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Integrating Integrative Approaches for the Rise of a Harmonious Planetary Civilization

Posted June 6, 2013 by Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera in Open

commented on June 6, 2013
by Joseph Smith



I invite you to read my exopolitical explorations and Integral Theory explorations with a Peruvian-Andean twist.

Important integrative efforts asking to coalesce into the knowledge elements of a wiser planetary civilization are not being taken seriously by many academic integralists working with "Integral Theory" or this or that "paradigm" or variety of "Holistic" or alternative thinking. A serious approach to Exopolitics is one of them. Even if opening up to the creation of a non-materialist/less materialist society, we tend to pick and choose what is credible in a limited way. I also sense that in the non fringe (but nonchalantly considered fringe) movements like "Exopolitics" there's little awareness of the intellectual movemements and models about reality which should complement and enhance a serious practice of Exopolitics itself. In other words, adherent of progress in different fields and non-reductionist understandings still do not connect with each other sufficiently. The next stage should be to listen and respect each other's discoveries and to learn to integrate them carefully.

In fact, I'm trying to extend my integrative efforts. For instance, I'm relating a more academical approach to Exopolitics with an expanded approach to Integral Theory and with some "both-and" quadrant-generating aspects of Andean (Inca-Quechua) wisdom while searching for a more complete model to understand "reality." Hopefully, this enhanced approach to "take in" many integrative developments will gradually coalesce into a "planetary culture" that recognizes the truths and wisdoms of everyone and will help us (in relation to the ocassional human allegedly contacting specific extraterrestrial civilization(s) to re-design our educational systems and (in relation to genuine extraterrestrial contacts taking place) to open up to less intellectually "watered down" dialogues with particular entities which seem to represent more respectful or benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations.

Again, to deal with planetary-wide problems, I think that we need to learn from each other's integrative approaches and to integrate all that fragmented understanding much more...to stop dismissing each other's integrative efforts all of which could add up to a planetary-wide cultural development and transformation. Just because we are more psychologically attracted to specific expressions of "integrative" holism, new age self-help or an aspect of inter dimensional science or to UFO contacts, esoteric knowledge, Yoga or to shamanisn or to post post modern philosophy may not be enough for the unity of harmonious perspectives and for the building of a suffcient integral consensus compassionately and respectfully forming a wise planetary civilization. All of these elements plus the findings of survival research and retrocausality, psi research, the ethics of compassion, mysticism within religions, the origins of Western Philosophy, alternative economic systems, permaculture, ecologies, ecumenism of essential spiritual understandings and much much can come together and need to be FELT as parts of a deeper and wider wisdom that can be co-created and re-discovered.

In my post about the "Inca Tawa Chakana and Integral Theory's Four Quadrants" I try to connect areas of knowledge which (even if emerging in different eras of cultural development) appears to be related and capable of enhancing each other. I hope to stimulate interest in an enhanced integrating attitude among the cultural creatives!

Post: The Inca “TAWA CHAKANA” and Integral Theory’s “Four Quadrants”: Can They Jointly Improve a Scientific and Metaphysical Understanding Needed for Exopolitical Thinking?
Link: http://peruexopolitics.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-inca-tawa-chakana-and-integral.html

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  • Joseph Smith Jun 06, 2013

    You are not talking to me. It is easy to determine that you are talking to authority. Authority, as you point out, consists of separate and unconnected fiefdoms. To use your word, ";holistic," as we are individually connected, I didn't really hear that from you.

    Authority doesn't accept as undeniable that aliens from other worlds are here. Government authority categorically denies it. But since half of the population believes extraterrestrials are here, it seems you would be wise to direct your thoughts to the people.

    These questions come to mind: Are the people in favor of holy war; and what about the extraterrestrials? The people are being coerced into holy war; and holy war possibly helped by extraterrestrials, who have the technology to use as a bargaining chip for something we have they want. Their technology would more than likely be used by authority as weapons of war.

    Therefore, if you are after power, go to authority. If you want peace, go to the people.

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