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Genuine PROOF of PreCognition, Telepathy, Time Travel, superConsciousness

Posted July 29, 2013 by RealityOverScience in Open

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commented on Aug. 13, 2013
by RealityOverScience



100% Universal Truth/Reality!

I was born with the extraordinary gift of superConsciousness, I never lost it, and never got distracted. I fluently realize what it is, where it is, how it is, why it is, who it is, when it is, etc., and one thing's for sure...planet (human) Earth is the epitome of PRIMITIVE in its ability to *process* Universal Truth, and so are its scientists, etc..

Many decades later, I still feel like an alien on this planet, and it is tremendously frustrating, and painful!

There is a much higher physics going on than the world is ready for, the ACTUAL physics that the Universe is using, and it tells on everybody and everything, and Answers EVERYTHING needed to genuinely unite science and religion with such inescapable TRUTHS that no one can deny!

It also relentlessly tries soooo desperately to WARN!

Hundreds of thousands of people, millions, billions, are dying totally unnecessarily, because science refuses to WAKE UP! All those horrors you see on the evening news have loooong been set into place! Natural and human-initiated disasters and tragedies ARE 100% detectable, PREDICTABLE!, months, years, before they manifest!

The Universe already knew, and so did we ("Enlightened Ones!"). Repeatedly officially documented, proved!

Science documentaries on television, and the scientists on them, are incredibly naive, persisting in saying things won't be known "for centuries, or more!" Little do they know those things have been realized by the Enlightened for thousands upon thousands of years!

From accessing and traversing relative timeXspace, to fluent multidimensionality of language, mathematics, nonlinearity vs linearity, to realizing "the future" in time to save hundreds of thousands of lives in a single event (Indonesian tsunami, for instance), to experiencing genuine telepathy, and so much more, superConsciousness/Enlightenment is 100% real, readily accessible, and 100% measure-able and teachable!

But the collective UNconscious convention (99.9% of the human world), along with its naively entrusted scientists, political leaders and emergency services personnel, are far too frightened of Universal Truth to receive it.

World society lives (hides) inside its fantasies, as if a bunch of children who have gone out to play and forgotten to come back home again!

To have to witness it all from an alien perspective, to the point of being heinously persecuted in my desperate and compassionate attempts to again and again WARN of imminent horrific events detected in the most extraordinary detail and then having to watch with the world what I repeatedly saw in the TRUE Universal Physics... as it was approaching..., is...beyond (heck)!

Last year, scientists in L'Aquila, Italy were on trial for contributing to hundreds of deaths when they thwarted attempts by others trying to warn of an imminent earthquake, insisting "no one can predict earthquakes!" WRONG!!!! Over 300 people were killed!

When UNconscious scientists are naively given authority they haven't begun to earn or deserve, political leaders, law enforcement personnel and emergency services folks emulating them blindly follow along, and hundreds of thousands of lives are lost! Again and again! (Not to mention billions in property damage, to those for whom money matters most! Enormous monies are granted to research to be conducted by scientists SO UNconscious that their studies are profoundly misdirected from minute one! ESP, precognition, telepathy, etc., laboratory experiments are...completely off the mark! They don't begin to measure what those are REALLY all about!)

Consciousness / Enlightenment is anything but passive entertainment! It is the REAL Universal truth, above all else, including far beyond primitive conventional science, and it is an unforgivable CRIME to selfishly look away!

If "scientists" are not yet ready to selfLESSly WAKE UP, they have no business...being allowed/aloud!

The Universe is completely OTHER THAN what 99.9999% of world society and its entrusted authorities assume!

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    RealityOverScience Aug 13, 2013

    An "Enlightened One," by the way, can be...your plumber or electrician, the person driving the bus, a cheerleader, the person checking out your groceries at the register, a store greeter, or a homeless person sleeping in a cardboard box!


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    RealityOverScience Aug 13, 2013

    Enlightenment/superConsciousness has nothing whatsoever to do with "mystical, magical, make-believe!" It's not a religion. It's the most accurate Universal Answers at the Core. To realize them, you (generic) have to evolve beyond the boundaries and limitations of conventional reasoning, because what is REALLY going on is truly extraordinary, far beyond what conventional science or religion can hope to answer!

