well...that's where the sudden JOLTING of life happens, to devastate what seemed so peaceful, otherwise. That frequency/intensity of that earthquake/jolt will be relative to the frequency/intensity of the imbalance/projection.

    Most folks of conventional mind just want "the dream" of life, negating all else (or simply unsuspecting anything further), which is where their religions, sciences, cultures, traditions, etc. get into trouble. It's a beautiful place if you can get it, but eventually there is inescapable (heck) to pay!

    The key is to "do the work" involved in becoming Awakened to Universal Reality, and then when you go back out into the world, dreaming away, you are ever-mindful of the real reality, including of all things, all sentient beings, all events, and you are never far from the Universal Core and can easily return to the "comfort" of its/your own Balance.

    There is no greater freedom than surrendering to Universal Truth.

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    RealityOverScience Sep 30, 2013


    Thanks for expressing yourself "from the heart." Whether here or in a thread establishing a clearer definition or foundation for "the scientific method" before applying it, it's appreciated.

    Feels good, doesn't it? That's the Balance required of the Universe itself. Apply it to your "scientific method" now. :)

    As for folks responding to my "only" threads... It's a mathematical thing, because the brain and mind are mathematical. Time and space are involved, so contemplation and redirection are expected. For instance, highly mathematically realized psychiatrists aware of the math in their work can use it to anticipate when particular reactions from their patients or clients can be expected. Teaching Consciousness comes with the same realization of how the brain and mind process its own, and the Universe's, reflective mathematics, so it is perfectly natural that creating environments that help folks step out of convention and back into themselves will be quiet for a while.

    Regarding "free will" ...

    "Life" is "the dream" side of Existence, where the "spirit" is located, the "projection" ~ away from ~ the Universal Core, caused by the escaping "God Particle," (when mass first turned into matter), so that is where "free will" can be found. But it is not without consequences, because "life" is also the inverse "reflection," or movement ~ toward ~ the Universal Core, which is where contemplation is located, where folks search for "the soul" of it all.

    Consciousness (Enlightenment) is the realization of the physics at the Universal Core, and how everybody and everything, every event, every happening, every whatever, including the "weather/whether," science, religion, etc., are all using those physics to do what they do, etc..

    Convention is "the dream," the individual or collective projection ~ away from ~ the Universal Core.

  • Billgreenjeans Sep 30, 2013

    One aspect of consciousness that is believed not to exist is that of free will or agency where we are free to make our own choices. I for one believe this is an eternal right that can not be taken away. It is one thing common to everyone no matter there situation in life. For example ROS wants to have a thread to discuss a variety of different subjects. ROS is free to make such a thread because that is what is wanted. Others are free to join in the discussion or not. This works kind of simply.
    To search within for answers is an interesting concept. When some find an answer they may think "AH I found it". It is difficult at best to not have preconceived ideas stored away in our sub conscious which directs our search within, however it is my feeling that everyone is conceived with a light. Following that light leads to greater understanding.

    What is science is a good question. Maybe it is a religion for some.

    Cosmology is interesting for me because it opens the imagination to what is in store for us. Out of body experience is interesting because it makes us see ourselves in a whole different light. (No pun intended). My favourite subject is alternative ways for people to have good health. I have considerable experience with modern medicine and see it as a business. There are many ways to help recover good health and HOMEOPATHY and RADIONICS are just a few of the ways. Distant healing is the medicine of the future and the price will be low. Big Pharma is on its way out. Sell your stock now and get out while the getting is good.

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    dustproduction Sep 29, 2013


    This is your thread about and no one posted here. So now you feel the need to comment on another thread with out addressing the topic to gain my attention. You pretend to create rules: no this no that. Do you respect the request of others? The answer is no. Instead you evade more threads and make demands.

    superConsciousness indeed. I think not

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