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Universal Answers...ONLY from the Heart

Posted Sept. 9, 2013 by RealityOverScience in Open

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commented on Sept. 10, 2013
by RealityOverScience



In this thread, no books, no articles, no videos, no outside references...and ONLY from your own heart, in your own words, explore the following:

What is Consciousness? ...Universal Truth? ...Enlightenment? ...Genuine Reality?

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    RealityOverScience Sep 10, 2013

    *(what does) that (mean to you)...

    *). Dipstick iPad! Howz that for "projection?!" :)

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    RealityOverScience Sep 10, 2013

    The purpose of this "ONLY from the heart" series of threads is to enable those participating to evolve "higher" by having to search more deeply *within* themselves for the Answers, and even for new Questions, because it is "ONLY" when it comes directly from the Soul within that GENUINE Answers, in Universal Truth, are "realized."

    For example, folks who relentlessly quote the Bible, and even relentlessly reference all in the same sentence, every sentence, where that something can be found in the Bible, are NOT speaking from the heart, and not genuinely from within, because that is rote repetition, like a dutiful automaton programmed to respond. When asked, then, such things as..."But what does mean to you in your own words, from your own heart," they are totally lost and come back at you with yet another and another quote, complete with reference, from the Bible!

    "Genius" is something that originates "from within," where the "genus," or origination, began. The more Enlightened one is, the more that genius (balance) is brought forward, because Enlightenment is the realization of the true Universal Physics processes within oneself, without oneself. (Hence, the meditative removal of all projection, distraction, subjectivity, and imbalance, accomplished through "doing the work."

    Until then, answers will ALWAYS appear subjective, unanswerable, and "anybody's guess."

    Alone with ONLY your heart (the Great Balancer of All) as guide, the Genuine Truth is revealed.

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