    Convention is like children using bed sheets and blankets draped over furniture, along with other household items, to pretend they are in a spaceship or camping or whatever, playing away, but for so long that they have long ago forgotten that they invented it all! Thousands of years into it, if anyone tries to wake them up, he or she becomes a messenger to be destroyed!

    Enlightenment realizes that those are only sheets, blankets, children playing, and household items, and remembers, for them, that they were inventing and playing.

    Because destructive Universal processes reveal themselves long BEFORE they happen, which the Enlightened can detect, such as earthquakes, wars, and other devastating human tragedies, it is imperative that convention, and its religious and scientists, wake up!

    But...they continue to persist in destroying the messenger, instead!

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    RealityOverScience Aug 13, 2013

    Everyone is already "time traveling," but most people just don't realize it. It's like Einstein's revelation that time is "relative," or the realization that the earth is not flat. As long as those concepts can stay safely tucked away in science, the everyday world of people can ignore those realities and continue on with their traditional perceptions. Living in denial keeps ages-old religions going, and all sorts of conventional storytelling that people the world over have established their lives around. Trying to wake them up to REALITY is quite a daunting task!

    Conventional science has also deeply invested itself in all sorts of "faith-based" storytelling and traditions, which is why they are running into their dreaded "philosophy." Science has inadvertently founded itself within the boundaries of convention, a very lopsided perception that assumes that humans are magically, individually plopped down into the world, completely disjointed and detached from all else, so they try to find a "unified" ultimate answer without unifying everybody and everything into that answer, without bothering to first truly understand the physics of feelings and their ESSENTIAL role in that unification, or what relative thought actually is, and they insist on doing "empirical" research, without first bothering to truly understand the minds of those researchers choosing, planning, conducting, and analyzing that research!

    Science insists it's all "probability," but Enlightenment reveals what they're doing wrong to mistakenly conclude that it's all "probability." This is a perfect example of how they can only get out of it what they put into it! Conventional science is unwittingly only, in actuality, studying "convention itself," not the Universe in truth!

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    mario07 Aug 13, 2013

    hi , for any one interested try this at 2-30 pm the following day you will be exactly were you are meant to be - - - weather you go left or right at that intersection mybe even get lost along way in your persuit of free will = and if a dream comes to pass it means you were there in the first place and comeing back is some and I repeat some form of time travel

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 07, 2013

    My profound apology for assuming everyone wants to learn something new. So: We are all open to learning something new all expect Dustproduction. How is that?

    Sometime people are afraid of leaning something new I guess because it upsets there fragile belief foundation. People I have personally known who didn't want to learn something new were preparing to die.

    It has always been my impression that all posting here were interested in learning something new. It wasn't my first mistake and I am sure it won't be my last.

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    dustproduction Aug 06, 2013

    Re: "We are all open to learn something new."

    What time today did this start? lol

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 06, 2013

    Please make a website and began teaching all of us. We are all open to learn something new.

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    RealityOverScience Aug 06, 2013

    There is no way a caring, compassionate person can know horrific things are going to happen, in detail, and be selfish and irresponsible enough to keep the information to himself/herself.

    It's about alignment, not either-or.

    This has nothing to do with anything psychic. It's actual teachable, measurable Universal physics, realized at the Core.

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 05, 2013

    GailN. Thanks for your most insightful post and for me a little proof that we do have choices to make and in this expressed case either one was correct. Some choices don't seem to be important in which direction we should go.

    Dustproduction explained it well when he wrote "the only person we can change is ourselves." Our example will have an effect. Albert Schweitzer said "Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing."

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    GailN Aug 05, 2013

    I hear what you are saying. I share your incredulity.

    When I was giving psychic readings, I only had one person who did not call me back to tell me about my hits. that person was moving from Maine to California two days later, so I didn't really expect it. Except that it threw of my 100% average.

    He was torn between whether or not to go. His was the first reading where I saw a schrodinger future. He was going and he was not going and each existed with equal certainty. Both were certain. (I always get probability results with my readings if I ask. If it's not 100%, I get to see the alternative with its probable outcome.) This was long before I had heard of schroedinger's cat or a multiverse theory.

    anyhow, raging will not fix what is broken. You have to get involved in the repair or you have to manifest a more satisfying reality. Either will work to ease your pain. You cannot reach into a delusion to save people from themselves. That's not within your power. You may only reach within yourself and choose a more satisfying outcome for you.

    Another way to look at it. If you see someone drowning - protect yourself first. If you are on an airplane with a child and the emergency air mask falls in your lap, put your own on before you assist your child. To change the outside, you have to change the inside. That's how life works.

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 04, 2013

    I think we are communicating

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    NewtTrino Aug 04, 2013

    RE: " Perhaps we are not humans having a spiritual experience but spirits having a human experience."

    I can 'live' with that. ;-D

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 04, 2013

    " It is that concept that leads me to believe that our eternal and super-consciousness may be able to transverse all of space and time."

    When we think of ourselves as being made up of energy only then our whole concept of physical bodies and brains changes. Transversing space and time would make us eternal beings. Perhaps we are not humans having a spiritual experience but spirits having and human experience.

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 04, 2013

    Well I can't resist this:

    What is the proposed solutions for "climate change - global warming or global cooling" if they aren't political. The politicians love problems because it gives them greater powers. The only greater problem than the above mentioned would be a total earthly attract from outer space, which by the way some brilliant economist(Paul Krugman) have suggested would be the solution to all the earthly economic woes.
    What powers would the politicians gain? Only what little bit of freedom to choose that is left to us. Slavery for the entire planet is right around the corner which were only dreams the Hitler and Mussolini.
    Most importantly those who have a vested interest in perpetuating this global catastrophe whole heartedly deny the possibility that they may not be in charge of the planet and that someone else is in charge.

    OK Back on thread

    I would go to your website and pay close attention to any prediction made.

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    NewtTrino Aug 04, 2013


    There seems to be a hierarchy of consciousness that allows for a progressive order. If indeed we can now use analogies such as computer hardware and software (previously unavaiable to thinkers in our past); scientists can access more accurate possibilities in the source of consciousness. The human brain seems to be hardware that is programmable. The collective human trust may be the subatomic and 'wireless' spiritual energy that comprises the software known as a conscious collective.

    The hierarchy helps maintain an order to the material world. If domesticated animals were conscious that we planned to eat them, they might not agree to be so peacefully slaughtered. There very well may be proprietary codes that mark genetic differences in the energies we can receive and indeed transmit.

    Have you ever looked at a star on the furthermost eastern horizon and then swept your focus to the outermost star on the western horizon? In literally a second your view has encompassed untold trillions of light-years in distance. It is that concept that leads me to believe that our eternal and super-consciousness may be able to transverse all of space and time. If their is a fabric to consciousness, then we can -- I advance -- strive to elevate ourselves to an ever-expanding view of what peace and enlightenment can offer. Everyone will not get to go. But everyone will have eternal opportunities to change course and to bring more souls along with them...

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 04, 2013

    RealtyOverScience I suggests you make a website with your predictions of any looming disaster and as the events occur you can crow " I told you so" and then perhaps someone will sit-up and take notice.

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    NewtTrino Aug 04, 2013

    I think we may try to put too fine a point on our reasoning.

    We, underneath the bristling, do seem to agree in deeper or higher realms of consciousness. The train analogy was to contrast the collective evolutionary path with the individual path. We may choose to disembark from the large high speed super train and take another route on a slower more interesting vessel...maybe even a single passenger plane. My disagreement has been that it seems that the outlier to me (ROS) has claimed to be more aware than (his words) 99.99% of the conventional collective. This kind of condescension, lacking as it may be in authority, nonetheless muddies the waters of what it means to be human and striving to find a clear path. It is likely that there are as many collectives as there are philosophies and theologies. Like minded people will feed off of and share with each other. And in that politics were mentioned; it seems that openness, truth and justice are compromised by the rigidity of collective partisanship.

    I think peace must be attained within ones self. It is then that that aura well be a beacon or an influence that others will find attractive. Conversely, megalomaniacal leaders such as Mussolini or Hitler may be just as resolute in their views as Gandhi or Buddha (e.g.) Fortunately more powerful and universal common good usually wins the day. But it does show that we must negotiate our own journey to reach a higher consciousness and peace.


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    dustproduction Aug 04, 2013

    Very amusing answers.

    1. Does this mean that you are all the outliers?
    2. Yes, you are all conversing, but there very little communicating here. What are you in agreement on?
    3. The issue I was raised, global warming,or climate change is no more political than earthquake warning.
    4. Where exactly might one find this "agenda?" Again, am I the only one that sees the contradiction in bashing science for having an agenda but calling global warming a political issue and ignoring that science is what is driving the debate? One might have a difficult time bashing science on a website that uses it as a tool to prove these very spiritual aspects of Psi that you feel so strongly about. This monolithic "Science" that you speak on might well be a invention of your anger.
    5. hmmm....

    Comments like "The world will be changed one person at a time....," must convey the understanding that the one person that you can change is You.

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 03, 2013

    First " the outlier in the group". Is a little bit misleading. For those commenting here yes for the qlueless world no you fit right in.

    Second " There are three individuals here that cannot seem to communicate" We seem to be communicating as best as the printed word can be. Personal ingagement allows for much more communication especially sub conscience exchange however we are limited some what only.

    Third. "Has science not been trying to get the attention of the people regarding global warming for decades?" While the tread has eluded to politics, we have avoided mentioning it directly, until now.

    Fourth. " Proof that science gets a few thing right from time to time". No one here has discounted the progress that has been made. What is the problem is that there is a stagnation in the scientific community of new ideas. Ignoring spiritual realities doesn't make them go away. Science would be much more interesting and productive if it would drop its dogma and return to its roots of investigation without a preconceived agenda.

    Last. A train is not a bad analogy because train tracks have switches and roundhouses. There are plenty of ways to change direction. A battle ship on the other hand is a tool with one main objective to rain death and destruction on someone.

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    dustproduction Aug 03, 2013

    There are three individuals here that cannot seem to communicate with each other from what I can observe. A part of the problem is language but part of this is an issue of subjectivity. A few examples.

    A statement like "They already know everything and you nor anyone else is going to teach them anything." ignore that science has a method which seeks to disprove a hypothesis. It also continues to conduct ongoing research to improve on its understandings. It theorizes in areas of uncertainty. Therefore science doesn't take the position it know everything. It's the subjective view of the commenter . (We will overlook the fact that the commenter is using the products of applied science by typing on a computer. Proof that science gets a few thing right from time to time)

    Compare these two statements: "there remains the responsibility of their trusted positions in society to grow beyond themselves, on behalf of all those cities full of people who put their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, in their hands!" and " Convention and its scientists, etc., for the most part, genuinely don't know there is anything more than what convention has to offer! Is there a problem? People are "unconscious" but they put their live in the hands of science, who also know nothing. (Has science not been trying to get the attention of the people regarding global warming for decades?)

    Lastly this: "I would maintain that it is erroneous to assume that we can turn around this huge locomotive we are riding on together. Our destinies are tied together in a collective sense. But individual freedom and autonomy of intent will forever govern our direction."
    If one uses a train analogy one must understand that the train follows the tracks and that the direction it will take. Perhaps a battleship was a better analogy.

    Now I imagine you three are all pretty much of the same mind of certain issues, but this, for me, the outlier in the group, seems to be indicative of the problem we are facing with any offer to improve the human condition, lots and lots of disagreement over the same ideas. It is the disease that Occupy Wall St. contracted and it was terminal.

    Just my unscientific observations.

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 03, 2013

    "people who put their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, in their hands!"

    Placing our lives in the hands of the uninformed is a formula for failure.

    "But individual freedom and autonomy of intent will forever govern our direction"

    The liberty and freedom to make our own choices is the most important doctrine or philosophy we can follow. The world will be changed one person at a time when given truth and the freedom to make a correct choice. It is a little slower however more effective. Forcing people's choices will never work.

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    NewtTrino Aug 03, 2013

    Yes, the possibilities are endless. Who knows what the future will reveal. You may be right about many of your predictions or what you describe as super-consciousness. What you fail to realize ROS, is that you will have to wait just like the rest of us to see who discovers what...'and when they do there will still be mysteries yet to be solved.

    You as one man with a vision must get in line with all the others of us who can imagine other dimensions and phenomenal capabilities. At the end of the day your influence will only be equal to the efficacy of your message. And if you have trouble here -- good luck on changing 'conventional' wisdom. Mighty Oaks do not grow over night. If your vision is real then it would take time for the rest of us peons under you to see your mighty powers. Until then you will remain a crackpot it the eyes of many such as myself.

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    RealityOverScience Aug 03, 2013

    Convention and its scientists, etc., for the most part, genuinely don't know there is anything more than what convention has to offer! Conventional folks don't realize that they, themselves, are unconscious and unaware, or that even such a thing exists, let alone that the folks they have in place to protect them from horrific events are, themselves, equally unconscious and unaware.

    Geologists, for instance, may believe they are doing their absolute darnedest to figure out where the next earthquakes and tsunamis are going to be, and the world of convention is trusting them to do just that. But from an Enlightened perspective, there is soooo much more that those geologists can and should be doing to protect entire cities full of people, because the physics geologists use in all their gadgets and probes, etc., while fascinating and important, is also very primitive, relative to what CAN be applied if they were AWARE enough to take their work to a much, much higher level available to them, and it is extremely selfish and inexcusable for those with life-saving information to look away!

    When geologists persist in telling the world that "no one can predict earthquakes," that is their conventional naïveté and mistaken "rules of reasoning" talking, and while there is unlikely any malicious intent on their part to deceive people (except for the rush to quickly cover their butts after the fact), there remains the responsibility of their trusted positions in society to grow beyond themselves, on behalf of all those cities full of people who put their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, in their hands!

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    NewtTrino Aug 03, 2013

    Thanks Bill -- I agree.

    As much as any one of us may have heightened insight or vision; we are all nonetheless small cogs in a vast machine. I regret the characterizations I have made that were derogatory. But it is with an economy of words that we often have a chance to protest or change minds. I know that my sphere of influence is no greater than the capabilities of the self proclaimed Mr Super-consciousness; but I would maintain that it is erroneous to assume that we can turn around this huge locomotive we are riding on together. Our destinies are tied together in a collective sense. But individual freedom and autonomy of intent will forever govern our direction. RealtyOverScience -- your grandiose plans and dreams, while you may see as a vision, are no more than one man's view of the totality of the awesome nature of reality. It is bigger than you or me. And you are not allowed the master key - regardless of your conviction. We all have a say. And the physics of spirit are being shaped by the laws of subatomic signals that are altered and promulgated by each member of the collective. Where we evolve, for better or worse, will be through positive or negative input. And we are all fallible - Me and you included...

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 03, 2013

    There are many people who are sincere about helping other people or even the entire planet for that matter, however I have found out though my arrogance and prideful ways of trying to "save" the world that only people who want help can be helped. You are wasting you time trying to help people who don't want help. No one seeks the help of a doctor until they realise they are sick. The old saying " ignorance is bliss" is true for the science world as well as the controllers of the world. They already know everything and you nor anyone else is going to teach them anything. They already have all the answers they want. So don't be bring up any questions that might embarrass them. This forum is no place for people who already have all the answers. This is for people who have many unanswered questions and are searching for answers. I will be the first to admit this forum is the blind leading the blind and there are some here who don't really want to know any answers at all they just want to show us how much they know. We have to humour them so they can feel good. Most real revelations that lead to truth are simple and are available everywhere however our preconceived ideas block us from receiving them.

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    dustproduction Aug 02, 2013

    re: "I have the thankless added responsibility to awaken scientists, and those who trust them, in time to save people's lives, en masse!"

    That's so awesome.

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    RealityOverScience Aug 02, 2013

    Hi, and thanks! :)

    I've read what you are exploring, and it looks really intriguing. I'll probably respond tomorrow, when I am back at my computer, as it takes forever to use this iPad to post, though I've never been much of a sleeper, so I may get energetic and tap, tap, tap away in the middle of the night. Been known to happen!

    I am trying to help you, though, because I can hear the genuine curiosity and intrigue in your description of your experience. There's a bit of synchronicity going on there, as well!

    And, some multidimensionality!

    As for being called names, etc., I get that pretty much everywhere I go. I've heard it all, whether from years of working with clients with mental illnesses, disabilities, or in crises, teaching, inadvertently frightening people who are afraid I'll detect things about them, and, worst of all, when I am trying to save people's lives! It's inexcusable and selfish (and some of the most vicious are those convention has in place to protect them from disasters!), but realizing the human physics involved, I can't help but have compassion for them. It's the innocent victims who suffer the consequences that I am mostly concerned about. But, sure, I'm human (though I've wondered about that "alien" thing at times, o,- ), and it does make me wonder why I bother, sometimes!

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    NicMacarthur747 Aug 02, 2013

    Dear RealityOverScience,

    Check out my thread. I've left a message for you.

    By the way, there are certain standards other users of this forum are not maintaining. Name calling is a no no! You should report any lapses of the published community standards.

    All the best.

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    RealityOverScience Jul 31, 2013

    Continuing on...(for the Noetic community)

    The "proof" that horrific events, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, etc., are very genuinely predictable (I actually prefer to say "detectable"), days, weeks, months, and years before they manifest, has to come from within oneself, in terms of fully realizing and trusting the physics processes involved. The Universe is such that Consciousness / Enlightenment, which is fluent accessibility to its higher (more complex, abstract) physics processes, is a journey one has to take to its Core all alone. Because you (generic) are the one who projected yourself into conventional distraction, you are the ONLY one who can then UNproject yourself back out of that distraction, and into genuine clarity.

    The more one commits oneself to actually *doing that work,* the more Balanced one becomes, and the more Balanced one becomes, the more the Universal Process genuinely reveals itself, and...yes!...actually proves itself!

    The reason we are all able to realize the actual Universal Physics Process is because we are all a part of that process, so it is our physics as well! As complex, unknowable, and impossible a task as it would seem to be, especially by conventional reasoning, it is actually also rather simplistic!

    See Tao 47 (from the ancient Tao Te Ching)

    The Universe is a system of repetitions and superimpositions, and at the Pinnacle is a process higher than mathematics, that allows its physics to be Shared by everybody and everything, including events, happenings, the weather/whether, etc., (and Answers the "spooky action" of "quantum entanglement.")

    It also reveals the physics behind "the God Particle," (which is actually not at the Core itself.)

    It also reveals "the mind and soul of an atom/Adam!" ;)

    When science does not include the mind and soul of the scientist, everything that comes from that science (and scientist) is inescapably a reflection of that imbalance... UnConsciousness!

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    NewtTrino Jul 30, 2013

    RE: Sure, someone with superConsciousness could be posting here! Why not? :)

    You have some nerve with your condescending smugness. Some of those 'words' you use -- they do not mean what you think they do. I think you are seriously full of it. You have no credibility here...

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Jul 30, 2013

    Sure, someone with superConsciousness could be posting here! Why not? :)

    Enlightenment is not an escape from everyday life! One has a responsibility to share with the world one's higher realizations, not keep them to himself or herself!

    SuperConsciousness is not about mystical, magical, Western-projected deity-like inaccessibility, with someone sitting on a pedestal keeping Universal Answers to oneself, enjoying some royal-like unapproachable status. Quite the contrary! But, that is what people project onto it when they have yet to learn that we are all born (*worthy*) with the ability to access the Ultimate Answers of the Universe, because both we, and the Universe itself, are completely other than what the everyday world of convention assumes.

    SuperConsciousness is fluent, nonlinear, mathematical, multidimensional, multi-linguistic, harmonic *access* to, and realization of, the actual physics that the Universe, and everybody and everything in it, are using. It is quite a daunting responsibility! It has been consistently realized by sages and other solitary realizers throughout human history, and those who try to share it have been punished, imprisoned, persecuted, and/or put to death for daring to interfere with the comfort zones of the collective unconscious convention.

    I teach some of the most extraordinary people on the planet, whose realizations remain quiet (though applied to their work around the world) because of that relentless persecution. But having been born directly into the realization of the physics that reveals natural and human-initiated disasters long before they manifest (already profoundly in place by the age of three...officially documented, proved, repeatedly acknowledged, zero anything whatsoever to do with "psychic"), I have the thankless added responsibility to awaken scientists, and those who trust them, in time to save people's lives, en masse!

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    NewtTrino Jul 30, 2013

    RE: Rhetorical question: Would someone with "superConsciousness" be posting here?

    It would seem superfluous for sure. In fact my disdain would be apparent at this very moment... :::projecting::: ;))

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    dustproduction Jul 30, 2013

    Rhetorical question: Would someone with "superConsciousness" be posting here?

  • Anonymous Icon

    NewtTrino Jul 29, 2013

    ...but for the record, and no harm intended -- I believe you are delusional.

  • Anonymous Icon

    NewtTrino Jul 29, 2013

    Good luck. Peace be with you. I can't continue to let you drain my energy. I will just agree to disagree and find my own enlightened path.

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Jul 29, 2013

    In my line of work, that proof is in classified hands around the world, and whether or not they act upon it, they still have to live with the reality of their having, and having had, that proof, in a timely manner, and I personally don't need YOUR acceptance of that, when I already have had my own personal acceptance of it in the REAL, real world, for decades! My work requires reality, and you can't get anymore real than actual detailed physics presented, recorded and written months, YEARS, prior to the events they WARN about!

    If I was doing "what everybody else is doing," I would be part of the collective unconscious convention! Thankfully, I am not!

    As for your Messiah complex comment, even/*even* Jesus was a regular everyday man who happened to be Enlightened/Conscious, which is what he was trying to teach, and he was as misunderstood by that collective unconscious convention as you are misunderstanding me! Look where THAT all went! Consciousness requires people to realize themselves as *worthy* enough to receive Universal Truth (aka "that much information!"). If you are projecting onto me your feelings of "less than" and expecting me to believe the same of myself, it is never gonna happen!

    Hard to have a "messiah complex" when even the perceived messiah wasn't a messiah at all, and knew it!

    My work is to save massive amounts of people's lives from horrific events that science has yet to evolve into fully understanding, and to redirect them into the highest of Answers remaining elusive to them by their refusal to balance themselves. So, this is not about you!

    If you are not ready for the information, that in no way changes MY responsibility to elicit change in this world, or requires me to spend all my time trying to wake you up, when it is the highest authorities convention relies upon to protect and save them from disasters, who need me the most! I detected the Indonesian/multi-country tsunami, that killed hundreds of thousands of people, more than a year BEFORE it manifested, and thousands of other natural and human-initiated events long BEFORE their manifestations, all completely in the higher physics of Universal Truth! If you're not ready for that physics, the selfless thing to do is...step aside...to make room for those are ARE, before another quarter of a million people have to die unnecessarily!

    I've barged through boulders trying to save people's lives. A mere pebble isn't going to stop me now! ;)

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    NewtTrino Jul 29, 2013

    I mean you no harm.

    It is exactly in the responsible spirit of this board to respond with higher expectations than platitudes and personal conviction. Your claim of 'proof' was disappointing. The standards for discussion should reflect empirical data if more than theory, anecdotal experiences or intuition are claimed.

    Reality over science is a nonsensical concept. Science and physics help explain universal law. If your 'reality' differs from everyone else; then you have not arrived at a universal truth. I am glad to hear what you can intelligibly convey. So far you have failed. A good teacher can persuade. And I do not believe you have any greater power than my own spiritual energy. If you are claiming to save lives that sounds like more of a Messiah complex than a fact based reality.

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Jul 29, 2013

    I expected a far more responsible response than that, coming from this message board.

    I teach superConsciousness, but only to those who are genuinely ready!

    I also save lives, even those who speak to me the way you do!

  • Anonymous Icon

    NewtTrino Jul 29, 2013

    This is unintelligible rambling. Whatever your point is it seems to be locked up in your imagination. I was looking forward to some 'proof'. Good luck in getting your message out. And don't forget your meds...

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